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  1. Are you looking at these letters vertically? If not I think this would make more sense as the more complicated encryptors use vertical writing instead of horizontal writing, and as we know, Treyarch loves to be complicated.
  2. I can't say I agree that Samuel was a part of the cult like Flesh, I think when Samuel refers to the flesh in the cutscene, he refers to it a literally the flesh, as in zombie meat. The Flesh as in the cult, on the other hand were able to hear Richtofen once but by the speech the cult leader and how "he" abandoned them are no longer able to hear Richtofen. My thinking is that The Flesh are a group of average people that were coerced into eating 115 filled zombie meat, after this Richtofen commanded them to do his bidding, which after doing his tasks, Richtofen ceased communications with them, which made them angry. My other theory which makes a bit more sense is that, juding by the crying woman on the radio from Die Rise, Richtofen is communicating to people who have eaten the flesh but are not completing their assigned tasks correctly so Richtofen ceases communications with them, the Flesh could be people who did not do Richtofen's bidding correctly. As to why Richtofen chose Samuel and stopped talking to these cult members, maybe Samuel is the only person who is doing Richtofen's assigned tasks correctly or is the only person who has a well enough coordinated/equiped group.
  3. I think after getting the balls in the lions hands, for Richtofen, he says to Samuel to rapidly liquify them.
  4. They are doing the Easter egg for that stupid Maxis. If they would have listened to Edward they would have heard him say they have to rapidly liquify the orbs to burn the errant energy fields.
  5. When the trailer first came out I described the characters as follows. Some girl, a nerdy guy with an awesome calculator watch, a guy they didn't show, and some pedophile guy. Unfortunately I think I could only pull off the Samuel look for a cosplay.
  6. No not George. The cultist fella talking about the flesh and the guy in the Green Run transmissions once again talking to the voices about the flesh sound the same. A side note for George is that he was showing signs of being infected with the 115 in the air.
  7. I must say, I like how they are elaborating on Samuel and his importance to the story. Treyarch could have just switched characters to hear Edward, but they stuck to Samuel. They had this planned from the start, as evidenced by his name literally meaning God Heard in Hebrew. At first I disliked Samuel, but after taking time to play as him and listen to his quotes, he seems like an all around swell character. He has certainly rocketed as my new favorite character.
  8. I must say, I'm tempted to cosplay as him one day.
  9. The man talking sounds very similiar to the man in the Green Run transmissions, he also mentioned the flesh. Maybe same voice actor but I don't think so.
  10. Believe what you want, but I think it's just Richtofen with a case of the Aether sniffles.
  11. I believe he has spikes of weakness where his self control is seized and his voice turns into that sound. Like Samantha and her voice going deep. It's almost the same thing, Richtofen has just been able to control it until now.
  12. Look at it this way. He has teleported the group to CHINA from AMERICA, this no doubt takes a lot 115 energy. On top of all that he differs from Samantha in so many ways. First off, Samantha was a little girl who had time to get used to controlling the zombies, Richtofen was shoved into the MPD very suddenly and he is grown man. Second off, Samantha was using small concentrated groups of zombies, Richtofen on the other hand if controlling a global, multinational outbreak. Richtofen is also doing something Samantha never did, which is getting into the minds of people. On top of this, if the opening cenematic is telling us the characters are on constant repeat, Richtofen is constantly reviving people. Overall who knows how long it's been since Richtofen's last 115 charge up. He has to be getting tired.
  13. You might have heard the new radio transmissions which have a sobbing woman in them.
  14. I suggest making a chart of all that Maxis has said in order. Start with the radio transmission he says at the start, something along the lines of "The radio fields aren't interrupting my transmission anymore, you can hear me so listen." Do exactly as he says and listen closely.
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