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  1. Greater, Given Location Map Mini-Map Mode NA Nacht der Untoten NA Survival NA Verrückt NA Survival NA Shi No Numa NA Survival NA Der Riese NA Survival NA Kino der Toten NA Survival NA "Five" NA Survival NA Ascension NA Survival NA Call of the Dead NA Survival NA Shangri-La NA Survival NA Moon NA Survival NA Moon No Man's Land No Man's Land
  2. What does that mean for Nuketown? Is Nevada the Map and Nuketown the mini map, with survival being the gamemode? Or is the menu really inconsistent? Someone should make a chart or something.
  3. Sorry if this was in the wrong place, I honestly wasn't sure where to post. If "Great Leap Forward" is the map, and "Die Rise" is the game mode, what is "Skyscraper"?
  4. Is there a thread explaining how TranZit is not a zombie map? I'm trying to explain to this guy how TranZit is not the name of the map, but the game mode you play on Green Run. If there is, can you link it to me? If not, can you please give me a good explanation on why TranZit is a gamemode and not a map?
  5. If you were to see my stats as of the time of this posting, you will see I have a total of 57,681 kills, and 478 downs. That is a 120.6 k/d, good, but not rank 5 material (Your rank is mainly based off your kill/down ratio for those who don't know). Just like many others, I have had the problem of playing around on TranZit, not taking it seriously, figuring out the ups and downs, when it was new. after a few weeks, I decided I wanted to have a higher rank than the skull, so I started searching on how to rank up. I came across a video explaining that your rank is mainly based off of your k/d.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2nO09QNQtU It's a video I made, a remix of the Zombie trailer. Check it out, and share your thoughts. I wanted to share it with you guys, I know it's little noobie.
  7. bLPWd_dRuho I kinda want to say it's a glitch http://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/comm ... _avogadro/
  8. Well, I know I can't but is there a way to get Treyarch to reset my stats? Report myself for glitching (lol)? I just want a clean slate because I'm pretty sure I can get the shotgun emblem pretty easy. But not with my current stats, when TranZit was new I couldn't help but mess around, learning the ups and downs, which to a toll on my down count. I could easily make a new psn account and get the shotguns, but I want it on my main account. My K/D goes up so slowly even I'm the games MVP 90% of the time with around an 800/1 K/D every game (It just over my overall k/d up a couple points every gam
  9. http://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/comm ... th_no_fog/
  10. "We’re not calling it a campaign; rather, we’re calling it a Story Mode. For us, a Call of Duty campaign is about an entertainment experience, complete with a story arc, characters, rising and falling actions. Zombies fiction isn’t that neat and tidy kind of script – in fact, many times, what makes Zombies fiction so much fun are the questions that are left and the passionate discussion around them by the community. In the Zombies story mode, let's just say that if you joined us for moon, you'll find that a number of decisions that you made in the past will follow you into the apocalyptic sett
  11. I was playing TranZit earlier today, I had tombstone, was training in the tunnel, & went down due to an unfortunate mistake. I was there alone (there were 3 other players) so I knew I was dead, & instead of holding square to die instantly, I just bled out (Because, why not?). So, I spawned in the depot & immediately starting running for my tombstone, lucky enough, I was able to retrieve it. Note that as I approached it, it started to blink, so I would say about 1 min.
  12. I love the mystery of Zombies, & it wouldn't be the same without it. But not telling us how to improve our rank is going to far.
  13. Hello I'm new, and this is my very first post so I hope it's helpful. This guy seems to have learned the ranking system of Zombies, I followed his instructions and ranked up immediately. I hope he helps you as much. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHZbceAHjow I didn't really understand his explanation at first so I ask him in a PM, here is the conversation: Me: "I don't understand what you are trying to say on your zombie ranking videos. Are you saying I have to play two separate zombie games per day before 7pm, getting to at least round 20, with a good k/d? k/d as in kills
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