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  1. You're very much wrong friend, it is T.E.D.D, and i'm going to take a wild guess that you think it's Bloodhoud, this isn't true though considering that bloodhound is a reference too the greyhound bus stations and busses of the time :lol:
  2. Sooooo... basically we've been thinking that our dear Green Run is in Hanford, when it's actually somewhere in colorado?
  3. tl:dr but this "Parisian catacombs" theory is so believable considering that moon WAS supposed to be in paris.
  4. I think it's just there for atmosphere, I mean, what kinda zombie game is creepy without ominous church bells?
  5. This occured to me whilst me and my friend where playing tranzit today and that is, the time period. Something is just so odd about it. When we look at tranzit we see a nuked out mid 60's town, but when we get down to the power plant, the guns and the bus, we see a more technologically advanced map than on the outside. What is the answer? I have multiple theories and leads, so I guess I'll just start listing them. 1. Retro Futuristic. When I mean retro futuristic I mean like in the Fallout series. A simply 1950's view of the future. We see this in Nuketown 2025 as well, which is odd considering in the campaign everything looks like it's modern and not retro future at all. This theory however, is flawed when we look back at one of our dear black ops maps. Call of the Dead. Call of the Dead HAS to be set around this current time period which means somewhere between 2009-2013. "But some of the guns are cold war!" some might argue. Isn't that what you would expect from a few cold war era siberian fishing ships in russia? Old cold war weapons? This leads me to another theory I have, Time warps. I'm going to link another thread which basically covers time warps/wormwholes quite indepthly. viewtopic.php?f=120&t=25318 I'll start by saying if there was a timewarp then it would be reasonable to have Futuristic guns in a 1950/1960's nostalgia setting. This theory has lots of obvious flaws, like how the tech is seemingly intermeshed into the 50's and 60's architecture, cars, heck even the female zombies have 50's and 60's haircuts. I'd like to end this on the note that treyarch never does anything on accident. So them doing this is obviously worth noting somewhat.
  6. I don't know if I'm leaning towards them being Imps or Vril-ya OR mutants, my only problem with mutants is that the humans have obviously shrunken and learned how to fly, which doesn't seem scientifically possible considering the current tech in the Zombies universe
  7. Infernal rite could be a reference to richtofens connection with the illuminati. Just a though lol :)
  8. This doesn't have to go EXACTLY by the books interpretation of the creatures. Not all zombies in modern media can run faster than a city bus, have glowing blue/orange eyes, are controlled by a nazi in a supernatural alien pyramid, and are created through a obscure element that only comes from meteors. If this should adhere too the the book then why not just go ahead and consider it canon? I'm not saying that you're not correct on a few things but what other explanation is there? This is just a theory
  9. I was surprised that no one else had the same theory as me! And thanks man! :D
  10. Hello all! Longtime lurker and zombies player, Octopus Chokeslam here. I decided to refister an account so that I could post my current theory on Denizens of the forest and how this theory can impact the current storyline of zombies. Now I'd first off like to point out that these little monstrosities DO NOT seem to be zombies. I will list the reasons why. Reason 1. No rotting flesh/Don't look dead at all From what we've seen in all maps excluding NDU and Verrukt all the zombies seem to have a substantial amount of decomposure, which these creatures lack. Reason number 2. No glowing eyes Most creatures under the influence of a soul in the Aether will have glowing eyes, representing that they've been zombiefied, which these creatures lack. Now my theory is that these creatures are actually Vril-ya and have been "awakened" so to speak by the large amount of nuclear damage on earth done by the missiles that hit earth, this theory is also supported by the fact that they come of the ground, they can fly AND their teleporting abilities. If this is true it will tie in with shangrila and richtofen in too many ways to count. Ending this post I will provide a few simple pictures of the creatures I've gotten off of google.

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