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  1. Something like "Melee Margarita" would be sweet. It would increase the speed of your normal knife to that of the ballistic knife, and would make the ballistic knife 50% faster.
  2. I'll confirm it. It was on the window at Gamestop here today. I went and got elite.
  3. lol, I forgot the TG. I call it the thun dargin :lol:
  4. I am Poptarts partner in crime on zombies. Me and him make up these random names, it's funny if the time is right. Oh, & Gersch= Goish.
  5. I wouldn't mind being able to buy a handgun off of the wall. I would even take a M1911. You can rack up some serious points in higher rounds with it. Plus, refilling Mustang and Sally would be pretty nice.
  6. I would like to see more dog rounds for one. Good for ammo, and they make the game go by a little quicker. I also want to see the hacker make a return (Or some other way of point sharing). I would also like to once again see the Wunderwaffe, and seeing bonfire sale again would be a BIG plus. I also want to see the Scavenger, 31-79 JGB215, and the zap guns. If I had even 3 of those back I would sh*t a golden brick. :lol:
  7. I don't think it is. That's just where the diner they used is located.
  8. LOL, that's on my birthday in 2025. Atleast I know what's happening on that day. :lol:
  9. I like the idea! It would also be a good map for dark play. Throw a little rain and lightning in, and it would be sweeeeeet!
  10. While I like the idea and time you took to think of it all, honestly it seems a bit complicated to me. That's just to me though. Also, the door costs are a bit steep. Especially when you get into games with random people who wont open doors. It would be hectic trying to open everything up yourself. It would be better with 2 perks every 2 floors. Ie: First floor: Quick revive/ Deadshot. Third floor: Double tap/ PHD, etc. Make it where Speed and jugg are on the top floor so you have to work for it. Idk, just a thought. Not trying to steal your limelight. /Threadjack
  11. Do you roll your eyes at the Mustang and Sally pistols? They shoot grenades out of holes smaller than a rifle barrel. Not many things in zombies are realistic. Grenade shooting pistols, super powering sodas, a girl making dead people chase you from beyond the grave. But we still love the game mode. I feel like this would open up TONS of different weapons, and since their are so many weapons in zombies, you're bound to pick a combo that works good for you.
  12. I have been thinking about this since Der Reise on world at war, but I don't really care who thought of it first or whether my version or someone elses is better. I'm simply sharing my idea. I'm sure someone else may have "did it better", but this is my version. Not to sound like a complete A-hole or something, just stating.
  13. Exactly my thoughts! I already have a list of possible gun combos, I just haven't posted them yet. :)One of my favorite combos I have thought up is a Raygun+Wunderwaffe combo. It would be the "Wunder ray". It would basically be a Wunderwaffe which shoots green electricity (Raygun plasma and Wunderwaffe electricity combined), and has the ability to kill all zombies spawned if they're in one train.
  14. I had this random thought a while ago, just now telling anyone about it. I have come up with something that I think would be a pretty good "Play thing". The Fuse Two. It's essentially a modded pack a punch machine, but it performs fusions of weapons. Sound a bit far-fetched yet? lol. Here's a run down: Their would be 3 slots on this machine. The top left would be ammo, top right would be body, and the bottom would be where your fused guns would be returned to you. What I mean by ammo and body, is this. Lets say you stuck a raygun in the ammo slot, then turned around and stuck your Hk21 in the right slot. Your fusion would be a Hk21 that shot raygun shots the color of your characters point counter. "HK115". Reversing the slots would be a big no-no though. If you reversed the slots, it would give you a Raygun that shot HK21 ammo. The machine would cost 10,000 to fuse, but if you have any guns fused, you couldn't get them back from the box again. (You couldn't get 2 rayguns at once). That's my brain fart for the day. Feel free to share questions and comments with me.
  15. Oh yes, their would definitely be a way to upgrade just one gun the traditional way. This would be a completely different machine somewhere across the map. The machine would make every gun have two different fusions. Going back to my Hk/Ray gun theory. "Put your first weapon in the left slot (Let's say a ray gun.) Put your second weapon in the right slot (HK21 perhaps.) The machine would combine them, and out of the bottom slot would come your "Porters Hk115". Lets say that the weapon you put in the left slot provided the ammo type, and the right slot provided the body/fire rate. If you switched slots, you would get a ray gun that shot Hk21 bullets. If you learned which slot did what you could make some crazy gadgets, and then you would have that 50% chance where you get a bad combo. (Lets say a M1911 ammo firing commando). I think this machine would fuse for 10,000 points.
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