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  1. I'm planning on creating the perk bottle labels as accurately as possible and releasing them as vectors at a 300DPI format for High-Quality printing. As we all know, some of the stickers templates released aren't exactly accurate when it comes to the perk name, fonts used, or even color. In order to do this, I need to get my hands on the Black Ops III perk bottle models and textures to get a closer look at them. I have the game on PC, and I just need someone to point me in the direction for how to extract the models (I've dug around as best as I could but couldn't find any model files), or message me the model files (Maya/Blender/C4D/etc.) If someone could help me with this that'd be great. Thanks.
  2. RichieHF

    DLC Size?

    I'm really glad I have 15mbps Download now. I can probably download 3-4 Gbs in less than 10 minutes.
  3. I don't think this is ever going to happen, bringing back old WWs would just be boring.
  4. The cinematic will be akin to the cinematics for the Tranzit-4, at least that's my assumption, since they managed to partner up with Alex Ross - a Marvel/DC Comics artist. I'm actually more exited for the intro cinematic than the map itself. Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/activisio ... 00177.html
  5. Would this explain their subconscious hate to one another, in a Samuel-Misty/Russ-Marlton kinda way? Maybe they built up some rivalries during this WWI time period?
  6. Maybe this site should get a ToS stating that's so. All I can think of is, CoDZ is a fan-site supported by Treyarch staff.
  7. There's a reason why I can't get them myself. My PC can't run BlOps2. And I've Google'd. Theres' nothing but very poorly done replicas of the models.
  8. Hello. I am just wondering if the Perk-A-Colas bottles models have been released by someone. I'm working on something, and the models would make my life 100x easier.
  9. Sloth Heard it from some guy who was allowed to play the map early, and said the staff called him "Sloth" and from Livingstone, who retweeted http://gyazo.com/a879f777e5a4d968eef1c237db7a950a which also had him named Sloth.
  10. Sorry I did not clarify but its step 10 where I went to saloon after checking for booze in cell. You get a free booze every round in saloon or cell. It is also shown in video. Thing is, you only get two, since you're on round one. I tried to do this without any help, and barely made it through, with only the M1911
  11. I followed the text tutorial, and I have no idea how you managed to get extra 500 from debris after you use up the second booze bottle since none will spawn until the next round. I followed the tutorial exactly as stated and I was 510 behind (I even build barriers)
  12. The many possible perk locations is why I expected this in the first place.
  13. True and I'd say that's a challenge, but hardly, because I can still survive until round 25 without Juggernog..
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