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  1. charries96

    Perma Jug in 15+ ? Perma PHD? What is it?

    Maybe it's not perma jug we are losing? At round 15 i've often lost steel barricades and carpenter pro randomly. I can't think what else it is because I rarely use perma-jug but I always hear the sound.
  2. charries96

    Perma Jug in 15+ ? Perma PHD? What is it?

    At no point did we say we didn't trust you, you implied that yourself. As a community we just test things out before giving definitive answers on things.
  3. charries96

    Perma Jug in 15+ ? Perma PHD? What is it?

    What are you talking about? What do you mean what is he talking about? He's talking about getting supporting evidence rather than the word from one person. It's easier to see if there are anomalies in the game.
  4. charries96

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies for iPhone, iPad and iPod

    What game is that at the top, first screenshot? Was going to ask the same thing... That's actually really good graphics. Modern Combat 3
  5. charries96

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies for iPhone, iPad and iPod

    They are definitely there.
  6. charries96

    Perma Jug in 15+ ? Perma PHD? What is it?

    Actually I think there is some implementation of PhD here after all. I randomly went into a TranZit game the other day, naded 2 zombies with one nade and took a lot of damage from it, then I got a green flash and I couldn't work out what it was, next time I ran over my semtex and it exploded I took no damage at all. I also tested with M&S and it seemed to have the same effect, I'll try to upload it from my fileshare soon.
  7. charries96

    Die rise Game over

    Makes me think of "Game Over" from Saw! :D
  8. charries96

    Die rise Game over

    This is VERY interesting! To me the black thing in the middle kind of looks like a ninja jumping out of the explosion in our direction?
  9. Thank god I'm not the only one who noticed that the tower looks like a rocket as well as church I think that Treyarch have put a lot of effort into this map and they have intentionally left some things very easy to find and some things very difficult to find. Maybe if we get some mod tools for PC then we can hack the church model apart to see what it's like?

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