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  1. My money is on the new(?) wonderweapon :P
  2. Well, since we've seen all of these different looking Mech suit designs in the trailers this has me thinking the giant is either going to change skins every new game or there will be (more likely) other probably smaller Mech suit zombies either running around or on certain rounds like the hounds, advanced Novas in Die Rise or Brutus from Mob. I don't really think we'll be seeing hellhounds though because they don't tie in and they're not Diesel-Punk.
  3. The weird thing that happened is that I seemed to have the half off thing permanently on one occasion. I'm not sure how I would've obtained it or if it was even normally obtainable because it was one of those games where everybody else had died and I was the only one left so they backed out. There was a host migration in there too but I didn't notice I had the upgrade until I hit the box for the first time in a long while near the end of the round while running the last zombie and each pull was only costing me 475 without the double points active PaP only costed 2500 as well. I tried rebuilding barricades but they only gave me 10 points so it wasn't like I was glitched into double points. Zombie kills were regular amount as well I only had the half off in effect. Has this ever happened to anyone else before?
  4. Few things, 2 have been happening consistently and one was a strange occurrence that's never happened to me before. First being that there is a Stamin-Up persistent upgrade that allows you to sprint for longer and gives you better mobility with heavy guns. When you have this paired with actual Stamin-Up its the most noticeable because you can deke, dodge and weave around the zombies incredibly easy. When I have the ballistic knives or some kind of pistol I feel like my guys moving really superhuman quick. You lose it really fast by standing completely still but you can also lose it from not sprinting enough. You've got to be a high mobility person to gain and keep this upgrade. Second is the melee perk. The last time I mentioned it I found out it was only because it hit him through a window giving me iron barricades but this time I was just using the galvaknuckles on round 9 on a small train I was running in front on the Saloon. I will oftentimes go the full 13 round melee only in Buried simply because its so effective and so available to you so early so I've actually noticed it happening now a lot more now. It either has to be gained by killing X amount of zombies in a row with the melee or killing x amount of zombies in a certain time frame to get it. One thing I should note is that double points was NOT active when I attained any of these green flashes I'm well aware of that upgrade. The only benefit I've been able to see with it is an increase in speed for guns like the hamr and galil, it does not increase kill value or damage as it was still 2 galvaknuckle hits on 14. You lose it again by not getting melee kills, pretty straightforward there.
  5. I hope so. I find it weird that This DLC is coming out so soon after the last one as well. I'd be really disappointed if we have this big globe to select maps from and there's only 5 different places to go :S In my opinion they should release ALL the zombie maps as a micro-transaction for like $40-50 Obviously that's a deal but I really don't think it should cost anymore for people who already coughed up all the money on Pre-order edition or Season pass/ DLC downloads. If only there was just a DLC 5 to look forward too...
  6. cant say that if you played previous maps my friend In previous maps they were controlled, almost all of them, but in Mob of the Dead, and this map I don't believe they are controlled .... They were controlled in Mob of the Dead I don't really know what you're talking about. In Cell block Grief you hear quite a bit of the demonic Announcer that is clearly not Richtofin or Sam. Another thing to note is that their eyes were RED whereas these zombies eyes look to be Yellow.
  7. This is a great thread, love checking back everyday to see if anymore has been added :P
  8. .... Just because you think it it or want it to be a trilogy does not make it so. No where has it ever been stated that the zombies story would be told in trilogy format. Aside from that i will always get more zombies if they keep pumping them out. I pretty much bought both of my Black Ops games for zombies and spent the money for every DLC on both so I'm kind of hoping it just becomes a standalone game because I'm tired of spending all this money on a game I don't even really like just for a mode to play.
  9. Dude this Nightmare achievement sounds like we're going to be doing something like in Mob of the Dead where we could make a choice to Break the Cycle at the end or have it continue I'm getting tingles at what the implications of this could be. I wonder if it'll be the same announcer from Mob as well seeing as it takes place before Samantha or Richtofin is in control
  10. oh my god are we really still discussing this? Fear Ruva fear tedds fear anus fear pizza this is all so stupid and it is very very obvious that the dlc and map names have no further meaning whatsoever +1 for Fear Anus
  11. Samuel in Buried: "I just have to hold onto it and squeeze it real tight so it doesn't slap me in the face" hahah love it
  12. I've watched this trailer probably 50 times now, I'm still getting goosebumps when I see that robot :P
  13. it was only terrible if you didn't get it. a lot of people didn't really get the movie because it kind of goes Inception on you
  14. Maybe you need to spend points to use them, they might work like the big guy from buried, they could even be a random powerup.
