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  1. I like the idea of a gamemode where only those fancy-looking drones and vehicles can be used to kill each other. People would spawn with the kill streaks and not be able to knife, nor have ammo.
  2. Getting off topic here, but in a book I read by Max Brooks, (amazing author, his book is being made into a major zombie film at the end of the year) during the panic of zombies breaking out many people went to the catacombs for protection thinking they could navigate, when in reality they just got lost and were eaten alive by zombies.
  3. That my friend, is described in the Encyclopeadia Metallum as "selling out" Heheh, whatever works I guess! :| My friends told me it Rihanna and Chris Brown. Oh well, like I said, not exactly my type of music, so I wouldn't be the one to know.
  4. On "FIVE," they used a song with Rihanna and Chris Brown. It was hip-hop / rap, and I personally liked it a lot. Don't get me wrong, it's not really my type of music, but I felt it was just better suited to the atmosphere of zombies. Perhaps Treyarch should conduct more business with popular artists, that way we might even get more players because they enjoy the music. Also, I'm kinda of tired of Elena. Her voice and style of music is starting to bore me, because it's all too much the same. Those are just my opinion though!
  5. Personally I just think it's a bad-ass picture of a girl with large breasts that we will have to wait for. I kinda doubt anything can really be proved simply through the photo.
  6. Just so you know, I would not be shocked at all if Treyarch adds a ranking system to Zombies. They've already done it on their prequel to Call of Duty: Zombies, Call of Duty Black Ops: Zombies for iOS. Personally I'm not really for the whole ranking system, the main reason I play zombies is because I don't always have time to play constantly and can't be asked to prestige, so I stay at a lower level and am seemingly a 'noob'.
  7. I personally don't think making famous CoD players become characters within the game is a really good idea. Although they're loved as what they are, commentators, there is very little possibility for a good story with them.
  8. Thanks for that link! All this time I've been sitting here thinking of all sorts of different explanations for the oddity. What about the whole M.P.D. device? Do you think that little pyramid device hints at aliens in the future? I sure think it does. Perhaps these new 'aliens' will play a role with the 2012 apocalypse thing. It's wouldn't be impossible, since Assassin's Creed is also assuming that it will happen and is including that in their storyline.
  9. Well, since we were left off with the whole Big Bang easter egg where Richtofen and Sam switched bodies, the Earth is now blown up, AND the other three characters have regained their memory completely, what do you think will happen? How do you think "Dick-Tofen," as Dempsey so elegantly put it, will affect our gameplay in the future? Also, take note that while on Earth after it has been blown up, from one of the very far corners of Area 51, another Earth can be seen. Do you think this was a mistake or did Treyarch intentionally do this?
  10. This might be old news, but in the old Rezurrection trailer with the scientists performing experiments on zombies in a lab, it looked pretty futuristic. Could these be the same people we come across throughout Black Ops II Zombies?
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iC4_vwBU5Ic TheSyndicateProject mentions CoDz on this video. He also shows a few images about the light. With Treyarch, it could be nothing, yet at the same time it could be everything.
  12. Personally, I hope they don't make it competitive with teams fighting for who gets the most points fastest or whatever. That would be bad. Also not to mention, what happens when someone quits? Will it use the multiplayer engine to find a replacement? Does this mean we could get *randomly* chosen to be put into certain games, even if they are past round 20, 30, or even 50?
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