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  1. This just happened to me in my last game. It happened when we spawned and when we ejected Odin
  2. I've encountered a glitch on the tank where if a Panzer spawns and the tank is stopped behind the MP40 room, the Panzer will stand still. If the tank is moving or someone gets off, he returns to normal state and will chase the players. Ah that happened to me too but he stayed there the whole game. I was just stating the health glitch
  3. Ascension took a long time, which was basically when the Easter Egg theme kicked
  4. Stop being a whiny douche. I personally haven't had any problem making the wind staff. You can obviously tell if you can shoot the giant robot's foot from a good distance to know which leg and mud area to be in. The tank isn't bad either, you're just mad because this map isn't as easy as the other BOII maps, Which I'm very glad for. The Panzer zombies don't "glitch" either. You just have to go for headshots and it dies relatively fast. So just improve your aim, don't blame the game. What they should fix is the easter egg song. You can only activate it after a certain round apparently
  5. Zombie map. Its on the DLC poster
  6. Honestly I wish they had saved this map for a possible 5th map pack. The 4th Map pack could've concluded the Maxis side where they save the original crew in Agartha. Maxis puts Richtofen back into his body and brings Samantha with him into Aether (during the EE) Then MAYBE as a game ending EE or after map story they teleport back to where it started "Origins". Then the original 4 try to warn the young original 4 thus resulting in a canon grief map (It sounded better in my head)
  7. There's no "cliffhanger", For Richtofen's side, you get to kill Maxis and Richtofen shares bodies with Stuhlinger. For Maxis' side, Maxis eternally damn Richtofen to repeatedly die over and over and hopes to save his daughter, Samantha, which he states to be in Agartha. (I believe this was the true ending.) Also when doing Richtofen's side you go into infinity mode, which he states that this is the character's fate (to die) So if things go like they did for BO1, there will be another map pack after Apocalypse that will conclude the "Tower" saga Honestly after writing that i feel like those easter eggs were a waste...
  8. I personally hate the fact that they were implemented. Sure they give diversity in gameplay but its such a cheap way to get to high rounds imo.
  9. You know this is the third installment of this story right? I don't really count it as the third installment for the sole reason that I didn't start playing till black ops. But in all honesty I didn't even find this site till I started playing zombies and by then I saw all the theories relating stuff back to [email protected] Didn't feel like [email protected] had much to tell story wise until the continuation in BO. Didn't have much to tell story wise? I am pretty sure everyone on this site can agree that World at War Zombies was darker than anything that has come out zombie wide to date. As for the 3rd installment issue, just because YOU started late doesn't make it the 3rd installment. WaW zombies helped spark what we have today. The gameplay AND story.
  10. Im playing Tranzit right now solo (for the hell of it) just got downed with The original 4 perks and only lost QR after getting up. Im pretty sure its a new perma perk because Im always randomly getting random green poofs. I lost it once though, not sure how
  11. I wouldn't doubt if this was real though. I mean why else would Weasel have a kill sign on top of playthegames gameplay? And the map just came out, typos happen here and there.
  12. We all thought Maxis created the zombies but... Source: http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Portal ... ne/Zombies Thoughts?
  13. I'm gonna set my alarm early to wake up for this and wouldn't mind playing with others to be ranked #1 for like a minute :D
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