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  1. Here's a list of the first 31 pieces of intel for season 4, it's all found on the new map 'Zoo'. Have at it. season 4.docx
  2. Incidentally, the u-bahn line wasn't extended up to Wittenau until 1994... in 1984 (when Mauer is set) the line ended at Osloer Strabe. (Yes I'm a mind full of pointless knowledge!) But hey, that's what 'freedom of artistic licence' is for! (along with time portals of course )
  3. Well, part of the Die Mashine map is from 'Nacht' which is stated as "where it all began" and this kind of merges the Germany-now-Poland issue, (Nacht being in German occupied wartime, which became part of Poland post war) so maybe that leaves options for Der Reise...? And of course following on from Nacht is Verruck & Kino, (as in Germany-based maps) and with Die Mashine being the location of Projekt Endstation, the source of the breach into the dark Aether & cause of global outbreak zones, it leaves the door (or portal) open to 'revisiting' multiple maps! This new map is set a year after Omega reopened the breach at Endstation. The Wittenau asylum in Berlin has to be revisited, so much has happened there throughout the zombies story line
  4. Most definitely. Hey they did it with Revelations to round off BO3 zombies. Will 'Der Riese' be resurrected??
  5. Hello? Is there anybody in there...?
  6. Btw I dont have a discord account so wouldn't have known about your post!
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