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  1. I think Russman's back story is going to play out soon, he seems to be in the shadows right now with not much about him being known, but he seems to have a subtle but deep hatred within him especially for the younger folks, but the "STOP RUS" sign at the bus depot (Bottom of the B covered in blood or oil) speaks for itself I think. When Pack-a-punching a gun in Tranzit, Russman speaks of how the younger folks are always talking back giving him "sass" and he goes on to say, as if to make a threat; "One day fools", now unless he's planing something this statement seems really out of place, and to me he seems to be really subtle in what he says and the way he says things, but in short; I believe Russman is ultimately trying to gain access to the aether so that he can take over, seems to explain why he'd befriend that douche bag Stu, as Stu is the only one in direct contact with Richtofen who Russman will eventually reveal he is trying to overthrow. I don't know right now my mind is all over the place, I should have called it a night hours ago, but I'm trying to agree with a portion of the back stabbing but what I'm thinking is that it's coming from a different direction in that Russman who for some reason I'm thinking may be "Lucifer" but I don't know why, I probably need some sleep.
  2. Just to throw this out there, the Nova Crawlers were technically a "Boss Zombie" in a matter of speaking along with the Hell Hounds, variations of the Crawlers were featured in Kino, Moon and Die Rise, can't remember if they were in any other maps, but probably were, and the Hell Hounds are in few as well, I just think people should remember that these were also meant to be a kind of boss type entity
  3. I happened to notice out the back window of the bus, when you could have indestructible items before they patched it, I had the bus fortified with an electric trap, gun turret and a turbine, and with all the smoke and sparks flying everywhere, I arrived at the bus depot, I caught a quick glimpse of the car that is resting on its side, but at the time I saw it so fast that all I noticed was the rust pattern, and it looks so much like a horse in profile looking out towards the light in the sky, which at first is at the diner, so..... I don't know what anyone else thinks, but I do believe that maybe the horse
  4. I've heard him say that; sounds to me as though it's a play on words, Die Rise, little bit too close to High Rise, China sounds like a good place to have a towering building of some sort, not long now till we find out.
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