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  1. if that could happen, they should improve customization for guns as well.
  2. I put mine in as well but as long as you don't need to fill in any bank details, you should be fine.
  3. I waited for a guy to run out of health, I let the revive bar fill up, stopped reviving him and he died. Or on five What I done is that I went down the elevator, killed myself and I was in the middle of the door so no-one could use it and they died
  4. Fraid so mate, 100% true. Best get started. You need the focusing stone and the golden rod. You also need to do call of the dead one if you have not yet. I heard on a youtube video thats not the case.
  5. I use adobe cs 4.0-5.5 master suit Do you need to pay for it? I'm hopefully gonna post a vid of my custom perk but the system i use to make it is so crappy.
  6. It's the same from waw, treyarch just updated it for the new engine thats all.
  7. If you go to the alley to kino, it's quite bright and sunny outside.
  8. Aint codz against cheaters, glitchers and stuff that hasn't been proven legit?
  9. waw zombie mods is fun, thats how i got big baller trophy. and that...my friend...is what I like to call cheating. I've gotten all achievements in CoD 4, CoD 5, CoD 6. And all the trophies in CoD 6, all zombies trophies in CoD 5 except 2 in Der Riese, and am working on the solo game right now...it's an accomplishment to me to have all of them done, and people who cheat and get them make me mad. I didn't cheat but there was one in the game.
  10. I bet september 24th. Remember the waw map pack 4 theory and didn't happen? Well this could be it.
  11. It's Der Riese... learn2spell who gives a fuck
  12. They done the cliffhanger with der reise.
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