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  1. All this talk of sedated Jumping Jacks, chains and cages makes the think of the tiny split second video from Cod Zombie Labs at the end of the Moon trailer. It shows a chained up Jumping Jack in a way that makes it look like its being walked by a human. (Like a dog)
  2. I'm pretty sure we're not going to know the answer to this until DLC, but it is definitely an interesting theory. Who knows, hell, maybe these guys ( http://gyazo.com/398d6fbda7a1932a38158e832173f1b2.png ) mutated, shot up from behind the temple (where the monkeys go with your power-ups) and are now nomming on your face in the fog Give it time, we'll find out fairly soon I think Edit: Oh, looks like some one beat me to it ^ :)
  3. Dont quote me on this but im think I remember seeing SNN referenced to on the BO terminal as "The Rising Sun Facility, Japan". Hopefully that will jog someone memory on here, because I dont remember much about this. On another note, do we actually know what the FIRST EVER breakout was? Was it originally on the moon when Sam first gain power tgrough the pyramid? OH lol and while where on that, I noticed some foreshadowing of the story in Kino. Remember the poster with the Pyramid-Woman? I think it was called "Pyromogul" or something. It showed what looked like an omnipotent figure with a pyramid on her head, seems to me like a reference to Sam, a nod to what was later discovered in Moon, just shows that Treyarch really did know what they were doing with the story since Kino.

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