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  1. For the DAY X/2 ME; Try a gun with InfraDead (Snipers I believe), it lights up the dark technically. Maybe we'll get some illuminati code if we use MMS or InfraDead!
  2. I believe that Area 51 was dislodged from the Earth when the missiles hit, causing it to float in space. Good Point, I believe its either A) An Alternate Dimension The Grand Father Paradox C) What you Said EDIT: & Treyarch wouldn't have just left that big a** Earth in the Background for NO Reason, C'MON MAN!!! It's a skybox error, chillax both area 51 and the moon use the same skybox. [To mods: Sorry to revive an old thread, just some midnight reading.]
  3. Right now it's 23:41PM in the UK, I can't sleep and I just remembered meaning to post this. Lazyness is kicking in so sorry if this has been posted before. Recently I downloaded master's tool to extract audio from sabl/sabs files and to my surprise I managed to get some audio that I recognised, I booted up Black Ops 1 and went on the classic maps (I can't remember where my W@W is) and what I noticed is that there are some audio files for Takeo using melee attacks in one of the files. Tomorrow when I get home from School I will upload them and I'll provide the hex offsets for them so you can check them out yourself. I believe these were in the general zombie audio files, which means if they were then they're used in multiple other files (just a general speculation.) I'm wondering, did Treyarch get sloppy with this or is this an accidental discovery of future DLC? (sorry if that question breaks the no DLC leak rule.)
  4. Maybe it's not perma jug we are losing? At round 15 i've often lost steel barricades and carpenter pro randomly. I can't think what else it is because I rarely use perma-jug but I always hear the sound.
  5. At no point did we say we didn't trust you, you implied that yourself. As a community we just test things out before giving definitive answers on things.
  6. Solo: 72 (unfinished) due to massive ass internet failure disconnecting me from the black ops II servers -.- Coop: 32, died due to lack of cooperation in team.
  7. I don't believe that the TranZit EE is over, I'm very curious what's inside of the bloody trains because I noticed that the signs are upside down on it. Another thing I've noticed is when you buy the B23R you get the "Clear Debris" sound, this makes me think the B23R is key, just like the SVU-AS and the Ballistic Knife in Die Rise.
  8. What are you talking about? What do you mean what is he talking about? He's talking about getting supporting evidence rather than the word from one person. It's easier to see if there are anomalies in the game.
  9. Maybe next time I make a Custom Map again I'll have to include some of these! ;)
  10. I've never actually thought about this and it's kind of off topic, but have we tried to triangulate any of the locations tedd has mentioned? Just a random thought, I'm thinking it could make some kind of illuminati symbol or the 6 point star.
  11. What game is that at the top, first screenshot? Was going to ask the same thing... That's actually really good graphics. Modern Combat 3
  12. Sir, I hate you. For now I want to re-visit TranZit and get mythbusting. I'm pretty sure we haven't unearthed everything from TranZit, it all seemed to be over way too fast compared to other major EE's.
  13. Actually I think there is some implementation of PhD here after all. I randomly went into a TranZit game the other day, naded 2 zombies with one nade and took a lot of damage from it, then I got a green flash and I couldn't work out what it was, next time I ran over my semtex and it exploded I took no damage at all. I also tested with M&S and it seemed to have the same effect, I'll try to upload it from my fileshare soon.
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