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  1. It doesn't need to be thrown at an active Gersch device for it to turn into a Gersch device drop. I've thrown one randomly whereas no one had Gersch's and it still dropped them. Also I've heard that the chances of getting a pack-a-punched gun are better if you throw it outside (I've never tested it, just heard things)
  2. The only problem is the last part, you are meant to do the Samantha Says 3 times for the rockets to pop up, then Maxis tells you he needs the "ancient artifact" after, to launch them or something. (Bringing the egg is meant to be the last step, Samantha says should be done before that, even though no one usually does it in that order, it does work either way)
  3. The focusing stone is inside the middle of the golden rod.
  4. I was gonna do a YT vid on this one but haven't found the time yet. But anyway, you can hold the wire, the rod and a film reel and just about anything else at the same time. The wire usually always spawns in the labs, from there they could be next to some barrels on the 2nd floor, or in the corner next to the 4 buttons on the 2nd floor, at the top of the 3rd floor stairs on the right, next to the computers on the 3rd floor, underneath a table where the hacker spawns on the 3rd floor next to biodome door. Other then that it could spawn in the starting room next to the PES, any other spawns I'm not sure about. (I know all the film reel spawns too )
  5. You should be able to power up the golden rod at any point in the Easter Egg so I see no problem here. You should have been to area 51 and threw grenades at the shelves knocking off 2 plates, then throw a Gersch device at them. When you teleport back, they should be next to Quick Revive, then you should throw a QED at them, then they will be on the computer. Once they are there then you have to insert the pipe/wire, then the rod. It shouldn't have to do with whether or not you have the achievements, as long as you have the rod then you should be fine.
  6. Will people stop saying "unlimited max ammo's"?? About the high 40 rounds there are rarely any drops, maybe 1 or 2 per round if you're lucky, which is barely enough to get through a round.
  7. Hit round 48 in co-op with my friend.. We went to area 51 and when we went back to the moon the round counter glitched so no more zombies would spawn so we ended up having to kill ourselves.. Got in rank 200s for highest round and 100s for score even though the game failed on us .___.
  8. Killed by M

    A Few

    You get downed from 2 hits in any zombie map without Jug... To escape the astronaut zombie just hold down the trigger and hold back on the thumbstick. Also Moon is one of the biggest zombie maps yet so I'm not sure what you're getting at here .___.
  9. I agree that solo is super easy and nothing to brag about, but the PaP aku starts to suck very badly at about the high 40s.
  10. Killed by M

    Ground Control

    I've done this first try in solo. Just try to get Jug at round 1, then make your way to the bio-dome, and run around in there until one of them goes off, then get the hacker and run to the spawn, hack it and run back until all of them eventually go off, it shouldn't be that hard, I've finished it around round 15.
  11. There's no way in hell anyone is going to make it to round 100 with 4 people, try 2. I've made it to 48 with 2 people but our game glitched when we teleported to area 51 so when we got back to the Moon the round counter was still gone and no zombies spawned so we pretty much had to kill ourselves.. The leaderboards for some reason did still update to round 48 though. (I recorded a bit of that glitch but my camera batteries kept dying)
  12. Once while doing the EE near the end my friend was too stupid to throw a QED in the right spot (he wasted like 6) so I traded my Gersch devices for QEDs from the box, threw it in the right spot 1st try then the next QED ended up giving me more Gerschs to finish up the EE :D
  13. The reason there isn't a thread for this is because it's just unnecessary. Hacking power ups always gives you a max ammo unless you hack a max ammo itself which turns into a fire sale..
  14. You can't get a perk bottle from hacking a max ammo, but you might be able to get one from the gravity pads in the bio dome, but I can't confirm that myself... In Shangri La you can get a perk bottle if you get a max ammo and let a monkey take it, then kill him at the right time (he only changes it to a perk bottle for about half a second)
  15. I can say for sure that it's possible to do in solo, that's how I did it... You need to hack them before they breach though.
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