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  1. Gotcha. Alright, Maybe I'll try it out. Maps fun either way. Thanks for the response!
  2. Is that confirmed? Has somebody spawned the worm 3 player? Have they confirmed that nobody can make it from the tram station to the center of the mpa in time?
  3. I know you can't do it solo, but does the giant worm spawn 2 player or 3 player? Has anyone tried that yet? Only reason I'm asking is becuase 2 of my friends are good at zombies, and I don't really want to have to ramp up a third person or find some rando just to fill the required fourth slot.
  4. Once "Player A" has the Wonder Weapon, can "Player B" get it from the box while "Player A" still has it? Can 2 exist at the same time?
  5. I actually agree with you when it comes to color scheme. Halo: Reach forge maps all had the exact same color scheme (grey. grey everywhere) and it drove me CRAZY. it got so monotonous. Maybe that was why I liked Shangri La so much. It was like a color explosion!
  6. Sorry if this was done before, but I was poking around the "Future Zombies" board, and I noticed a handful of comments that claimed that Zombies had taken a turn for the worse with Black Ops II. Is that the majority opinion? I've enjoyed every map in Black Ops II, even TranZit. Even Nuketown. I like how different all of them are from each other. And I also play with some friends typically, so I don't have to put up with glitchers and stuff like that. But I understand that I am typically easily pleased. What do you guys think? How has Black Ops 2 Zombies treated you? You can eith
  7. So you're saying every zombie player is going to boycott Treyarch's next Call of Duty if this map pack isn't 100% zombies. Where the hell did you get that from? It's business. When you grow up you'll understand, champ. No hes just saying many people will leave. I am starting to wonder if your a zombie fan at all. Clearly you dont see how many people are DONE WITH THIS GAME DUE TO ZOMBIES. The zombies was NOT GOOD in this game. We felt they didn't give us what we deserved. Many people are expecting Rezzurection 2.0 and if it isn't. People will leave. Is this true? I have enjoyed e
  8. with a focus on specific old maps, found by these prequel characters? It looked like nacht, ascension, shangri la & shi no numa. Kino, Verruckt, and Moon were there as well it seems. Every single map where you played as the 04 was there, backwards chronolgically, Moon, Shang, Ascension, Kino, Der Riese, Shino, Verrukt, Nacht. A countdown of maps, sort of.
  9. Also, now we know what those lines were, they were just the word "origins" sideways.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VB_9esQu ... e=youtu.be Get excited,
  11. it's up! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VB_9esQu ... e=youtu.be
  12. There is no way they would release the DLC that late into the game's lifespan. I'm thinking sometime this month. Moon was released in November. Also, Buried just came out for PS3. For the Xbox? Moon (and the rest of Rezurrection) was released August 23rd. I thought that they had deadlines when they had to stop doing stuff, to make way for the build up of the following COD game. (I have no proof of that, i just thought I had heard that somewhere). Either way, I'm sure that we'll find out soon.
  13. This is solid. I'll definitely be using this guide to try and get it myself. Hopefully it'll only take a few tries.
  14. Yeah Seatactics, you are probably right. Do you think that 3 multiplayer maps and 1 zombie map is more "forward progress" though? Do you really think that the final DLC won't be anything special, just a single new Zombie Map? I mean, it's certainly possible, just not very exciting. I guess we'll see in a couple of months.
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