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  1. Off Topic: would that happen to be" I Made a game with zombies in it"? On topic: I think they should have 3. 2 regular maps, and another dead ops
  2. So earlier today, i thought of an idea that I quite liked. What if instead of starting out with a M1911 every game, the game randomly chose 1 of 4 starter pistols. 4 pistols that are basicly the same, but each has a different pack-a-punch variant. Like one could be a grenade launcher, machine pistol,etc. Let me know what you guys think :D
  3. Maybe "Are the crews from FIVE and CoTD still alive?"
  4. The other day i saw some guy dive into a part of the ground in starting room of shangri-la, get down, revived, and then he was under the map. But isnt it impossible to create a game/map without glitches? Nothing is perfect.
  5. HAHAHA... That made my day. Back to OP, We know bowman is dead, but I honestly don't thing Reznov is dead. You didn't SEE him die...he just drove away in a truck from what I remember...maybe he got taken back to the prison and escaped again...maybe he did make it out, with a little help from someone else which we could get to know in BO2. Anything can happen, and nothing IS confirmed except for the fact that bowman is dead . EXACTLY! There really was no evidence of Reznov dying, so we don't know if its true. But Reznov was a beast, he couldnt have died so easily. Not really a heroic death if you ask me. BTW: I used to think that Dempsey was Mason! :lol:
  6. Would these work on zombies and the 4 players? If it worked on everyone, wouldn't it just attract trolls to build the trap, use it on their teammate, then run away and not revive them? Other than that, these traps and this idea Undead Xp had in general were well thought out. :)
  7. Yeah, I personally thought that was a little creepy. :?
  8. Sounds pretty solid. I like to know that i am not the only one who thinks that the CoTD crew is still alive. Maybe instead of Richtofen teleporting them, they shot the locked door in CoTD with the Hyena Infradead after the original crew had left, powered up the teleporter, and teleported to Paris just before the rockets hit?
  9. Wouldn't this be more like combat training or survival mode than zombies? :?:
  10. Exactly. I mean its not like you are being forced to buy it. It just gives you 3 guns. Its not that bad when you consider they couldve added Juggernog to Nacht
  11. The last part reminds me of Volk in mw3 :3
  12. what if it was placed in a really horrible place were zombies would overrun you easily or make it like solo quick revive were it dissapears after 3 uses Yeah,that sounds a little better. Can you imagine if they updated der riese with it? Then they put it next to the box spawn on the catwalk? It Would be a pretty big fail
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