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  1. JohnyJ25 has got a very good explanation of this : I just have to say this moreover : Maybe that if our characters wearing the same suits as in WaW it's because our 4 characters gonna take the same temperament as they have in WaW. In fact, in The Giant, you can often hear the temperament of our ancient characters (Nikolai can said some words like if he was drunk, Takeo can often say some proverbs etc).
  2. Difintel

    *New Theory* Time-Loops

    I don't think that Lucifer is the Announcer of MotD. There is so many references to Devil of ALL the religions in the map... Why it couldn't be Mictanlechtuli (don't know how to spell his name) for exemple ? I think that the Great Evil (or Ancient Evil can't remember the exact name) is a "mixed" of all these "Devil" of all the religions. I called them the "Black Sun", but it's not really mentionned in the game... It's just because they ALL have a Black Sun logo on them. No, SoE is the normal dimension. You can see in the "journalist" radios, that all the transformation of their world is progressive (first, the pods begins to spawn, then they are the meatball who come from the sky...)
  3. Difintel

    Dempsey could be the Frankeinstein monster ?

    Who thought this at the beginning, but nop, look at the others characters, it's not like that. Also, he got this wrinkles of cartoonish art style, but he also gots scars which are very more marked than the wrinkles... There are too many references to Frankeinstein in this map, I don't think it's a coincidence, but I'm agree with you.
  4. For those who doesn't know, we think that there will be a Frankeinstein monster in the map (we can see him in the trailer etc). Also there is several references to Frankeinstein (the book of Buried, the numbers next to Dempsey in the posters which are connected to Luigi Galvani's experiences etc). A friend of mine and I, today we have discovered something very interesting, if you look at the forehead of Dempsey in the poster : https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CY_4bN7WcAEKF8G.jpg he got several scars in his forehead, as if it was operated, so he could be the Frankenstein monster... Also if you look well, you can see the later "LR" in his forhead...
  5. Difintel

    *New Theory* Time-Loops

    Sorry, I restart my comment. First, I think that Nyarlathotep is the announcer, because they don't attack him, which is weird nop ? Moreover, he wants the players to do what he want, and he needs to create an element of insecurity with the Zombies to persuade our characters to follow him. Second, I don't know in VO game, but if you play in French Version you will got the Richtofe voice as announcer, so I think that it's not important. Moreover, in MotD Mictanlecuthli (don't know how to wright it) was possibly the announcer, and he got a voice which was very different than the old voice of Samantha (at least that was the case in french version). Third, SoE and MotD doesn't get the same universe, and the same timeline, not at all. SoE is a world "normal", and MotD is the Purgatory... About the ancient evil etc... I think that you have to know something which is very very very important in the current storyline : There are two warring factions : The Keepers (also known as Black Sun). These, are the good guys of the story. The members of this factions are : Archon (which are the Keepers of SoE), Templar (Keeper of Origins), and Primis. I think we shall have to meet other members in the future DLC. The Keepers. They are led by the Vril-Ya. All of the members of the Keppers carry the Black Sun logo. The Apothicons. These are the bad guys of the story. I think that all the Great Old Ones are members of this faction, but it's just a theory. For now, we can only say that Nyarlathotep, Cthulhu, and Arnie (which I assume is Yog-Sothoth) are member of this. And I also think that they are led by Cthulhu, because when you do the SoE EE you have to place the Egg of Apothicon in a statue of Cthulhu, like if Cthulhu was the "dad" of all the Apothicon. I also think we will meet others members in the future DLC (what about the frozen one ? And this weird skull in the poster of DE, and in the jumpscare of origins ? And X ?). The Apothicons and the Keepers fight over millions of years. The oldest battle is represented in the wall of the PaP room in SoE. I assume that Apothicons want to destroy all the dimensions/world etc... And Keepers want to protect the worlds/dimensions, but it's just speculation, and I think there will be a twist in the scenario. So yes, Great Old Ones are completely linked with the story, and I think we will continue to see them in the story and the maps. Maybe that Richtofen will unleashed Nyarlathotep from the Summoning Key, without doing it on purpose.
  6. Difintel

