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  1. Alright, me and my friend will get cracking. I was thinking of wave 100 on either Shi no Numa, or Ascension. Out of curiosity, do you know how many people have achived Triple Crown Status?
  2. Is this still active? My friend and I are trying to get this. What are the rules now that Black Ops 2 is out? Does wave 50/100 still have to happen on BO as opposed to BO2? Is there a list of all people who have proved that they have earned the triple crown? If so, how do I prove it? I don't play on Live a lot, because my college blocks it. I can take a picture of the wave if/when i ever get to 100 solo, 50 co-op, or XX kills no No Man's Land.
  3. Man, having the other 10 zombie maps would be ridiculous! I mean, I'd be fine with that, in fact, I'd love it! But that's got to be at least a gig or 2 of memory taken. I hope they don't release the next Xbox, I don't want to have to buy a new system just to get the next installation of Zombies.
  4. I know this is a bit early, but how long do you think it will take to see different retail versions pop up? Do you think the hardened edition equivalent will have any BO or [email protected] zombie maps again or anything like that? What do you want to see in the different retail versions?
  5. I also don't like the idea of versus play. Unless it's two human teams of four, something for zombie kills. Then MAYBE. Also, isn't 30 zombie campaign maps a bit much? That's a lot of content for one game mode. EDIT: although I do like the idea of clearing areas of zombies. That could be fun.
  6. I'm not sure how I feel about getting better things for playing longer. I wouldn't mind having a customize-able character or be able to choose my outfit for my main man Dempsey, but I don't like the "juggernaut isn't good until I'm level 40" type of thing.
  7. I had never though of that! I wouldn't mind a ranking system. I'm not a huge fan of restricting guns to people with a higher level, but unlocking custom tags, outfits, characters, etc would be really cool.
  8. Holy crap, is that real? I actually like that idea, separate the easter egg type stuff from the survival game. I'm excited to see how this ends up.
  9. I was playing 3-player system link. I also tried in 2-player split-screen. Neither worked. Is an Xbox-Live connection required?
  10. Hey guys, when I play (as Richtofen) I don't have the golden Rod, even though I have completed both other Easter Eggs. Are they required to do this easter egg? Why won't it show up in my inventory? Do I need to be connected to xbox live? Does anyone know?
  11. Hey guys, does anyone know how to spell out V-R-I-L on the radios with just 2 people? Which letters do each of them push? and How long do you wait between pushing both of them? Also, what is the fastest route from radio to radio?

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