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  1. I've started it on both solo and 2 player co-op. For Richtofen side you can get to the part where you need to use the time bomb to get to round infinity. You will not be able to get into round infinity without 4 players. Me and my friend got that far on release day and later found out you need all four for that part of the easter egg. As for Maxis, I don't know. I've never really been a fan of Maxis so I haven't really tried.
  2. I did it a different way, with significantly less work. When you come down the slide, put the remington on the wall. Jump down into the barn and head over to the box. After killing all but one of the zombies, you can hit the box. If on your first box pull, you don't get the Paralyser; restart and try again. With the paralysers flying ability, you only have to open the haunted house door. Fly into the power and turn it on. Then head over into the top of the gunsmith grab a weapon and place it. Reapeat this for the ?'s at the Prison, house by the box, and the top of the saloon. Head towards the box and fly up into the courtroom and place the 4th weapon. Now it's time to release Leeroy. Go into his cell and give him the moonshine. Next fly up into the saloon and grab more moonshine off the table. Once you get the moonshine, fly back up and leave the saloon. Fly over the barrier between the general store and candy shop, and run over to the church to wait at the church for Leeroy to come. Once Leeroy arrives, give him to break the door to the church. Head back to the gunsmith and grab the last weapon and put it in the church. You should have a bit over 7250 points. Grab a weapon off the wall (or you can leave it up to chance with the box.) Open the door to the ghost house and hope you get through without getting hit.
  3. I like to think this is a song from Treyarch straight to us fans, about moving on.
  4. I don't think the 30 kills in the prison are necessary. I've done it multiple times without killing a single zombie before going to the bridge.
  5. Yeah, I have trouble keeping track of who's good and evil. It seems every map pack they switch.
  6. It's a good theory; but if the New 4 weren't needed to break the cycle, why would he tell Samuel to "Mend the Rift". However, I will not dismiss your theory. If this was a part of mending the rift, I think there's more to it. I think the rift won't be closed this soon.
  7. This is why I always have the last part for the plane. Make sure no teammates are left behind. Of course, one time I didn't do it and a random stole the plane by himself. I just started training in the spawn room, and waited for him to come back.
  8. My team ended up breaking the cycle because The Weasel (Me), had The Sweeper and Meat Grinder. My teammates stood no chance.
  9. I agree with your theory about the O4 creating a rift in spacetime. I believe in Mob of the Dead that we play in this Alternate Timeline, with lots of clues of there being a universe without zombies. A timeline that should have happened but didn't. Whilst doing the Pop Goes the Weasel achievment, you will hear several audio logs by Stanley Ferguson, who was a Prison guard at Alcatraz from 1933 to 1942. He talks of a daring prison escape attempt by our charcters on New Years Eve 1933. Ferguson sounds like familiar name, right? That's because he's the guard Arlington stabs at during the opening cutscene. But that means Ferguson couldn't have created the audio log. What really happened that night according to Ferguson was that the plane was never built. All that happened was arguments between the inmates. Later, Finn, Sal, and Billy lured Al up to the roof and killed him. Two weeks later on January 14th, 1934, The three were all executed via electric chair. Because of this rift created, and the zombies, the escape works. However, the characters end up stuck in an endless loop. Maybe our end goal of zombies is to ultimately close the rift and send the universe back on track.
  10. The only thing that comes to mind is pirates.
  11. UnPaP'd; Galil, AN-94, MTAR PAP'd: AN-94000, Lamentation, MTAR. Keep in mind the MTAR does something similar to the SMR. It shoots in a hip fire spread despite aiming down the sights.
  12. I like to think the reason Samuel can hear Richtofen and the voices in his head are because he has consumed too much 115. How has he done this? Simple; he's been eating the zombies. In the opening cinematic for Die Rise, Samuel says: "You can't tell them about The Flesh! They'd kill me if they knew!" In Die Rise, at the TV you can hear a man who says: "Science has failed us. He has abandoned us. In this world, we alone, are your salvation. We alone can light the way. Hear our words. Heed our call. There is but one path to enlightenment. Just as they would consume us, we must consume them. We are the living, and we are the dead. We are The Flesh... and The Flesh is us. We will not starve. We will thrive." I'm not entirely sure why they refer to it as 'The Flesh', but it's clear that there are people eating the zombies, I believe Samuel to be one of these people. Further evidenced by his constant quotes about being hungry.
  13. I called him Commissioner Gordon. Similar glasses, same mustache.
  14. I can confirm that PhD is nothing but a clever troll. I played today and got to round 21, I had all 6 perks, got the perk bottle from the Phaser Zobies but the perk bottle gave nothing to me. thus proving once and for all, Trollarch likes to play mindgames with it's community.
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