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  1. Hello, I am looking to help anyone with the EE as my friends have no interest what so ever in doing it. My GT is Fruito96 So if anyone needs an extra person or anyone want to do the EE with me just post a comment or message me on XBOX saying your from here.
  2. Im thinking that there is a part of tranzit no one has accessed yet, because there should be zombies with hospital gowns (like in the trailer), but we have yet to find them. Maybe we are able to access verruckt at some point if the ee is continued.
  3. Riot shields look interesting, and it seems like the bus takes you from place to place and each new area gets more difficult
  4. HERE IT IS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YH_9GzaU ... plpp_video
  5. Thanks for adding more solid info! I did not know you could do that.
  6. I was thinking the same thing, but when they released the preview, there were still 3 private vids, so Im thinking they are more audios but with treyarch who knows!
  7. So here is my proof, when 3arch released the zombie preview, I decided to check out their black ops 2 playlist, and i had noticed that 3 videos were still private. Well I got off work today and saw that the released a new audio called "Death". I went back to the playlist and seen that there are now 2 videos still private. Link to playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7CD8C2AABB7A0532 I wonder what these audios will be.
  8. dude should've stuck with being new, wouldve gotten off with the new member slide. Dude, I made a mistake, i should have searched for the topic, ill admit that, we all make mistakes,
  9. This map is going to be huge, no doubt about it, but do you think that treyarch changed the way that they are doing the EE. Will it be like Call of the Dead EE were you can have four,three or two people to do the EE. I personally hope it will only require 2 or 3, because finding 4 people to do a huge EE like this is a pain in the butt. DISCUSS!
  10. I've been on is site before you dumbshits, I made a mistake, a reaction post to something I thought was new, we all make mistakes so before you go all mighty and act like your better then me, rethink that you've made mistakes to, and don't appreciate being yelled at or bitched at.. Rant over
  11. OMG THERe ARE FUCKInG 4 OTHER POSTS ABOUT THIS PLEASE PlEASE PlEASE SEARCH BEFORE YOU POST! Sorry for caps but I hate new people that don't search before you post. I made a post just like this with a poll, a video, and 2 paragraphs of info. Just check before you post. Sorry for not searching yes I should have done that my bad but new people I've been on this site before you dipshit, I am sorry for not searching that was my bad.
  12. When you go to zombie leader boards, and you go to moon, you can press the right bumper to go to a section called no mans land.. And on that leader board it has kills, headshots and it has time survived, no round time survived, what do u guys think,? EDIT "I SHOULD HAVE SEARCHED FOR THREADS ON THIS" MADE A MISTAKE SORRY, we all make mistakes, do not troll or GTFO
  13. What do you guys think we will have to use it for?
  14. This Is just a theory so bear with me. In shangri la the shrink gun was used to shrink the meteor, and now we have this wave gun that enlarges zombies, I believe that the wave gun will have something to do with the EE, just not sure what yet
  15. I made the mistake and I edited my post, it's just a theory now, a reasonable one, but a theory nun the less
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