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  1. This is a strategy i made from my solo run to 71 on moon. It includes everything i think you should know to get high rounds on moon, enjoi! 6I2sR0uG4xw
  2. Thanx for all the [brains] guys nom nom nom lol. this was the end result of my game, hope you enjoid this! 5ICrqwDbVpI
  3. This is a challenge i set for myself that i thought would b cool and i hope u guys enjoi it! 8accV3QEFQo
  4. Hello everyone this is a short clip of gameplay from my game getting to 72 on shangri la, my goal was 100 but i failed . Hope you enjoi this I69mjUYeWnY
  5. Hello everyone this is a strategy for you to get on the leader boards for shangri la. hope you enjoi 968Mnshdyx8
  6. Hello everyone this is some fun gameplay i got last nite, was wondering if neone here likes to see zombie montages?? hope you enjoi! PwmimIKZwOE
  7. Hello everyone this is the end of my game to 63 from yesterday. I live streamed this game from lvl 51, if you would like to see it the recording is on my livestream Link: http://www.livestream.com/mrjohnbasedow oUNW90a1x6w
  8. Hello everyone this is my first player match commentary pleae check it out and tell me what you think, thanx f6x5umibfrM
  9. ya im down to do the easter egg ive only tryed it once and oen of the guys lagged out while we were on step 4 :(
  10. Hello everyone this it a strategy vid i made showing you what i think is the best way to get high rounds solo on shangri la. hope u enjoi!! 8q_3MOGf0uQ
  11. Hello everyone just wanted to put this out here cuz i was happy i got my first perk power up. Also wanted to ask whats the lowest lvl you have received a free perk? and challenge u to see whats the lowest lvl u can do it YQ7exosoD4w
  12. Ya i know this would be near impossible actually in game, just more a video for fun
  13. Hello everyone i had positive feed back when i did this for ascension so i decided to do it for Shangri la. Hope you enjoi! V82QlBntuKg
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