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  1. Okay, so at the start of the Black Ops release, quite alot of people got upset by the fact that the new zombie map with the crew took place in a theater, sure in Der Riese there was a picture of a teleporter with a sheet over it in a theater but in Der Riese there was the radio where Dr.Maxis was explaining that Group 935 were running out of Element 115 but said there was plenty of 115 at the Nevada base (Area 51 - so it had people scratching their heads when there was no Area 51 map in Black Ops. There was Deap Ops, no sight of area 51, FIVE-close but no cigar, Ascension - random Russian rocket station. Call of the Dead - no, Shangri La - random temple place which no one had expected, same with Ascension. But now, FINALLY, Area 51 is here but seems too good to be true. Theres a new way of playing now with zombies, which takes place at Area 51, which is to survive for a certain amount of time against zombies and HELLHOUND!!! YAY When you return back to Moon, some writing pops up saying You Survived such and such minutes. So place a comment if you knew that Area 51 would be the last map all along or if your siked for the new map coming out tomoz :D
  2. thx alot dude, can't wait. cheers for that :)
  3. does the trailer come out on this friday??? (Friday the 15th) - in the Uk or is it next Friday???? plz help :?:
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