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  1. Baez le Piplup

    Bootlegged Perks? ( Are the perk beverages canon?)

    Does anyone realize that we got a PREVIEW not a TRAILER
  2. Baez le Piplup

    Die rise Game over

    I'm going with the idea of the game over song being in the next map. But Green Run's game over song sounds nothing like we all fall down, and the die rise game over song sounds exactly like we all fall down. So what if this breaks timeline and die rise isnt exactly after Green Run? I know they show them teleporting there but why would they mess with this stuff. Plus the new songs are cool, just not zombie killing material
  3. Baez le Piplup

    Galvaknuckle Room Glitch (now patched)

    They can fix this by voiding the Sliquifier of power ups like the other Wonder weapons (except baby gun)
  4. Baez le Piplup

    Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    Yeah I doubt they would give you juggernog for sucking. It would be like a death streak in MW3 which if I correctly remember no one liked. My personal opinion is that you get jugg by either surviving 10+ rounds without being hit or getting hit 100+ times without going down in the same game of course. As for stamin up it could be traveling 26 miles in 1 game cause of marathon. Flopper could be multikills or kills with explosives in general. Mule kick could be PaP all wall weaponw in 1 game or obtaining every possible weapon ingame in the same game of course. Sleight of hand could work like quick mags from multiplayer which is a downgrade from the original SoH, which could be obtained from doing full reloads (reload after you run out of ammo im the clip your on) or kill a certain amount of zombies after reloading. Of course this is all speculation on what I think is a little more fair/challenging for the real zombie killers. I also personally hate how the perma QR can easily be boosted -.-
  5. Baez le Piplup


    This guy knows what hes saying

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