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  1. Difintel

    Maxis is a Super Computer!

    I think that the Samantha of the Origins ending is the Samantha of WaW-BO. After the ending of Buried, Maxis go to search her (whatever ending you choose) in the dimension of Origins. Meanwhile, Primis issued Samantha. Maxis get him, and find Eddie (a richtofen from another dimension), we don't know why, but I think that Eddie is like the companion of Samantha, we know that she kept sequalae from Agartha (Maxis in The Giant :"the only thing she saids, was to say his name", the name of the Great Old One in Agartha). I think Maxis brought Eddie to cure Samantha while playing with her.
  2. Difintel

    Maxis is a Super Computer!

    That still a mystery, but some leaks say she is an alien, and got enormous power...
  3. Difintel

    Maxis is a Super Computer!

    The explaination is not 100% sure, but I think it's the best theory today.
  4. Difintel

    Maxis is a Super Computer!

    The Ancient Gods are Gods from Lovecraft litteratury. They are the bad forces (also know by Apothicon), like Nyarlathotep (Shadowman/Mr.Rapt), Arnie (the creature in the sky of SoE) etc... They have capture Samantha in Agartha after the Moon EE in Black Ops. After Primis rescue Samantha, these Ancients Gods search her, but Maxis and Samantha was hidden with Eddie in a house which was like a sanctuary, where Gods Ancients can't enter. But the Apothicon (Ancients Gods) manage to "bribe" (I don't know how to explain it...) Samantha and Eddie. When the children were controlled by Ancients Gods (because they were "bribe"), they left the house, and went to the Ancients Gods. But there is "Black Sun", which are the good forces, they are : Archon (keeper of SoE), Templar (keeper of Origins), and Primis (but I think there will be others characters in this group in future DLC), Black Sun are under "control" of Vril-Ya. They have to stop the Ancients Gods.
  5. Difintel

    Maxis is a Super Computer!

    Great theory dude ! The only thing that I can disagree is that the radios of The Giant are just from differents universes (to show us the "dimensional breaches" who has been oppend since Origins, because of all the paradoxes caused by the Ancients Gods and Primis). I think that you forgot something, in fact, at the end of the Origins main EE, Primis go with Maxis in Agartha to rescue Samantha, who was emprisoned by the Ancients Gods
  6. Difintel


    False, it spents two years between Origins and The Giant, during that two years, Samantha and Eddy have been captured by Elder Golds and Great Old One. And now there is the plan of Richy, which is to kills all the Great Old Ones, and Elder Golds, help the Good Forces (Archon, Origin's keeper, SoE's keeper, and maybe Vril-Ya), repair is past, save as much as possible parallels worlds, and the most important : find and save Samantha and Eddy which have been corupted by the vilaints Gods

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