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  1. hello, browsing the forum late at night... i can help, tried it a few times, I think I haven't seen all the possible connections but here you go for tonight, tomorrow if I see something else i might edit this post. as said, dempsey and nikolai are obvious, not the other two. gn.
  2. to me it is a simple word game about the tunnel. day never comes inside a tunnel (meaning light), the day goes "over it". you can stay 24hrs in a tunnel you will see no difference of light that can make you guess that the day is going on. now if this is ester-egg relevant there is a lot to see in the tunnel that must blow your eyes...
  3. i have to add a point to this : in a post apocalyptic tv report i saw some years ago i remember they said every power plant will go out of order in a day with no humans around it to make it function, because of the security locks in nuclear ones and of the lack of combustible in the thermal ones. exception wad pointed for the hydro ones : they can continue providing power for hundred of years without the help of human (hoover dam was the example of the last human building standing up after all men die).
  4. please... avogadro is electricity. haarp is radiotransmettor, that "shoots" nothing in the air. it produces radiowaves, like common radiotransmettors do, except that an FM transmettor produces short waves, and haarp produces even shorter waves called microwaves. now it is known that haarp uses a lot of electricity when it is activated, and is probably needing its own power plant, which can be located under green run, maybe ?
  5. do we know how to obtain this persistent perk in coop ? didn't have time to play die rise yet, will do tonight... and a super jugg can help...
  6. it can look like a driving wheel for a cable car...
  7. If there is ever such a thing as this it'll probably take over my life completely haha here why we still play cod is for zombies and nostalgia. when we can't remember how angry we can get we do a little mw3 game... bf3 is so much better... big open spaces, crazy vehicles, more people... and you're not stressed about getting killed by a predator or a camper at any time... priceless.
  8. i have always wanted to give a zombie a good bumber shot with my jeep... while my friend is on the machine gun turret killing the ones that are following us..
  9. that could be fun... but it's no more an fps more an mmorpg... instead i would prefer something like bf3. imagine a map as big as khaarg, in a mode you can choose your class and guns, and start at the spawn (either on a boat or in a bunker...) then you can train zombies in jeep and quad, use the helicopters to get your friends out of a dramatic situation... if you get down your friends can revive you if they have the kit, if you die you go back to spawn. just imagine a lot more, and faster zombies, no rounds, you get to spawn to get ammo and try to survive when out of it. 24 hum
  10. maybe no, and that's the point of all the "i think i have seen this before" line. it makes me think of a short story by harlan elison called "i have no mouth and i want to scream", in which a super computer hase ruined the world and is now playing with the four survivors that it keeps alive, curing them everytime they try to suicide, having fun torturing them. i think richtofen can do everything he wants including keeping the crew alive, in a way or another (by sending them back in time obviously).
  11. jopopo

    The moon(Motel)

    my character once said something like "this light looks strange" when i was looking at it, maybe he said more, can't remember. not sure still, because of the zombies screamings and low volume on voices, not even sure that this triggered the quote. (im using french version of the game on ps3) edit : also the moon signs says not "motel". it says "money" and the big letters says "loans".
  12. when i tried it richtofen laughed and my turbine broke. i am still confused about this, back in time i was like "so richtofen doesn't want me to open that secret room in power area or what ??" since then i sometimes think of how this door could be openned... now i'm more like thinking this power area is weird... there is a door that lets you fall one floor down... but it's not damaged like in die rise, it seems it was originally designed like this... which is nonsense you don't make a door that leads to nothing and were you have to drop down a floor... especially in that kind of
  13. i think he talks about the shape of the tear on the left page.
  14. would prefer a sort of circuit if you see what i mean. like with checkpoints to give you perks or weapons. imagine it like an arcade car game, you have 1 minute to reach the next check point and each zombie you hit with your 1911 gives you a little more time, then at the finish line you begin round 2 and get a m14. on round 5 they give you mp5 and jug, on round 7 speed cola, etc...
  15. the catacombs are one big undergound network of linked tunnels that run under all paris and its suburbs, it is huge, there are still unknowns places and few people know where they go under there. several tunnels were used as graves for the poors. the actual city of paris was build on top of the medieval town and in the catacombs you can still see some of the past architecture, there are ancient churchs and buildings, also some neonazi meetings and graffitis everywhere. you can get lost and die pretty easy down there, i have some friends that visit them often, they never go alone. the
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