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  1. Since you asked for information about Pop Shocks, I'd recommend lowering it from ** to *. It's really not great. It can chain and kill a few zombies even in high rounds, sure, but it kills them pretty slowly. It's not gonna get you unstuck if you're cornered. It's one of my least favorite GGs, and of course it seems to be the one Monty gives me the most...
  2. If it did exist, it would probably be expensive. The only reason I can't say for sure that I'd buy it is because I'm not sure if anyone I know would ever play it with me... Unless of course it came with a way to play in solo mode :lol:
  3. Got to 47 easily yesterday. Sure, its slow, but I like how its something different from the eternal circle being run for hours on end
  4. Got to round 69 solo. And yes, I purposely suicided on that specific round. Thank you, good night.
  5. If they do ending releasing a remake of a classic map, it'll probably be Der Reise. Odds are that it was the target of one of those Moon rockets, so it would take on a new look and new areas would be revealed. Plus, Samantha may take the group there because she may know things about it that no one knew before, having lived there. Storywise it makes the most sense.
  6. I'm with Electric, the Vector is a beautiful weapon and honestly my favorite I've tried so far. However, it does all depend on your play style. If you're an assault rifle guy, the MTAR is a great choice. If you like shotguns, the Remington 870 is the only way to go. If you're a sniper, I recommend the Ballista. And remember, I haven't tried every gun in the game, so do some experimenting yourself.
  7. My favorite will always be Shangri-La. When they bring that back, they have my money.
  8. I've had too much fun with this editor. So far I've made Quick Revive, Juggernog, Blue, Red (these last two are from a web series called Dick Figures) and, of course, the TARDIS. I might upload some this weekend. They're not the best, but I made them all (excluding the perks) without using tutorials, so I'm pretty proud of how they came out.
  9. I haven't experimented much with the ballistic knife in this game yet, but if it's anything like it was in Black Ops 1, then they're roughly the same speed. Combat knife is very quick, and you'd actually be at an advantage over the ballistic knife for melee attacks because of the improved hit detection that comes from pulling the right trigger. Essentially: both knives have same melee and running speeds. Pros for ballistic knife: ability to shoot retrievable knives. Pros for combat knife: better melee hit detection AND doesn't take up a slot in your class. Combat knife wins!
  10. Executioner dual wield. Sweet Electric Jesus, why did I never think of this??? I used to wreck house in Black Ops with my Python dual wield, so I really need to give this a shot.
  11. The characters all seemed to have known each other prior to Green Run, but they don't really seem like a group of friends. More like a group of fellow survivors that has set aside their differences to survive as a team, much like our original crew. Yet they have developed opinions about each other: Misty and Stuhlinger dislike each other, Marlton and Russman dislike each other, and Marlton seems to have feelings for Misty, who kind of likes him but from the looks of it she's got him friendzoned... They defintely knew each other before we meet them. Something happened between Nuketown and Green Run where they all met each other. What that is? We'll leave that to our dedicated theorists ;)
  12. I will continue to play on Custom Match until they add a private match option - something they desperately need. Next title update best see that option added. You listening, Treyarch? People are annoyed with your leaderboards...
  13. I have always wondered why as far as zombies has gone we've never seen a graveyard. I doubt they'll be adding on to Green Run with the DLCs - it would make an (almost) annoyingly large map even bigger, it would seem lazy in the creativity field, and it would just be a downright coding nightmare. Plus, it would make Green Run incompatible between users who have the DLC and users who don't. My theory is that they're making new TranZit maps for the DLCs. They've got an entire world map to fill up, they're not gonna waste their time adding on to one spot.
  14. My friends and I discovered the new "probation" feature last night. They were quite frustrated by it because they tend to ragequit a lot. I, however, could definitely see the reasoning behind implementing such a feature. But you're right, leaving a lobby between games shouldn't count, nor should getting lagged out. I hope Treyarch sorts this out.
  15. Ah yes, I did forget to mention that you shouldn't try this if you truly care about your K/D. It's just for fun, really. But it does give you a nice feeling of badassery when you have a good game with it.

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