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  1. All this talk of sedated Jumping Jacks, chains and cages makes the think of the tiny split second video from Cod Zombie Labs at the end of the Moon trailer. It shows a chained up Jumping Jack in a way that makes it look like its being walked by a human. (Like a dog)
  2. I'm pretty sure we're not going to know the answer to this until DLC, but it is definitely an interesting theory. Who knows, hell, maybe these guys ( http://gyazo.com/398d6fbda7a1932a38158e832173f1b2.png ) mutated, shot up from behind the temple (where the monkeys go with your power-ups) and are now nomming on your face in the fog Give it time, we'll find out fairly soon I think Edit: Oh, looks like some one beat me to it ^ :)
  3. To all those who are dissapointed, I think you are viewing this the wrong way. Here's my take on this: The story allways progresses one map at a time right? It wouldn't make sense to release Shangri-La and Moon at the same time, because the story flows better when its one map at a time. Treyarch probably faced a problem: "how do we make a decent number of map, while keeping the story on the right track?". So they chose to release 5 maps on the disk, that all take place at the same time, in the same location, on Earth after moon. Lamia said each map is crafted separately, so expect high quality from each of the Tranzit maps. So yeah, pretty much, we're getting one new chapter in the story, in the form of 5(i think) maps. It wouldnt make sense story-wise to have maps in jungles, cities, farms, area 51, other planets, Tunguska etc all released at the same time would it? So yeah... Treyarch nailed it IMO. One chapter, Five maps.
  4. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the front of the bus??? Is it possible that this bus is upgradable?
  5. This is awesome and all, ..... but I don't get how you guys are linking it to Manhattan........ what have I missed lol?
  6. Hmm, I don't really know what to say here, but I have noticed (And I'm sure many of you have as well, but I haven't seen it mentioned) that words on Callofduty.com are spelt with some lower case letters, and some upper. For example, on the title for the interactive trailer, all of the "t's" are smaller than the other letters? On the tabs at the top of the page, some letters are also smaller. I also noticed that the smaller letters on the tabs at the top of the page can make up the word "Tacitus", but I dont see why they would do that as we allready know about Tacitus, and it just seems kind of random? Any Ideas?
  7. Im in the UK, and the countdown says 10,000 seconds, which is just under 3 hours? But its 4pm here so going by the countdown it should be up at around 7pm?
  8. I barely ever post here but this was a great theory about Tacitus so [brains] for you! And yes, this IS what happens in real life unfortunately. But the deppressing thing is that the silence is worse than the violence. We would all be in a MUCH better place if the public actually bothered to listen to the truth about FFTAs like 9/11, rather than just shrugging them off as "Nutjob conspiracy theorists". Notice how the people who actually look into stuff like 9/11 come to the conclusion that it IS an inside job, and the people who know NOTHING about it just go allong with what the government says and call us crazy? Its bullshit. Ever heard of the Cold Wars "Operation Northwoods"? If not, google it, it basically prooves that the Gov arent above FFTAs. IMO, I dont believe in the illuminati. I USED to, but after spending freaking ages (Im talking years here) researching it I came to the conclusion that the illuminati is just tooooo far fetched, we just live in a world with a fucked up government unfortunately. " Treyarch hit the nail on the head with "Just because they write it down and call it history, doesnt make it the truth".
  9. "I long to bathe naked......... IN YOUR BLOOD!!!!" -, Richtofen, Der riese I think
  10. Moon. Round 30. NO ONE had recieved the wave gun yet. One friend dead and two friends down. There was a single crawler left in the game, right by the two players who were "Scissoring". Everytime I tried to revive, the crawler prevented me as it was too close (Didnt have jug). There was plenty of time left, and we were next to the box (Outside). To attract the crawler, I hit the box, got a wave gun. After exclaiming my happiness and relief from getting the wave gun. Rushed to my gun, two hits from the crawler. Game over. Twas a hideous day for the human race...
  11. Zombiofthedead The only way Im going to it through the next round is if I save the 4 shots I have left in my 31-79 JGB215, I have no ammo on any other gun, no perks, no nothing, but I can easily get to jugg if I use the JGB to get through the zombies that will block me between the power room and the fountain, then Im on for a world record run. Oh look, its the 4 crawlers I left. Im going to shrink each one individually and kick them across the map, I will be fun, and I do have 4 shots left so I might aswell. Game over, You died. Shit I probably should have not got caught up in the moment and wasted my ammo. Kinda screwed me up..... Now I have no future in the world of Shangri-La!! Crappy, gay analogy but oh well, you see what I mean lol. Trust me, dont waste all your ammo on unimportant zombies now lol, you'll need it later You wont be able to live in the moment if you settle for a job you aren't happy with, you'll hate the moment! Do the crappy boring stuff now, get it out of the way now, get a job you enjoy, and you'll love the moment! I know I have no right to be telling you this lol, I dont even know you, but trust me, you'll realise soon, just a year out of your life, and you'll love the rest of it! Video games aren't everything, as much as I love them, there not worth wasting your education for Enjoy them when its necessary, secure your future, or you wont enjoy them at all. Wow long post, I think I'll leave it at that lol!
