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  1. My idea for pro perks is this. After you buy a perk you can pay go to the machine again and pay 1500 to upgrade it. Here's the effects: Quick Revive: In solo, unlimited Mustang and Sally ammo while in Last Stand. (or whatever other weapon they use) In co-op, longer bleed-out time when in Last Stand. Double Tap: No arming time for grenades and other equipment. Jugger-Nog: Faster health recharge. Speed Cola: Switch weapons faster. PHD Flopper: Don't flinch or stop sprinting when hit. Stamin-Up: Faster weapon draw after running. Deadshot Daiquiri: Faster ADS. Mule Kick: 6 lethal grenades and 4 tactical grenades. Also, when you upgrade a perk, it's logo on your HUD changes from the pentagon shape to a star shape. As you can probably tell, I did my best to make the extra effects helpful but not so helpful that they make the game too easy.
  2. Why not go beyond the loading screens? Why not have a full story-based comic book based on Zombies. That would be a GREAT bonus for the limited edition.
  3. Kinda like how there was supposed to be a trailer on the 21st? Seriously guys, stop setting your heart on things that haven't been confirmed.
  4. Yep, Mr. Burns trolled us. The day is over, and we got nothing. :(
  5. For anyone confused about what's going on, watch this video, it sums it all up pretty well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PGW6IWc ... r_embedded
  6. If we don't get anything today, I'm calling trollery on Mr. Burns' part.
  7. I think if that were the case, they would have announced that formally, like they did with the first BOII trailer during the NBA playoffs.
  8. there was never actually a zombies reveal trailer for BO. only campaign and multiplayer trailers. 3arc only released campaign and multiplayer vids prior to release. as for zombs, we only got pics and leaked gameplay.
  9. This will probably not even link into the storyline at all. It's just a fun game mode by the sounds of it. Like I've said before; The story will be told through classic 4 player zombies, like in Black Ops and World at War. This and all the other game modes will have nothing to do with the storyline. At most, the only story connection it has will be like Multiplayer, where it's self explanatory why these characters/teams are fighting one another in these locations, due to that CoD's storyline. I also believe it'll just be random soldiers we play as, not anyone specific to the story. This is exactly what I was thinking. I think the "normal" mode will remain the 4p co-op we've come to know and love, and the vs. gametypes will be more casual, and won't feature the characters, probably generic soldier characters like you said. I dont think there will be 5-8p co-op either, cause that would just be too hectic, and I think they wouldve mentioned that along w/ 4v4 if it was so. Im starting to feel a little better about this 8p Zombies idea. Lets see how it turns out...
  10. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/article ... lack-Ops-2 Maybe not gameplay, but we might get some new Zombies info at E3. If you read this article, the guy says he got the info from a sneak peak at the BO2 E3 presentation. He talks about how Zombs is bigger, more ambitious, etc. this time around, and also confirms 4v4 co-op. The fact that this info came from a "sneak peak" makes me think that this is just a small sample of what we'll get regarding Zombs at E3. Like I said, I highly doubt we'll be getting gameplay, but at the very least I think we'll be getting some new info and maybe even a cinematic trailer.
  11. Yeah, to be frank I feel like they should be keeping the old Zombies formula with 4-player co-op. The vs. gametypes sound like they're not gonna have the traditional Zombies feel of isolation and dependency on your teammates. (see my thread "Fattening up Zombies")
  12. Thanks. I think they're just ahead of the game, cause they mentioned that this info came directly from Mark Lamia via a sneakpeak at BO2's E3 event. Speaking of which, could this mean we'll see some Zombies or get some Zombies info at E3? I sure hope so! And I agree with you on the L4D point, I think player-controlled zombies just wouldn't work or feel right in CoD Zombies. However, I'm also skeptical about having 8 human players in a single Zombies game together. We'll just have to wait and see how it plays out...
  13. Source: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/article ... lack-Ops-2
  14. I think that image was fake, I think the gun was copied from one of the MW games.
  15. Yeah, 24 zombies is the maximum amount that can be on the map at once, at least in WaW, not sure about BO. Source? Here's my idea for a wonder weapon. It's called the Aging Gun. You fire it at zombies and it releases a wave of energy, which causes the zombies to quickly grow old and wrinkly, hunch over, gradually move slower and get older, and eventually turn to dust and die. Upgraded it would do the same except backwards: it would make the zombies shrink into children, then into babies and start crawling, and eventually turn into zygotes and shrink so tiny until they virtually pop out of existence. The zombies would also become weaker both offensively and defensively as the transformation takes place for both versions of the gun, though the upgraded version would slightly magnify this to make it "better" than the normal version.
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