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  1. Another idea I would love: I wish in Black Ops they had randomized everything. Randomize the perk-a-colas in each map, randomize the super wonder weapons (i.e Thundergun on Call of the Dead or maybe JGB on "Five"), and also randomize the special zombies like maybe one time you'll have George on Kino or space monkeys on Verruckt. It would've built so much variety for the game.
  2. Hello to anyone reading this. I came to this forum seeking help about a weird problem. I can't make any crawlers at all on solo or splitscreen. I can, however, make crawlers while online playing with other players. I don't know if it's a glitch or not, but this happened recently. No explosive weapon (Ray Gun, LAW, China Lake, etc.) or grenades would make ANY of the zombies into crawlers at any round. So if someone has a similar situation like mine, can you help me please?
  3. What do you do during the special rounds (dogs, theif, monkeys)?
  4. I like the idea, but it's just the means of getting and using the 2nd tier pack-a-punch is just too much. There should be a different way for using the 2nd tier/3rd tier pack-a-punch machine. Notice how the most expensive thing in the game is only 5,000 points, something the average player can get to. The average player can't get to 20,000 points without having to worry about getting downed and rebuying all the perks. I like that other guy's idea about finding rare earth elements. Like, if you're doing co-op all the players can collect various earth elements and then combine them all at the pa
  5. My style of dodging consists of a lot of cutbacks. Even when it's not necessary I do it anyway just for safety.
  6. Another first room WR on Kino Round 21. I think one of the guys on this forum did this. GlGWoH5BczM
  7. The majority of my downs are because of lag no doubt. The others are just bad maneuvering. Like trying to squeeze between two groups of zombies and end up getting stuck. And also on Ascension because of the lander. I sometimes train in the spawn area and I forget about the lander sometimes and I just end up in a bad situation.
  8. I got a chrome Afterburner before. And the same thing happened to me with both the L96A1 and the Dragunov. You can't see the scope. I also notice it seems to only happen on solo. I never have this problem in co-op. It's a pain when your trying to kill George with the snipers though.
  9. I found a vid of ZeratulDT getting to round 32 no doors on CotD. FCAmHFQ7-w8 skip to 2:19
  10. Solo - 26 (had seven of the perks and end up failing) Co-op - 28 (3 players)
  11. Ah, well thanks. I just couldn't understand what was happening. But, why exactly does this happen? Did Treyarch just put this in to troll us (like how two people can get downed when using the teleporter at the same time on Five, or Gersch Device fails)?
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