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  1. I hope Treyarch reads all of these ideas. It will give zombies even MORE replay-ability :D
  2. Exactly. And the fact that they let Treyarch use Nightmare in Moon could lead up to more songs by them. And they could be secondary EE songs like how you activate Nightmare in Moon by doing something map specific :D
  3. You sire have just proven my point about selfishness. If you get YOUR genre, then you get a free zombie-specific song. But IIIII get nothing. Yeah that's simple. That's simply unfair and selfish. Oh yeah because dubstep has lyrics. Get real
  4. Will everyone please stfu. I doubt they will ever add dubstep because they have Kevin Sherwood and some other people as the zombie music composers and they most likely hate dubstep (anyone can make dubstep by just hitting their keyboard like retards with some program that distorts the sound). I doubt they will take them out because they're an important part of the storyline and we hear whats going on with the characters. And if you don't like metal then don't activate the damn song its that simple and clean.
  5. Great idea, but I personally would hate Treyarch if they brought robots and shit into zombies; lets keep it classy yes? I for one would love boss rounds to come back as they were a reliable source for max ammos every 5 or so rounds. As for an enemy boss I would like to see like a "demonic" appearance of Richtofen as he now controls the zombies and the new map looks to be apocalyptic or maybe even zombie raccoons that steal 1/2 of your money since its in a city
  6. Exactly. Just cameo Easter eggs. Then again theres Executive order...
  7. I could care less about the formula but the Manhattan Project link says Shangri la next to it
  8. Yes but the chainsaw cant have infinite ammo,and it can be overpowered sure but you must only be able to get ammo/gas through a max ammo, and I say it has like a detachable gas tank and you have like 2 spares and then 4 spares when PaP
  9. Ha, I was editing my last post when you said that XD Yeah I'm glad were finally getting directions on what to explore instead of relying on theories
  10. Have yall seen the Manhattan project thing on his bio? :o
  11. Im not sure if you've noticed but the A7X songs focus on Richtofen. And as we all now Elena's songs focus on Samantha
  12. They already said zombies is staying in the cold war era -.-
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