    Der Eisendrache Poster

    There are cordinates next to Dempsey, which lead to the constelation of Ascension. So yes, I assume it's a map to space.
  7. Difintel

    Der Eisendrache Poster

    I think you don't understand. When you tape these numbers on Google, and you open this link it's lead to this PDF, and he is open right in the section of "Ascension". These numbers are the space cordinates of the constelation of Ascension. Did you notice this also ? Another Ascension conexion http://imgur.com/POv3wTO The jumpscare from Origins and the skull of the poster merged in one complete skull, very interesting... http://i.imgur.com/5kVlcZz.jpg
  8. Oh, why did the Origins jump scare got the Moon in his right eye, and in this image he got it in the left eye ?
  9. Difintel

    Der Eisendrache Poster

    Look at this, if you want explaination.
  10. We were right guy ! Can you see it, the Origins jump scare in this new poster of the map ? : http://charlieintel.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/abe8e627-9fff-434e-a6e0-2241b3844a5b.jpeg
  11. Difintel

    Der Eisendrache Poster

    I was right about the jump scare of Origins :) Also if you enter in Google the numbers next to Dempsey, it will lead you to a website of constellations of Ascension... Ascension is the key...
  12. Oh, I didn't know about the stuff in the cutscenes and the map, make now more sense. I don't understand your sentence "The others ? You've got something." Oh, I also didn't know, how the camera plays a role in that ? For all, I have make some mistakes, I edit the post you should review it now.
  13. Difintel

    Maxis is a Super Computer!

    I think that the Samantha of the Origins ending is the Samantha of WaW-BO. After the ending of Buried, Maxis go to search her (whatever ending you choose) in the dimension of Origins. Meanwhile, Primis issued Samantha. Maxis get him, and find Eddie (a richtofen from another dimension), we don't know why, but I think that Eddie is like the companion of Samantha, we know that she kept sequalae from Agartha (Maxis in The Giant :"the only thing she saids, was to say his name", the name of the Great Old One in Agartha). I think Maxis brought Eddie to cure Samantha while playing with her.
  14. Difintel

    *New Theory* Time-Loops

    Did you know that Nyarlathotep is the Shadowman ? :) Also Arnie is possibly one of the 3 sons of Cthulhu, or Yog-Sothoth (but I think it's one of the sons of Cthulhu, because his eggs are in the Cthulhu statue, just like if Cthulhu was his "dad" wearing the egg of Arnie). I think that the Great Old Ones are the bad forces of the story, who captured Samantha in Agartha after the Moon EE, and now they have captured the children. But there are the good forces, which are the Black Sun, and are ruled by the Vril-Ya. They all wearing the black sun logo in their body, and there is : Archon (keeper of SoE), Templar (keeper of Origins), and Primis. They all are in the good forces and in the black sun. If my theory is good (there is a some proofs that saying that it's truth, but wait and see), we will see others Ancients Gods, and I think all the ciphers of TG are about Great Old Ones ("the frozen ONE", which I think is Ithaqua, etc). There is also a theory about the elements and the principals Great Old Ones : Nyarlathotep, Cthulhu, Hastur, and Shub-Niggurath. And now we got the elemental staff, I think we will fight the 4 Great Old Ones with the elemental staff in the last map :)
  15. I don't think so, usually Treyarch don't put easter-egg so "blatant" if it's for the fun. Look the Donuts, it's not too showy, but here we got a mysterious corpse with a letter M, and it's not "fun"... Yep sorry for the mistake, I corrected this. About the camera, I think it's maybe the end of the "Noire" Easter-Egg, today we don't know how to end it. It doesn't make sense, but Nero is full of mystery, and his workshop is "the room of secrets"

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