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  1. I realized this after I made the post. They spawned on dog round though, and they were 100% in electric/fire form. Normally it's just a mix. Unless the human form zombies spawn after the rocket test sequence no matter the circumstances
  2. A similar situation just happened to me but this one was kind of weird. Waiting on the launch pad to hit the switch, I killed the zombie to start the next round, and then activated the switch and ran away. Well, the next round happened to be hell hounds and regular zombies started spawning but they were covered in fire and lighting, and exploded as a hell hounds does when it dies. After I killed all of these hell hound/zombie breeds regular hounds started spawning but the round was about 3x as long as normal. Something is funky about that rocked pad lever
  3. I have yet to use all of them. Was just wondering everyone's opinion on which version of the bow is the "Best." The fire bow seems a bit annoying in my opinion as it makes volcanoes where the zombies get killed.
  4. I'm playing a solo game, and I'm kind of running around trying to learn the map and the upgrade steps, since its only my second time on this map. I get to the end of round 5, and I am holding a zombie, waiting for the rocket sequence to begin to try and get the part for the gravity spikes. Once it starts, i hit the lever and run out of there leaving the zombie behind me to its death, and past the closed doors, a horde of zombies begins to spawn as if it's round 20. I grabbed the part and ran out of there and went to feed souls to the electric lamps around the map. After I get done I go to the center of the map to finish off the round to do the next step and realized that it was still round 5. I kept killing the zombies and they kept respawning as if the number of zombies was infinite. I'm still currently in this game, still on round 5, with 300 kills and 20,000 score. Any ideas as to why this happened? I knew back in SoE there was a glitch to increase the number of zombies by injuring them and then finishing a ritual, which would then produce 2 more zombies per every 1 injured zombie. I don't see how that glitch would relate to this besides if maybe the zombies duplicate whenever they die in the rocket launch site, or whenever you teleport or take a pod. Edit: The round finally ended. I had 400 kills on round 5
  5. The reason why I brought this up is because of a YouTube video by Fantastical Gamer. It's called Black Ops 3 zombies - Get all perks permanently on Shadows of Evil. In the video he goes down a few times and it shows him still having all of his perks. He says that the only way it worked for him was because he survived about 10 rounds after completing the Easter Egg, without going down. When I first saw it, it seemed a bit bizarre to go through that much effort to have permanent perks. The only thing that leaves me questioning it was the video proof. Some of the comments said that it could be a glitch, but how do you activate it? If someone finds out how to do this glitch it might make the Easter Egg worth our while to do, like it should be in the first place. Too much effort is put in to those steps with no reward.
  6. After upgrading the swords and getting to the flag step, any time the flag breaks the margwas will instantly die, no matter how many heads they have left. In solo, every time a margwa spawns I run to the rift, throw the flag down and wait until the margwa dies, making it a lot easier than trying to take out it's heads. This might be old news, so sorry if it's just common knowledge at this point.
  7. When I first did the Easter Egg I thought the perks were supposed to be permanent right after it was complete, so once my group figured out they weren't, we decided to end the game. Recently I looked it up and found out that once you complete the Easter Egg, all four players have to survive a certain amount of rounds without going down for your perks to be permanent. Does anyone know exactly how many rounds you have to survive after completing the Easter Egg for them to become permanent? Also do all four players have to survive without going down, or is it an individual thing? If you complete the Easter Egg with 0 perks, and then buy 4 afterward, will those be permanent after surviving the required rounds?
  8. This may have been posted on this topic already but I wanted to save myself some time from reading 160 posts. Does the gumball "Ephemeral Enhancement" work when upgrading the wonder weapon?
  9. I was waiting for a few friends outside the boxing room to start the ritual and I was jumping around exploring the map. Just near the outside of the ritual room there is a boat turned upside down. I was touching the rear right corner of the boat and jumped, then a pop up on my screen said "Hold (Square) to recharge shields". I Held square and nothing, that I know of, happened. The pop up was still there no matter how many times I tried to jumped and hold square. I went back to the same place my next game of zombies to see if it was still there and it wasn't, and hasn't been there since. I would've taken a picture of it if I had known I wouldn't see it again. Has anyone seen this, or know what it means?
  10. This error drove me insane. My friend and I were playing a 2 player game the day the map came out and we made it to round 44 and got the error. We still finished ranked #1 and #2 but we could have kept going. We were trying for the top in 4 player as well and got the same error. :/ only made it to like #125. I haven't gotten it since that day and I've made sure to use less mechanisms.
  11. Die rise is one of my favorite maps and all of these spots that kill you are simply ridiculous. Besides theses two.. I've killed my self several times jumping between buildings because my guy stopped sprinting and didn't make the jump causing me to fall off the map. You shouldn't have to be scared just to travel around the map. I was shocked that they didn't patch both of the slide glitches in the recent updates. As for the zombie spawn system, I completely agree. You have to base your own strategy on wherever your teammates are. From what I believe, the areas go about like this, from getting the most zombies, to the least.... - Spawn building, Roof and MP5 level, power, first box spawn level, then Buddha room - Trey arc needs to make some changes.
  12. 1p - 77 2p - 43 3p - 30 4p - 34 Edit: Round 40 Could've made it farther in three but one of our guys had to leave. :cry:
  13. Did my post get removed?? :cry:
  14. I've been a zombies fan for a long while now and am just now discovering this site. The only reason I ended up getting Black Ops 2 was for zombies. Haha. I love playing and meeting new friends and enjoy figuring out the secrets on the new maps. I'm a pretty skilled player and am looking forward to meeting all of you on the site! :lol:
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