  12. I understand the mindset you're in, and totally agree, its true, you should live for now, and not worry to much about the future. But the reason people say about focusing on the future is because if you study now, maybe for a year or two, the future is yours to live in, THEN you really can live for the moment, you can look back at your qualifications, get a job you're happy with, and live life well. You're probably not even 20% through your life. You have all the time in the world for zombies, but limited time for study. Ask yourself this "In this next hour, what is the most important thing I could possibly do", sure like you said, you live for now, and zombies would be fun for now, but is it important? No. You'll play through the hour and it ends. Studying will enable you to live for the rest of your life. Lol I sound like the ultimate nerd-oldman-dickhead, I can imagine myself in a boring old man voice saying "Dont waste your time on Video games, study!" lol. Im not trying to sound like that at all, whatever you do, dont overwork yourself. Its probably best that you dont study now lol, but Im just trying to explain, that when you have the big exams at the end of your school career, thats when you need to focus. (I dont know how it works in America, Im English) Over here, we have A-Levels, when we're 17-18, Im 23 now, and remember when my friend got 5 A's out of 5 A-Levels, In maths, physics, chemistry, biology, and further maths. He ended up going to Cambridge, the best Uni in the country,and is now rolling in the cash lol. At that time, I got, a B, D and U, (ungraded). I felt pretty shitty, then realised the only reason my friend got 5 A's was because he worked for it, while I was playing Vgames. It seemed fun at the time. I turned it around, and got pretty good results, came out of Uni last year, and Im in a job im really happy with, and NOW, I play a S***-Ton of games and enjoy my life. (I dont mean 5 hours a day though lol, thats insane, but still a lot) Sure my friend has a better life than, me and I will allways regret not trying harder, byt im happy, and I realised, the future is everything, and its worth it, because for me the future is now, and now I can do what I want :)
  13. ZombieOfTheDead, you sound exactly like I did when I was young like you lol. I don't mean to sound like an old man lol, but exams are REALLY important and they WILL catch up to you faster than you can say George A. Romero. Think about it, what good is playing a computer game all day now, when you will not have a future if you fail exams. You may be able to ace them now, but when the big daddy real things come you're going to have to study. If you can ace them now, you have potential, meaning if you study for the real thing you could get straight A*s, If you don't, maybe you'll get B's, sounds good, but you know its wasted potential, and will be the difference between getting your dream job, and not. I realise now that this is turning into a lecture for someone I don't know over the internet lol, but I'm just trying to say, playing a computer game all day isn't as appealing as it sounds. Secure you future, and then play games, games shouldn't come first. And you'll find socialising with friends face to face in real life is alot better then over a headset. I'm not at all saying video games are bad, (I play them loads obv lol) but it sounds like your over-complacent on studying. Maybe you dont need to study now, but when you do, you'll look back on the games with massive regret, believe me, I've been there. I LOVE video games, and they are a great way to escape, they have played a big part in my life, lots of nostalgia and lots to come, but they're not the most important thing in the world. Anyway, good luck with your exams when they do come, I wish you all the best and hope you'll put the games to rest a bit in that small period of your life :)
  14. Great thread dude, and like someone above me said, you really do have a knack for writing One thing though: Dont turn your back on life. Like you said, Zombies and Codz saved your life. Without finding Codz, you may not have realized there are people here for you. I suppose what I'm saying, is no matter how bad you feel sometimes, there will ALLWAYS be something for you. As you've found, its recently been Codz, and I know, for a fact, that it doesnt stop at Codz, keep your head up, and life will treat you well, you'll find more things to escape to, to look forward to, things aren't allways bad, you just have to look for the good parts. Oh, and you'll allways have CoDz. Ive only posted here a few times, but I've lurked since way back in the [email protected] days, and can relate to you in much of what you are saying. In the years I've been here, I agree, CoDz is awesome! :)
  15. Acension really does have a mysterious dream-like vibe to it in my opinion. From the characters clothes, to the black and whiteness, to the thumbnail on the map selection screen. If you remember, it used to have a normal picture, and Treyarch changed it to a fuzzy TV screen picture as if you were watching it through someone elses eyes. I have a really hard lime placing Ascension in the story, but something about it is definately waiting to be revealed.....

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