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  1. If this is true it be epic, i literally can't wait to see if the ppsh is back
  2. I remember owning [email protected] for like a month and only playing like half way through the campaign and not completing so didn't unlock zombies. I go to my friends house and he's playing zombies, i was like "What the hell are you playing?" he just turned and looked at me like i was crazy. Than he says are you F'ing stupid its nazi zombies. I was like oahhhh whats so cool about it. He tells me to just go home finish my game and find out for your self. I can honostly say that night changed my life for ever.
  3. i kinda hope it doesn't allow you to hold three guns, cuz i really don't think i will like having to go through an extra gun to get to another. But who knows maybe it won't be as bad
  4. Or maybe just maybe its the geico lizard! :lol:
  5. The announcment says "Moon," the climax to the Zombies saga" So it doesn't refer to it being the end of zombies just the climax of the story
  6. sorry totally spaced on the whole [email protected] part but still i have those maps and you don't hear me complaining at all. I'm actually happy cuz to me i now get to play those maps on black-ops
  7. I highly doubt that the last zombie map on blops is not going to be the crew, but it is trearch so who knows
  8. wow never noticed how much it looks like reznov [brains]'s for you man Nevermind can't give any brains right now :evil:
  9. I have seen high resolution of these pics and its just a zombie in a space suit here is the link to the pics http://www.bluesnews.com/screenshots/ga ... /20110803/
  10. i dont see how you are bummed man you get the new map for free. I would be stoked
  11. That would be really awsome if it did though
  12. I wasn't saying anything about the game, i was just saying that he didn't have that right
  13. So since pretty much every single person who knows the zombie story and speculates that there was going to be a moon map is right, so you saying that you were right and those guys saying they were right doesnt make you and them very special just saying
  14. microwave ovens do not cook from the inside out, mythbusters proved that
  15. I really like the baby maker but the dg-2 just gives the play that feeling of when zombies was at its best i think
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