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  1. I like how you see the two NORMAL looking pyramids. But then that 3rd pyramid looks like one from the Shangri-La maps with Multi-levels on three tiers (Big block style)
  2. captinslog

    Fear Russ Anagram Black Ops 1 & 2 DLC

    Can someone remind me again who invented the monkeys ? I was playing die rise, hit the box and got the monkeys, russ picks em up and he kinda gets an attitude and he's like "your mine now you little shit" he definately had a mad undertone. Who does russman think the monkey belong to ? Oh yeah and the monkey bombs eyes are RED duh duh duh duh :twisted:
  3. captinslog

    Fear Russ Anagram Black Ops 1 & 2 DLC

    It is very good for a man to talk about what he does not understand; as long as he understands that he does not understand it. So dont pretend like you know russ has 0 prevelance YOU ARENT WRITING THE STORY so acknowledge this and move on , So called know it alls , nice perspective faction I think he will indeed turn out to be a minion of evil for someone . I could picture him with some red eyes =)
  4. Hey Flammen nice thread man !! I wanted to ask if you noticed on the still frame picture of the Tommy/thompson, you think anyone can start a side investigation into the writing on the wall, a code perhaps maybe its a code to get to a treasure. If anything its worth a search for sure to match something . Demonic satanic Cults or secret orginizations of the 20's\30's probably pre-dated that even to the 1800's if it was put there by someone who's been alcatrez for awhile only the worst of the worst went there right ?
  5. captinslog

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    chicken sandwiches are'nt greasy !! :lol:
  6. captinslog

    Save or Revive?

    I like the who's who - Tombstone eeeh never used it, the others were more important Jimmy also said a few other things to regarding fan input overpowered weaponry ? or challenging ? and personal stats? or teamwork ?
  7. captinslog

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    Pizza rolls and zombies go hand in hand . Pop a roll , pop a zombie , pop a roll , pop a zombie , hit the 54oz QuikTrip straw , pop a zombie. Like clockwork baby 8-)
  8. captinslog

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    yeah good job on that insane gaming there, dont see the point really going past 40
  9. captinslog

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    my brother works at a chicken farm in tennessee his job is to grab em and toss em on a hook *still alive, that was after their faces were shoved in a beak cutter lil suckers are vindictive til the last neck break. your likely eating chicken who's last emotions were anger and hostility ! natural flavoring with the soul :lol:
  10. captinslog

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    If you were a Zombie-girl our song would be.. 2v5d3WHVQFY :lol:
  11. captinslog

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    aaahhhh yes indeed. Another case of the feels old, but has some aspects out of place time wise (like Robotic bus driver)and (High definition) I like it ! sounds like good podcast material The rift :?:
  12. captinslog

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    I was implying the poster does not represent the 2025 zhao but perhaps a younger zhao(considering that it is him in fact), meaning the great leap forward may not be forward in time at all, I mean those TV's set around everywhere are'nt exactly a leap forward in technology either. And escalators have been in production since 1921 but started in america, dont know when they found their way to china(just a time marker). China has had elevators since 1949(another marker)and it's first skyscraper Shanghai peace hotel around 1916 according to wiki, that's why I mentioned the time thingy. I'm just trying to figure out when this was and that poster *guy doesnt exactly match the 2025 by any means. I dont mean to complicate this thread by any means it was just an observation i wanted to point out thanks bud :oops:
  13. captinslog

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    @Infest did you notice the poster appears to be the younger version ?? Again with the time displacement theory.
  14. captinslog

    ZFFS: The Farm - A detailed view

    thought i might add this barn has bulletproof glass why would a barn need that if its just a farm ?

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