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  1. Actually I hope the EE is practically unsolvable, since it's probably the last zombie map.
  2. Most likely 1980's, since it might continue the BADASS single player storyline of Mason, Weaver, and Hudson.
  3. Noob


    Nope, don't think it's ever gonna happen.
  4. Well, I'll just organize my opinion in a neat pile and here ya go! The dark side: I'm not much of a critic but, I go straight to the point and say what's wrong, with nothing personal. So personally I pretty much HA- ( ) dislike the song, doesn't seem fitting to zombies. Also, I couldn't really see the video on some parts but I guess that's okay. The bright side: The creativity is pretty good, with that "montagish" feel to it. The verdict: It's a good video with some cuts and bruises here and there.
  5. Actually the face of Samantha was on Ascension not Der Riese. But on the hidden symbol, I think it's just a mistake on Treyarch's behalf, I don't know any other theory.
  6. Richtofen boss battles, weapon stealing monkeys, perk stealing pentagon thief, One Hit Death Samantha, Black Holes, Zombies use mods, Anti Pick Ups (Like Anti Carpenter, Longer Kill, Fire Fail, Negative Points, No Ammo, etc.), Hard Easter Egg including multiple deaths, and sacrifices, 5x the zombies, Zombie Hitler when he shouts the zombies run faster, if you make a crawler and don't kill it in 5 minutes the sun explodes... (random)
  7. Noob

    Moon song?

    There should be an EE song on Area 51 and one on Moon. I'm pretty sure you can teleport to Area 51 on the Moon map.
  8. What's weird is that combined with the music and Richtofen's voice it kind of sounds like a boss battle. But that's just me...
  9. I need to bump this so people can see the update...
  10. With just the letters I (cheated) found out only "R.C.P. Skeg Liq.", there's nothing I could find out about it, but "R.C.P." could mean, Real Clear Politics, Rich Client Platform, RCP Design Global, etc. For "Skeg", something to do with boats. The sternward connection of the keel of boats. It originates from the Scadinavian meaning of beard. Also, "Liq." could mean, liquor, liquid, laugh in quiet, etc.
  11. More like Reznov was confused to be Woods cause Woods isn't Reznov. :shock:
  12. "Ja ja Sicher" roughly means, "Yes, Yes, sure." Durachatten Manner wir machen sie fertig also roughly translates to, "Durachatten men we make them ready."
  13. Hey, I updated my post seems that the Executive Order painting isn't the same...
  14. It also seems Woods has a similar facial structure.

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