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  1. oh my god are we really still discussing this? Fear Ruva fear tedds fear anus fear pizza this is all so stupid and it is very very obvious that the dlc and map names have no further meaning whatsoever So had it been Fear teddy, that would have just been a coincidence?
  2. So we finally get FEAR TEDDS, if the bus driver was officially called TEDD then this would have made some sense considering we're dealing with potentially multiple robots in origins. Although a thousand foot robot is slightly more intimidating than a robot bus driver who's a bit of an asshole. Infact since Green Run, has the message been that robots are the ones to fear(EMP's shutting down 'zombies' etc.) Although the bus driver will always be called Nigel to me
  3. Mm yes, but that was back in the day when the storyline wasn't so obvious and we were not shown various introductory cutscenes so it doesn't really cross your mind. Just something about that bus don't sit right with me, and anytime it's up to no good I notice it :)
  4. Nice pics One thing I don't understand from that cutscenes though is how they say they met in the town..the bus then pulls up and the doors open, yet when we start on TranZit the bus comes from behind the depot which appears to be the first time we see it???
  5. When Maxis says the 'the blah blah blah are no longer disrupting my communications via electrical devices' this to me is a big nod to how he controls the zombies...but 3 questions; 1. If Maxi's communicates with the zombies through these electric collars, then who put these collars on the zombies..Or were they already placed on them by doctors/scientists and maxis has taken advantage of this...or do we have someone on Earth effectively helping maxis out(aside the N4)? 2. Correct me if I'm wrong but not all zombies in Tranzit have these collars, so why when you throw an emp does it sh
  6. Being the annoying 4th guy in the party telling everyone I was staying on multiplayer because zombies was for little kids, got dragged into a kino game and judging that I remember being excited For ascension I guess I got hooked pretty quick..I can still remember the days of hiding in the corner of the mp40 room doors from the dogs hahaha
  7. Please try to not use this kind of language, friend or at least censor it. On topic: While it sounds appealing to have some classic maps on BO2 I would be against it. BO2 is too different compared to the original BO. Then again it wouldn't hurt to offer something like it but they would charge a ridicolous amount of money for it. And I actually enjoy the turned mode by the way. Sorry, I'll remember in future It's just that while Treyarch decided to make the 'area' of green run big, we didn't really have much to play in..and while I do enjoy Tranzit, it's such
  8. I'm sure there are reasons around it(greed) but I'd love if Treyarch could put all previous, and paid-for DLC maps from black ops into black ops 2. Flicking between Die Rise and anything on Green run is becoming tedious now and I'm finding myself scrambling around the room trying to find my dusty black ops 1 case to play some ascension instead, I would just love if you could simply click on something in the BO2 menu and have access to all the BO maps But I suppose that'd be a tenner less profit when the last DLC 'classic maps' drops. :roll: Edit: in fact Treyarch fcuk your crappy new
  9. Stuhlinger often says this, 'ONE HIT, ONE KILL' which when said I thought it was actually Takeo at first..especially the 'one hit' part. Just me?
  10. A friend and myself were dreading the first DLC as we thought that they would literally expand the tranZit route to include new areas, one of them being hospital/asylum & school. All because of what the zombies are wearing, wouldn't say no to an expansion AS WELL as another whole new map/area. Yeah yeah dreaming I know :lol:
  11. PHD

    The moon(Motel)

    Oh, I didn't realise it said that..I heard motel somewhere and have called it that ever since I think I've also heard, I think it was Misty make a comment about light when she walked into the bar, maybe wrong though. I don't see why they'd put 'that' amount of light in an unaccessible building for no reason, silly Treyarch.
  12. PHD

    The moon(Motel)

    Does anyone know what the blue light flickering in that building is? While looking at it earlier, I can't believe I've not noticed it before..to the people that have free cammed and looked inside I'm probably gonna seem like a right lemon now but could it be a teleporter(style of no mans land/area 51?) and what with the whole 'moon' references going on, plus the many hints at the bar playing a significant part in all this. That area also seems suspiciously 'accessible' in that there's no need for a barrier/fence to be there, what with the road seriously protruding out of the ground.
  13. Dr juggerflop, sounds like a sleazy porn star name I do love the machines but a new way of getting perks would be good
  14. What would be interesting is to see what vehicle is on the next DLC poster, if it has anything that could be useful on die rise(not sure what would be though lol) then maybe the helicopter on the revolution poster is meant for Green run
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