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  1. Ive heard that you can activate either Imma Try It Out by Skrillex, Carry On by Avenged Sevenfold, and Carrion by K. Sherwood by selecting Teddy Bears in certain order with different characters. Could someone please tell me the orders if this is true?
  2. New York City: TranZit DLC This map would have the same gameplay ideas as TranZit, except instead of a bus that takes you across the map, have it be a train in the subway. You could get out at Grand Central Terminal, Times Square, Central Park,etc. But NO FOG! I dont care if Denizens come back but NO FOG. PS: The TRAINzit (see what I did there)idea could also work in London, taking you to Westminster, Big Ben, etc. The driver of the train could be a variant of T.E.D.D. or something.
  3. Its not a leak. Skrillex officially announced his Easter Egg Song for Green Run on his Facebook page. Check it out, I promise it's not a leak.
  4. In regards to the farm... reminds me of The Walking Dead
  5. When I see this picture, it makes me think of a crash. The noise sounds like a shuttle or meteor crashing, and right in the middle of the picture, looks as if that is the crater or landing zone of the object. And instead of a door, it looks more like the moon to me. I believe it's a crash-site in the middle of the night.
  6. He's talking about Samantha's room when it turns red.
  7. I know that almost all of my posts have to do with musical Easter Eggs, but this will be my final one. My Idea is this: A Radio! I believe that while playing zombies, there should be a buyable radio. Maybe 100 points to operate, each radio contained 5 songs. I believe this is a good idea due to the fact that everyone likes their own style of music. For example, I would love to play to "Diamond Eyes" by Shinedown, or some Dubstep. Others like different genres. This way everyone has their own song to play while killing some zombies. (The radio idea would also work due to the fact that Nuketown takes place in the 60's, and radios were at the height of their popularity during that time) Feedback would be appreciated :)
  8. I was on Facebook and I saw a picture (sorry I don't know how to upload) :? but it was a pic of FPS Russia holding a M1216 shotgun and a zombie head on a sword. Odd thing is, the zombie head looks like Obama. It would help if someone could upload the pic for me :)
  9. It probably is spanish but scrambled because doesnt "The Map" have pictures of Castro? And Castro means Cuba, and Cuba's Language is spanish.
  10. I never said Deadmau5 was dubstep and quit flaming. The Deadmau5 song Raise Your Weapon, is in fact dubstep. The rest of his songs are house. Chill man. This post isnt a fail, because people are discussing on it. That IMO is a post success. Discussion is what makes this forum great. And SOME dubstep has words. Thats why I listed the songs I did. Because they have words that could relate to the storyline. Listen to Raise Your Weapon. Its like Samantha talking to Richtofen. Just my opinion :)
  11. In this post, I would like to discuss different dubstep songs that could be related to the storyline. I personally LOVE dubstep, and I think it would be epic to kill zombies to dubstep. So which dubstep songs would be good for zombies? My List: Raise Your Weapon-Deadmau5 Eyes On Fire-Zed's Dead Ghosts n' Stuff-Deadmau5 ft. Rob Swire. Please Comment Your Ideas!
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