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  1. i call him George. Gotta love Call of the Dead!
  2. Yea.. I mean 3arc could very well have changed one little thing? We just have to find it? But that is like saying we never found the end of the ascension Easter egg. People fought over that. I'm sure people could fight over that. Because it really does not Make any sense... At all. I understand the 4 spots for the sharpshooter. But in solo verse being multiplayer there are a lot more witches if done in multiplayer. Same thing could happen for the sharpshooter. Cause if we can get through this step someone? Something else that they added in then it very well could be a solo Easter egg.
  3. I don't understand why you would need four people for that step.. It doesn't make any sense
  4. alright then. atleast we know now. i tried it two more times. still not working. but atleast we know
  5. ive tried for three rounds straight to go to round infinity... what are the exact requirements to do that? i have done it at the beginning of a round right in the center all three times
  6. Alright thanks! I just got all the wisps
  7. Well I died twice ha. But they did change little parts. So maybe? You don't have to hit the tomb bomb solo. The lantern just starts flying
  8. Okay we all know that 3arc likes to be a giant troll so you know what? I will give it a try. What's the worst that could happen? It doesn't work out. All right then. I'll start it right now.
  9. I am honestly not joking. I started it! If you tell me a way to get the theater mode recording of it I will and put it on this site
  10. And they also said that about the first step since you would need all four people to find your body but it just skipped that part. And it was a solo match.
  11. So I was playing on buried and I always build the Easter egg I think it's rhictofins. And I hit the time bomb and it warped and when I came back the lantern was in the air. I blasted it out of the air and picke it up. I died later being a noob. But I don't really know the other parts of the Easter egg I just started it. Has anyone else tried this? I can give more details into what I did before but I don't think that matters.
  12. my expectations of it? to blow my mind away. will it happen? no... But i would love to see something that defies gravity. not like moon having pockets of gravity and pockets of "moons" gravity. but maybe make it have a gravity switch that can flip gravity to go up instead of down. I love maps that are hectic, like shangri-la, but open like ascension. which is exactly what Mob of the Dead is. but make it MASSIVE. make it so insane that none of us can describe it. make it have atleast two easter eggs. one that is solo and one that is co-op. i would also love if they brought back the different ways that you were forced to golike they did in shangri-la. the wood plates that closed down and changed every time. more elements like that would be great. one map that would be cool. is have the "aging" of zombies. have it go through each map. somehow you could make the characters go back in time but have the years misfunction and the maps fuse together. that would be an epic map pack.
  13. Okay i was confused on the "upgrading the navcard" i mentioned earlier. but i still went back to tranzit to grab it but i already had it. and then went back to die rise and i built the navcard read but it wouldnt accept the navcard there is no hold x or anything.
  14. Every time i play Die Rise i try to "upgrade" my navcard to the die rise navcard and everytime i make the station but it wont let me put it in. and Every once in a while i will have to go back to tranzit to pick up my navcard again... please help... any comments or anything would be appreciated.
  15. As we all know, Richtofen is headed towards the Aether. And the gameover sound, sounds like(to me) someone walking and opening up a gate and then closing it. So my theory is that Richtofen has acquired enough control over the zombies that he is now entering the Aether and that our next map will be located in the Aether. Yea it might be far fetched but what do y'all think?
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