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  1. Hey Titan ,great thread and read very fresh. It makes me ask this question , isn't what Richtofen's doing along the same lines as what you're talking about plot wise of the demon trapped needing a body if not NEW body , much like with the possession of Samuel Stuhlinger . Just wanted to hear your thoughts on the connections and similarities of Richtofen being in the Aether having maxis essentially foiling whatever plans and unknown intentions and he could then enact this painfully long and slow tug of war for the N4 to supply him with the necessary power and escaping into and possessing Samuel, who is then trapped inside his head in his own body looking through his eyes . It seems to me that coincidentally Richtofen and the interpreted lyrics are the same thing and story wise the easter egg in buried had you changing things that happened in the past ? why are those events SO important for the plan and possession And thanks again for the thought provoking analysis and feedback everyone Cheers !
  2. Very true Lithium , I think It's safe to say they are always two steps ahead of us huh ? I think that's awesome if you ask me , staring you in the face for months til boom light was cast upon the darkness , I love it :D
  3. Good job GRILL you can hear it pretty well with your work here. You bring up a great point too , why if he has to use electricity to power such things like an intercom are the children using candles to light a room . When the children leave the room , do you think they go into a sub basement that has advanced technology to support his endeavors . Could it be another Tranzit like town where it isn't what it appears to be on the outside . Also when we activate power in Tranzit, in town you hear the same siren (I know , I know you don't have to give me the siren lecture) but it is the same AND wouldn't you say Marlton and Misty are team Maxis while Stu and Russ are team Richtofen ? Well Russ and Stu did find Marlton and Misty in Tranzit according to the Buried cutscene . But I digress .... The fact remains Maxis is communicating through the telecoms again which lead us to believe what ? 1. He may not actually be present at this house physically ? 2. He might be a brain in a glass jar or other anonymous vessel .(and cant come to the room) 3. This house is bigger than we think and is equipped with hidden technology to not draw any unwanted attention to a diabolical mastermind .
  4. Alpha this is badass I cant believe no one has commented yet . Very cool read and of course the images help the matter . Thanks for the contribution I appreciate it . :D
  5. What's going on guys I just wanted to post a couple of pictures from our EE cut-scene. Mostly just to be put under a microscope, although I have not captured everything in this scene I welcome anymore additions you might submit for discussion . --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Doesn't this eye kinda resemble like a black earth or sun with a moon shape rotating around it , CODZombies artist love hiding things in plain sight coincidence maybe, or just really bad ass art How would you interpret this image other than its Dempsey up close to her face . Something more than Face value 8-) What is in the eye of the beholder ? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can anybody help me label most of the objects we see here in this shot I only can name a few , and does that marking on the wall resemble the eye of horus not perfectly but a little ? The tablet on the ground shows some sacred geometry on it too Note: The orange stone or something is also pulsating, not just a toy as goes for most of everything else --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This catches my eyes in the video because it is alive the yellow at the base of the object is pulsing . Do you think it actually works ? And what is its function also . And for reaching's sake what if it could teleport some toys if it were to really work --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This little guy I believe is human because the complexion of his skin matches that of the others skin complexion as the zombies have a grey skin tone ,I know a couple of people who would disagree as IRurG said he has concluded it was an astronaut zombie but I believe differently as I think the helmet in the crate is the moons only reference in this scene. He even has an awkward pose I feel like he is pointing at Dempsey or YOU ! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here I wonder why marlton is turned one way in this shot , And then another way in this shot, is it to establish mystery surrounding their presence or ultra fail in consistency ,I'm still struggling to find any sign of Misty and why is the object stulinger is holding glowing green like those EE song rocks in origins. And is it possible they are alive and hiding , It really makes me think of that movie with Ben Stiller in Night at the Museum where the ancient Egyptian artifact the Golden Tablet of Pharaoh Akhmenrah brings all the exhibits to life after dark (only because there is an Egyptian glyph near the ceiling of the door and the fact some of the toys have live action) . Funny but true . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And Finally for now Teddy #2 And Teddy #1 Why are these Teddy's Bloody already in a child's play room ? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok thanks for reading and responding, I know you all are very committed to your work as am I so any feedback is welcome , good day gentlemen .
