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  1. So I got a message from the Youtube Partner Program, inviting me to join. I'm not exactly sure what this means or why I got it. Any help?

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    2. Rissole25


      Thanks Way. And yeah I will be Boom. I emailed them saying I don't know anything about it, and if they could explain it. Not sure if I will though if they want me to monetize and place ads though.

    3. TheNathanNS


      I get them all the time, I know another YouTuber who joined a program and he said he regrets it as they tell you what to upload and when to upload, as well as forcing their adverts on your channel.

      He's changed partners now though. But be careful.

    4. Rissole25


      Yeah I am not doing it. Investigated them and it looks way to dodgy honestly.

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