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  1. Actually the face of Samantha was on Ascension not Der Riese. But on the hidden symbol, I think it's just a mistake on Treyarch's behalf, I don't know any other theory.
  2. Hm... very mysterious. Maybe just a typo from them.
  3. Probably they haven't announced the multiplayer maps yet. Pretty sure this is it a lot of sources say Activision confirmed it.
  4. Before I move on with the news, if a Map Pack 4 thread has been released, mods please move it there. This was just announced. Several minutes ago, Activision confirmed that Map Pack 4 will be called Rezurrection. By now many people may have posted this, but bear with me. It's making a release AUGUST 23rd. I'll be editing this post with other news later. The Moon, huh? Wonder how that's gonna go... UPDATE 1: Here are the maps: Moon Map (WHAT!!) Nacht der Untoten Verruckt Shi No Numa and Der Riese Also, a zombies soundtrack never released! If anybody bought the Prestige or Hardened edition of Black Ops then you get the Map Pack free. UPDATE 2: Thanks to W01F_816! UPDATE 3:
  5. Maxis made the "Baby Gun".
  6. Nothin' close to my name that I could find, only Takeo but he's N3WB but still... same thing.
  7. Sorry, for being impatient but what is taking a while? I gave my proof, I applied for Nikolai, what now? Do we do something else? I've had my post for 2 days. (As of now.)
  8. Finally here's proof, I'm the highlighted player. Yeah, I think I'm a Nikolai.
  9. Who said they didn't believe it was real :?: I'm pretty sure the whole forum knows about this. Nonetheless, for anyone who actually didn't know it was real, well there's your proof. EDIT: I'm just adding this to show how I got it lately. Ya, I got mine in solo by luckily getting the Winter's Howl before the 1st pentagon thief. But how me and my friends get it on co-op, whoever is the pentagon thief's target runs a circle along the top catwalk while the rest shoots, whenever the pentagon thief passes by them, although there is a slight probability he can catch up to you though. :o
  10. I'm guessing you're using your camera phone? That's what I did. You can send your picture to your email, and then upload with a photosharing network like Imageshack.us on your computer. I just plugged my phone into the computer (power cord serves as a USB cable on my phone) and uploaded them with ImageShack. Hope that helps. I don't know what you're asking exactly :?: I guess I'll do that, thanks!

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