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  1. Zombies were there before the crew got there. Listen to the Shangri-La radios and you'll know. According to the radio the crew was never there, BUT after a series of time traveling and messing with fate the crew arrived and saved the both men, Brock and Gary (after completing the easter egg).
  2. Try split-screening with someone. I once had 42 revives by round 21. :lol:
  3. I don't know why people underestimate the L96A1 in zombies, its a beast of a gun ESPECIALLY with headshots. When I got to 50 on moon that was the only gun I ''rolled'' with. ;)
  4. Updated. Does anyone else think this should be stickied?
  5. I'll leave the updating to way for now, because I'm only to check back ever so often.
  6. IMO if you already purchased the map pack, should they find a way to ''carry'' the maps from BO onto to BOII so you wouldn't need to re-buy them. i.e. if you bought DLC from ''LiitleBigPlanet'' then that DLC would also be compatable with ''LittleBigPlanet2." Just my thoughts.
  7. I can be either of the two, depending on my mood. We should get into a game sometime too. ;)
  8. Nice Super, real happy for you. OFFTOPIC: My mother is getting internet someday in the upcoming month, then I can put as much time into NML as I want. ;)
  9. Cookies!!!!!!!! My favorite photoshopper! :mrgreen:
  10. See that's the thing, you guys want TOO much change in zombies. IMO zombies is perfect the way it is. The only thing I disagree with Treyarc is that they took away traps.
  11. I'm in. I'm thinking about 2v2, sounds a bit more fun. What are the rules exactly?
  12. Kino or Der Riese. I was going for 100 this weekend too, but I have to go visit some relatives. :x
  13. I think you missread the OP. NML wouldn't begin at the start of every map, it would be its own separate game mode! With its own separate maps.
  14. I would like to see a different mode in zombies labeled, "No Man's Land." You know how in the Black Ops Menu it goes something like this? Zombies> Kino Der Toten "Five" Dead Ops Arcade Ascension Call of The Dead Shangri-La Moon Classic Zombies> Nacht Der Untoten Verrukt Shi No Numa Der Riese Well I'd like it to go a little something like this: Zombies> *Insert Zombie Map 1 here* *Insert Zombie Map 2 here* *Insert Zombie Map 3 here* etc. Black Ops Zombies> Kino Der Toten "Five" Dead Ops Arcade Ascension Call of The Dead Shangri-La Moon World at War Zombies> Nacht Der Untoten Verrukt Shi No Numa Der Riese No Man's Land> *Insert Zombie Map 1 here* *Insert Zombie Map 2 here* *Insert Zombie Map 3 here* etc. NML was a pretty awesome and I think they should include it in the following game. Tell me what you guys think?
  15. I ALWAYS go with this set, unless I'm playing Kino.
  16. 340 is the most easily attainable for the overachievers around here! Basically, what we are saying is this: we have some of the best players in the world on this site, and to have a goal of 340 is a really realistic yet difficult goal for us. We may be biased, but considering that we've got a whole strategy department dedicated to NML, and considering we're working really hard to improve the quality of the games overall, it's a perfect goal like Dan has pointed out. We are extremely biased though, so we might need to get an Admin's opinion in here (since none of them play NML). Well I mean...I don't think it's bad to be biased in this situation, we kind of ARE the NML guys...so we'd be the guys who would know what the best goals are, right? :? Now that I think about it, it does seem fair. 340 is something to shoot for and possibly tempt some people (me) to actually go that high. @Chopper 350 medal? That's insane! I like it. 8-)
  17. Trust me, I used to be the same as you. Just takes practice! ______________________________ Practice training dogs in Der Riese. I'd recommend starting out getting a decent PaP and kiting on the telepad. When you think your ready go out to the side-drop or back pool. When your comfortable with either one, learn how to properly aim you M&S shots. Shooting the ground is more effective than shooting directly at the horde. The reason why Hands manages to double shoot with out jug is because he jumps and is in a reasonable distance away from the splash damage.
  18. Thanks for updating it way. :?: That was a mistake I meant to put "302 kills" for shirtlessservice. :lol:
  19. Wait woah! 340 kills on NML for the highest medal? That's a bit too high don't you think? I though 330 was hard enough.
  20. Yeah the bridge. Really your suppose to jump shoot before the knife? Seems rather difficult if you ask me.
  21. Well I would do it faster if I don't spend so much time at the second-to last section.
  22. I hit a 313 game, Saturday I believe, on my "iGaugezzz" account. Phxntxm or cmccorry_33 can confirm it. Now I know I can hit a 320+! @way2g00 I noticed something you mistakenly edited in the OP, Phxntxm is actually 2nd and Chopper is 3rd. If you look at the online leaderboards, you can see Phxntxm is 2 or 3 ranks higher than Chopper.
  23. OK. If it'd be a Friday I'd most likely be able to join.
  24. I agree. If we were to have it, when would it be? I'd have to see if I could join.
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