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  1. Hey anonymous, it's really good to be back. I was extremely busy with some real life issues so I wasn't able to be active in the forum. But my heart was always there with all of you. Even though I didn't participate in discussions, I was always checking out your ideas and stuff. I hope from now on, I can be an active member of this beautiful community.
  2. To me, the main theme of aether is the significance and also the insignificance of human will. There are some things that are completely out of our reach. No matter how hard we try we can't change or even comprehend them. Whereas, being capable of rational and reflexive thinking, human beings have the power to determine their place in this grand scheme of all things. In other words, we all live in an enormous cycle and it might be impossible for us to break out of it. However, we can always choose where we will be in this perfect sphere.
  3. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate this kind of a warm welcome. I hope I will be able to help the community grow in various ways.
  4. I think I can say that I'm familiar with the story but seeing all the people crafting theories and doing other kinds of stuff really makes me feel like I know nothing. Also, I recently dived into some custom maps and really enjoying it. Thanks for the article suggestion by the way. I will definetly check it out.
  5. This might seem weird but it is tranzit for me. I was not be able to play Black Ops 1 dlcs back in the day. So, I knew only kino and five and had no idea about a story before hoping into Black Ops 2. And playing tranzit for the first time was really a surreal experience for me. The mystery surrounding the map, interaction of the characters and the feeling of unknown were really the things that made me fall in love with zombies. I was shocked when I saw the theories and all kind of story line stuff while searching for guides. And to this day, I'm still hooked with the story even though it is fi
  6. Hello everyone. I joined discord server 2 or 3 weeks ago and today finally decided to create an account as well. I found Cod Zombies Forum while searching for a place that still has the friendly vibe of the community. Especially after the events that took place after the launch of Black Ops 4, I must say it is really refreshing to find people who still cares about the community. Thank you everyone for your efforts and optimism. I will try my best to help you to keep this community as kind as possible like it was in the good old days. Also, I' gotta say you guys are really good at crafting theo
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