  15. 3 of the letters are obviously written by Takeo, Nikolai, and Dempsey, this alone kind of makes me think that Richtofin wrote the last, especially if this is going to be the beginning. Ever since Moon I've never been able to trust Maxis again, after seeing the ending from Buried this hammers it home for me.
  16. And why they've been screaming for it I have no idea... there are so many more interesting places they could set a map Well the French connection has long been overdue in Zombies and it would tie in with the original WaW and Black Ops story. After the Tower of Babble EE I think people really started to think Paris would finally make its debut because the Eiffel Tower would have bean awesome real life Landmark to power up as part of an Easter Egg. I think Paris would be cool, but I could also care less about it anymore because I feel like the idea has been out there for so long it just seems like a predictable step to take now and I like new and different, I like to be surprised.
  17. Assault Rifle: Galil or M-27 Sub-machine Gun: PDW or Uzi Sniper: SVU Shotgun: S12 Pistol: Remington New Model Army/ Executioner Special: Ballistic Knife/ Knuckles Secondary Grenade: Time Bomb Wonderweapon: Paralyzer
  18. People have been claiming that the next DLC would be Paris since Black Ops 1. I feel like if they do finally go ahead and do a Paris map its only going to be because people have been screaming for it for so long lol.
  19. I would be absolutely ecstatic if they made it an 8 player survival map with the O4 and the N4 split up Verrukt style at the beginning and either by progressing in the EE or by turning power on allowing both sets of 4 to meet up and work together. I think it would be really cool if they went ahead and just put all the perks in this next map and just make it huge. A really cool Wonderweapon like the Paralyzer would be cool. The Paralyzer is the most fun I've ever had with a weapon in zombies, flying is the best. I think it would be amazing if they make the next wonder weapon something to help with mobility as well or if they just went completely ridiculous and put every single Wonderweapon that there ever was in the box so each player can end up with something. Any of these things would make it an unforgettable map for me :P
  20. So two separate games today I've been in a match where either: A) All the other team quits out and we win. We start up a match, spawn in but before we even get to move there's a host migration and it kicks everyone out of the game. In both of these instances its counted it on my leaderboards as a loss and also an extra random taint and that kind of pisses me off I'm not going to lie. Especially when the whole enemy team died so they all just decided to leave and even though we still won it counts it as a loss anyways. That basically means that any team that feels like being sore losers can screw you out of a well earned victory just by leaving the game when all hope is lost.
  21. That happened to me too man and Tranzit is probably my least favorite EE to do, I don't even really like that map anymore lol. This problem is usually caused by joining into the game, like if it was a custom game or if you timed out and were invited back or something. One guy that I did the Buried one with timed out on the last step and joined back right away, he still got the achievement and his light in the courthouse lit up blue but his icon isn't glowing in the map and his tower isn't lit when he starts up a public match.
  22. Sometimes the games can take a long time but I'm starting to discover ways to screw over the other team in this map if they're campers. 1. Destroy their equipment at inconvenient times with a well placed grenade. If they don't have decent firepower or their team with them this can sometimes get them trapped. 2. Knife them into the horde. Shooting slows them down too but if they're camping the jug corner get behind them and keep knifing them closer to the zombies, you can trap him so he can't move backward if you have a friend with you. 3. Deadly Trample Steams. Guy was camping with one in that shaft behind mule kick right before that gap that you jump over to get to the saloon roof so i took out his trample steam and placed mine down right by where his used to be facing the direction of the gap and when the zombies started crowding him and causing him to back up towards it I knifed him and shot him a couple times and he got flung to his death down to the guillotine haha. I'm really proud of that one :P
  23. top 5 1. Nikolai 2. Samantha, great part of a reward for a long and tedious EE 3. Weasel/ Finn can't choose 4. Richtofin 5. Marlton
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