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  1. Btw I dont have a discord account so wouldn't have known about your post!
  2. Wow I genuinely hadn't seen this before! Glad to realise it does mean something! Thankyou
  3. Beyond freaky my friend! But also kinda cool
  4. Hi, I know this is a zombies forum but as they've now crossed over and this kind of applies, I hope this post is ok. The new operator- Naga- 'fearless warlord', 'unstoppable', 'afraid of nothing or no one'.... oh dear...not true I'm afraid. His arm/wrist tattoo is a religious protection blessing from a branch of buddhism (see attached). He may be fearless of the real world....
  5. Hiya. Recon rover BLUEPRINT pic. attached Omega staffing report you already have. The other 4 are pretty certain but 'unconfirmed' at the min, that's why I put ??
  6. Requiem documents: 'RECON ROVER BLUEPRINT' Alpine, dropped by kranzisoldat (or however you spell it!) 'DISRUPTOR SATELLITE BLUEPRINT' ?? Omega documents: 'OMEGA STAFFING REPORT' Golova 'OMEGA RECORDS REVIEW' ?? Maxis documents: 'MAXIS STATUS REPORT' ?? 'MAXIS DIARY ENTRY' ??
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