  6. Awe really ? Well that busted my conspiracy bubble, thanks for clearing that up for me . So he is wearing a space suit? lol I thought it looked like a dancing suit hahaha Yes MMX it is right up your alley if sci-fi and such is your knack. There are elements that feel similar in nature to me in comparison to the Zombies story . The Premise: Fringe follows the casework of the Fringe Division, a Joint Federal Task Force supported primarily by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which includes Agent Olivia Dunham; Dr. Walter Bishop, the archetypal mad scientist; and Peter Bishop, Walter's estranged son and jack-of-all-trades. They are supported by Phillip Broyles, the force's director, and Agent Astrid Farnsworth, who assists Walter in laboratory research. The Fringe Division investigates cases relating to fringe science, ranging from transhumanist experiments gone wrong to the prospect of a destructive technological singularity to a possible collision of two parallel universes. The Fringe Division's work often intersects with advanced biotechnology developed by a company called Massive Dynamic, founded by Walter's former partner, Dr. William Bell, and run by their common friend, Nina Sharp. The team is also watched silently by a group of bald, pale men who are called "Observers" Funny now I see the two Doctors once colleagues similarities ,Walter Bishop ,William Bell , and our Edward Richtofen , Ludvig Maxis FRINGE has Cortexiphan like Zombies Element 115, only made in a lab with unforeseen side effects: Capable of moving a person through parallel universes and other abilities Cortexiphan is a nootropic drug developed by Walter Bishop and William Bell designed to enhance the mental abilities of the host. Initial exposure to the drug as an adult can be lethal, so trials were performed on children in at least two locations, including a day-care center in Jacksonville, Florida. A young Olivia Dunham was a part of the Jacksonville trials while she was in the care of her mother and abusive stepfather. The exact response to Cortexiphan varies from child to child. Manifested psionic abilities include telepathy, mind control, pyrokinesis, telekinesis, and the ability to cross between universes. It is later shown that it also has slight regenerative abilities. Walter's tests, shown in the flashback episode "Subject 13", often required coaxing the child to demonstrate their powers through emotional stimuli; in the case of Olivia, he found it necessary to frighten the girl to bring about her powers.[5] So yea without throwing this thread off too much there it is in a nut shell.
  7. Hey great thread here MMX & everyone , I'm getting some good reading here . Anyone have a picture of the figurine way off to the side that the dog knocks over ? Is he the *nod to (for example) the faceless or shadowy figure in most of the cut-scenes ? Anybody seen the American TV show fringe ? The Watchers were an evolved race of humans from the future earth that observed key events in history and eventually wound up intervening in the matters of the past to ensure the future they knew remained intact . They even had one episode where a physicist lost something dear to him , and he turned his body into flesh and machine and was able to move himself through time . Some of the details are fuzzy to me but I wouldn't put it past treyarch to use some of those fringe elements in their game . Again I just wanted to spotlight if not for just a second, the unknown figurine in the room the rest is spit ballin thanks !
  8. If I were to speculate about this . My best opinionated guess is weasel collected the blood from them after he broke the cycle . I say everyone suspected he was dead already being in the cycle , but what if he wasn't dead . And when it was broken he met something or somebody and was tasked with a mission to serve this underworld lord or entity and its ancient evil plot. Perhaps it was defeated by our O4 somewhere in this wacky space-time continuum (referencing the Secret Picture from Origins of our hero's looking like saviors of an ancient people) If those gangsters did so much evil , A dark entity could empower itself from their deeds and the soul collection I don't know , But if the vials richtofen had were empty, could he have had synthesized zombie blood from it, if that was even possible ? Here's some food for thought , everything we have seen in zombies had a little toy in that room except the MOTD crew. Only the guard zombie was referenced , you saw 3-O4 (I saw nik , ric ,and tak or demp couldn't tell not all of them, one was missing) and 4-N4 , and 1 unknown (AGAIN) in the background that the dog knocked over . But there weren't any mobsters to be seen .
  9. Thanks for the videos guys these are really what we needed today . Couple points to notice . 1.FREAKING WOW THIS IS EPIC ! 2.Samantha not announcer 3.Templar appear with portals 4.Armored Nazi Zombies not to be messed with 5.Slowing Mud 6.Mystery boxes have gotten more impressive looking 7.Richtofen mentions Samantha talking over and over 8.Random perk machine 9.Musical build & Maxis drone 10.Richtofen says chalked guns appeared overnight UPDATE from Syndicate video Samantha talking to richtofen "You cant ______ forever richtofen , you know what has to be done " and he replies something I cant hear clearly . Only my first 10 points, I could go on for awhile anybody have any other points not listed here . Excited I will be watching either NTG stream or I forget the other . Either way I'm tuning in to the XBOX'ers tomorrow .
  10. It looks as though the joints on the staves around the crystal area will open up once pap'd . Like some of them will open like switchblades or something . The white one would open up to make the wing looking axe sides to expand even wider.
  11. I like the white staff. It reminds me of a winged chalice. It's just turned at an angle you cant see well.
  12. Takeo IMO with the wall jump to slice , no look backward stab , to the flip over his shoulder to the ground decapitation , to the slice head , slice zombie in half to the sword to neck block pistol to the face ! EPIC lol when I saw tank doing his thang, I was like he must be on lvl 1 when 1 stab to the back takes a zombie out :lol:
  13. Yeah I hear that , I'm mostly thinking about what are the Templars guarding ? In Indiana Jones you know it was the holy grail . This is one of the only Artifacts I've seen in the story . Anybody else have input on artifacts seen in the story ? Indeed I think the same , Perhaps we will get to see an Artifact in action , or certain supernatural objects that come into play to help our 04 . There are so many story important possibilities. :D
  14. Sooo....guess I'm waiting for the guys who know what's up . :?
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