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  1. At first I thought, awakening the test subjects, 4 lights, 4 subjects, but that all depends on the Mexican test subject's Schrödinger-like existence. Because as far as I know, we are unaware as to when he died, and as to when exactly they were awakened.
  2. The artefact is the summoning key from shadows of evil, the cutscene has been released, and he goes there to take it, im Guessing this happens before the events of the giant
  3. So in the giant there are a handful of interesting quotes I've heard. These quotes could potentially be audio cues on steps to the potential easter egg in the giant map, or a guide on what we have to do. First of all i want to mention the quote takeo uses in the opening scene. "We must awaken the test subjects", this quote is referenced a lot in game, and i think that it could be part of the main questline. Another quote is one I heard nikolai say, something along the lines of "me must destroy the german war machine(s)", i think the only possible thing that could be is the giant robot at the back of the map, because at this point, apart from the fairly insignificant perk easter egg, the giant robot is pointless. The third quote i want to address is one used by richtofen, "We must wait for our extraction from this site" < (that isn't quite what he says, but involves him talking about being extracted from the site) This could possibly be how the easter egg ends, with their eventual extraction. The final quote i want to talk about is one about lighting a beacon, i can't remember who says it, but even after the fly trap easter egg, it can still be heard, even though maxis says "The beacon has been lit! I know where, and when you are." I think that this is either an error on treyarchs part, or that there is more than one beacon that needs to be lit.
  4. So I've noticed that there are 4 red lights on the walls in the teleporter c room, I thought they looked a little out of the ordinary, so i checked back on der riese, and they aren't there, maybe it's nothing, but it could be easter egg related... If anyone at all could give any speculation, that would be great, I've been losing sleep over this maps potential easter egg. The thing that concerns me the most is that nobody on youtube is covering the giant, even though the potential for an easter egg is there.
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