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  1. I want to believe that this cutscene is before Der Riese or something, and is actually the origins. But it just isn't. You can see the N4, the tranzit characters and everything in that room, suggesting that EVERY map has just been in Sam's head. I've been here since WAW, and am quick to defend more or less everything Treyarch do, but this ending is horrific. Its a cop out, because they fucked it up and made the story too complex by continuing it after BO1. Nothing is explained, why did Maxis need those towers to be activated? More importantly, why the f is a little American girl daydreaming about her other American friend cutting the brains out of her German father? Why does here voice even change? How can she come up with all this in her head? How does she know about Vrill energy and the Black Sun? Seriously, I loved this story, but it appears to have been one giant troll, they kept complicating it and complicating it with zero intention of tying up anything. Consider me beyond disappointed.
  2. I'm sorry but I don't see the resemblance at all. Look at how defined the new character's cheekbones are, and how upturned it's nose is. Now look back at the Kino guy, just looks like a normal face. One looks like an alien, and one looks like a human. Not saying you're wrong or that it's impossible, but to me they don't look alike at all.
  3. Yeah, the strange thing is I had heard the talking quite a while ago now, and honestly didn't think to mention it on here because I stupidly assumed people would have noticed it, I'm still surprised it hasn't been brought up before! And as for my CoD4 description... To me it sounded kinda muffled, distant and reverby... Just reminded me of the Spetsnaz guys you hear giving speeches when your moving through the Middle Eastern levels of CoD4.... Once I hear it properly it'll probably nothing like that at all lol. Anyway, I'm not sure what triggers these voices, but they must be there for a reason, I'm looking forward to finding out more
  4. I've heard something like this in the Docks (Near the plane part) and in the room just before going up to the roof with the dog. I've heard it twice in each location, including today when I was playing as Sal. Now this part is going to sound very strange, but it for some reason reminded me of Spetsnaz dialogue from CoD4.... Just really quiet. It probably sounds absolutely nothing like what I just described lol but I was in a (relatively loud) multiplayer game and its the best description I have lol. On a side note, I went down in the wardens office today, and I 100% heard someone talking. Pretty sure it was plain English, just couldn't make it out. Wasn't just a one off quote either because it went on for sometime. So yeah, there's definitely some kind of voices on this map, despite my poor descriptions!
  5. Hmmmm interesting.... I'm pretty sure he was credited with "Zombie Voice" in Black Ops 1. Not sure what to think though, I think it may be a possibility that he is in fact the voice of the infamous "Demonic Announcer" that we now know as Sam. Because let's be honest, that's not actually Sam's actor's voice is it? That voice was used before Treyarch actually used Sam in the game. So maybe he's returning to his role of the announcer? But then again I'm just making guesses, its probably not true since he should also be credited for Nuke town under the name "Zombie Leader" if he is in fact Sam. So yeah lol, sounds interesting though, looking forward to the map
  6. This map has been designed by the same team as always. The rumour that it's a different team came from a leak where someone claimed he worked for Treyarch's single player team, and worked on the zombie map. (He also claimed all the BO2 zombies DLC maps are by this team) a bunch of stuff he said have since been confirmed fake by the trailers, so this is still made by the same team as always. I don't know why people are so fixated on this, but it's not true
  7. People need to stop saying its made by a different team. That rumour came from the red it leak a while ago which has since been confirmed fake by the trailers
  8. All this talk of sedated Jumping Jacks, chains and cages makes the think of the tiny split second video from Cod Zombie Labs at the end of the Moon trailer. It shows a chained up Jumping Jack in a way that makes it look like its being walked by a human. (Like a dog)
  9. I'm pretty sure we're not going to know the answer to this until DLC, but it is definitely an interesting theory. Who knows, hell, maybe these guys ( http://gyazo.com/398d6fbda7a1932a38158e832173f1b2.png ) mutated, shot up from behind the temple (where the monkeys go with your power-ups) and are now nomming on your face in the fog Give it time, we'll find out fairly soon I think Edit: Oh, looks like some one beat me to it ^ :)
  10. To all those who are dissapointed, I think you are viewing this the wrong way. Here's my take on this: The story allways progresses one map at a time right? It wouldn't make sense to release Shangri-La and Moon at the same time, because the story flows better when its one map at a time. Treyarch probably faced a problem: "how do we make a decent number of map, while keeping the story on the right track?". So they chose to release 5 maps on the disk, that all take place at the same time, in the same location, on Earth after moon. Lamia said each map is crafted separately, so expect high quality from each of the Tranzit maps. So yeah, pretty much, we're getting one new chapter in the story, in the form of 5(i think) maps. It wouldnt make sense story-wise to have maps in jungles, cities, farms, area 51, other planets, Tunguska etc all released at the same time would it? So yeah... Treyarch nailed it IMO. One chapter, Five maps.
  11. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the front of the bus??? Is it possible that this bus is upgradable?
  12. This is awesome and all, ..... but I don't get how you guys are linking it to Manhattan........ what have I missed lol?
  13. Hmm, I don't really know what to say here, but I have noticed (And I'm sure many of you have as well, but I haven't seen it mentioned) that words on Callofduty.com are spelt with some lower case letters, and some upper. For example, on the title for the interactive trailer, all of the "t's" are smaller than the other letters? On the tabs at the top of the page, some letters are also smaller. I also noticed that the smaller letters on the tabs at the top of the page can make up the word "Tacitus", but I dont see why they would do that as we allready know about Tacitus, and it just seems kind of random? Any Ideas?
  14. Im in the UK, and the countdown says 10,000 seconds, which is just under 3 hours? But its 4pm here so going by the countdown it should be up at around 7pm?
  15. I barely ever post here but this was a great theory about Tacitus so [brains] for you! And yes, this IS what happens in real life unfortunately. But the deppressing thing is that the silence is worse than the violence. We would all be in a MUCH better place if the public actually bothered to listen to the truth about FFTAs like 9/11, rather than just shrugging them off as "Nutjob conspiracy theorists". Notice how the people who actually look into stuff like 9/11 come to the conclusion that it IS an inside job, and the people who know NOTHING about it just go allong with what the government says and call us crazy? Its bullshit. Ever heard of the Cold Wars "Operation Northwoods"? If not, google it, it basically prooves that the Gov arent above FFTAs. IMO, I dont believe in the illuminati. I USED to, but after spending freaking ages (Im talking years here) researching it I came to the conclusion that the illuminati is just tooooo far fetched, we just live in a world with a fucked up government unfortunately. " Treyarch hit the nail on the head with "Just because they write it down and call it history, doesnt make it the truth".
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