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  1. It would be silly and onlt proven by those agreeing with it. If I see crossbow bolts spawning out of a rifle barrel or ray gun rays flying out of a grenade launcher I'd roll my eyes in disbelief. Its completely disjointed, the projectile needs to me married to the the running gear designed to fire it to retain any believability. Sorry just not a very good idea, as I said previously go look at the other "pack a punch fusion" threads made on this, its a far more coherant and plausable idea.
  2. It would be a hell of lot more annoying if they could play it more then once. This idea is bad for a multiplayer coop game often played with randoms.
  3. I disagree with OP, they need to make it so 20+ hour games are impossible. The tedious running in circles is simply a game flaw that needs to be ironed out.
  4. You are coming in way late to this party. This guys been pushing this idea for over a year, and frankly he did it better, viewtopic.php?f=100&t=18954 http://community.callofduty.com/message ... #105430919 http://bit.ly/zombiedoc
  5. I think it could work, but it could not be anything like MP customisation, I know thats not what OP is saying but just putting it out there. There should not be gun customisation, able to kit yourself out before the game means it would be very linear. Zombie is already very repetitive by giving that choice to the player it means you'd be doing exactly the same thing over and over by pre choosing the best stuff. Clothing is good as unlocks. Perk bonuses as well may be good unlocks (like pro perks) that have a milder effect. You could split the overload of perks in two into critical and support. Critical are only availavle in game and the support you unlock and choose before game and are permanent. Theres a lot of things that could be unlockable rewards. Levelling is absolutely necessary to feed the addictiveness.
  6. Doing that in first person would be amazing, however it got me thinking it would be a suitable substitute for "Dead Ops", as it would be a lot easier to do in 2D rather then FPS 3D. So the games played from the top down and you build up your defences. So yes its Command and Conquer but instead your barriers and defences are trying to hold back the zombie horde from demolishing your safe house. and as in dead Ops you have the controllable characters. Sounds a shit tonne better then deap Ops was anyway Experimenting with different fortifications and tactics.
  7. Errr sorry I have to say it he way it is. This whole "hero" theory is based solely on one sentence in a bio written well before the loops and tangents written into BO. "Only time will tell if Takeo is going to have his revenge!". No actual actions of any of the 3 would be regarded as heroic, only self preservation. If you see anything else its only because you want to see it, even if beyond logic. Personally I think its more intriguing without the cliche "hero" anyway.
  8. I imagine they produced the whole thing, copter model, cgi work, fake explosions/muzzle flash etc. You will also notice no other advertising on the video, because it already is one (I don't think youtube let you stick adverts on "paid product listings".
  9. As I just posted in the sticky, its a quadcopter. Activision just payed FPSrussia to put a fake cgi one on his channel. And guess what, looks exactly the same. Its a killstreak that has a mounted SMG and self destruct switch.
  10. Looks like Strwrsbob was right, its a quadcopter. Activision just payed FPSrussia to put a fake cgi one on his channel. And guess what, looks exactly the same. Its a killstreak that has a mounted SMG and self destruct switch.
  11. The further they stray from what can be at least explained in some scientific fashion the more rediculous the game gets. This "idea" is ummm not fitting into zombies, perhaps final fantasy or something :/ Stupid things like the "wave gun" and QED are already stretching it. Good weapon design = wunderwaffe, thundergun, winters howl, monkey bomb. They all work off REAL effects, electricty arcs and can be projected, air can form a vortex ring and blow things over, gas can be vented to create a cooling effect, sound & movement may well attract zombies. Crappy weapon design = wave gun, QED, VR11, what you just said. What the hell is the wave gun anyways, a decompression antigravity gun. Theres already no pressure on the moon and antigravity projected into something WTF. Yep people will say "its zombies nothings real" but when you just start messing with physics creating physically impossible and completely untangible happenings, things with no link to reality, it becomes harder and harder to immerse yourself in the game.
  12. Brilliant. This cures the problem with the majority of the weapons in the game, they run out of ammo so quickly that its not worth devoting any time and money into them. If you could use that upgraded gun that is empty and inject some of its power into your new gun by "mating" it it wouldn't be all to waste. Just mate your spent SPAZ24 with a machine gun, may take a hit on power and reload time but the bucket load of ammo would make up for it.
  13. Good post Undead xP, I completely agree with you on a ranking system and the addictiveness it brings to games. And challenf=gesare all well and goos if implimented in the same fashion as MP. "And, here's the kicker folks, all this wouldn't tamper with zombies one bit." True it wouldn't nut I still WANT them to tamper and experiment, gameplay can be improved in many many ways, I think treyarch were lazy in this regard throughout BO.
  14. Theres very few original ideas coming out of the community (wading through all the bring this back, do more of this, WW2 guns, Area 51!!!!1 is very bromidic, the community in general is very uncreative... rant over . This is definately one of the better ideas I've read Tankeo, well done.
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