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  1. Richtofen and Samantha switched bodies... weird but true. I still don't think Earth was destroyed by just three rockets... especially since only a portion of those rockets would actually touch Earth's surface. I think Earth just got infected with element 115. And why are Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai just hanging around doing nothing? They should have regained their memories by now and have tried to stop the Nazis! Where are the good guys in Zombies now? Because if even Maxis blew up the Earth, then that puts him up there as an A-hole as well. So there's no reason why we should avenge Maxis or even Samantha. Where's the CIA in all of this? Woods and Mason? Woods who had a 115 tattoo?
  2. I preferred Der Riese a lot more though... I was expecting the EE's to eventuallly change the map a bit and uncover secrets. Asecension's and Shangri-La's were the most difficult but I still haven't tried out Moon because of the month exclusivity that is useless because we all get it anyway... CotD's was too easy for my friends and I to do. I think Shangi-La's was a bit weird, Ascension's was interesting, CotD's was interesting but did not reveal much besides the outcome of the next map and Moon's is the best because it was the most relevant to the story. Five's EE was barely there but helped and Kino's EE did not help much to me... Der Riese is still the best to me though.
  3. And that is why I prefer playing zombies than watching zombies as a movie. However, I wouldn't mind seeing Nazi Zombies as a real movie... the mystery and seriousness of it should make it a lot more interesting and exciting than the mindless and "humorous" style that zombie movies are nowadays. Also, graphic images!!! I was a little surprised when I saw that one in the trailer to be honest, lol. :lol:
  4. Scorpion

    Map Pack 5

    Maybe... but Zombies it will not have according to some sources... :cry: I'm not paying for more multiplayer maps unless they are extremely creative, nice looking and fun to play in! MP2 had the worst multiplayer maps. MP3 had the best with MP1 going as second. The original maps in the game are already good enough though. We'll just have to wait for Black Ops 2 which should continue the Cold War, because we are only in the 60's of the Cold War in Black Ops. Plus, Mason, Hudson, and Weaver ... well I don't want to spoil it. So Call of Duty has Modern Warfare (a near-future warfare because it is past out time and has never happened) and the Cold War.
  5. Aww dang... that sucks!!! Check the list again though, it should be there! Did you download it when you first got it?
  6. I was actually thinking about this when I saw the astronauts in the "Moon" image. It seems as if we may be playing as astronauts from the US. However, I think this may be the time when the CIA finally sends in their crew to fight against zombies, and I think if anything, it will feature Mason, Woods, Hudson, and Weaver or even REZnov. There's a reason why REZ was capitalized... someone brought it up as to why Resurrection was spelled incorrectly as REZurrection. Reznov is supposedly dead, right? It would be nice to see these guys in Zombies, but it would also be nice to see the crew back in. Maybe we can choose our character??? Or maybe even better, whenever you play "Moon", the game randomly chooses which group you're going to play as, so you can play from the old crew's point of view, or the CIA's group!!! Whatever happens, I hope it doesn't turn out to be something silly because that's not how I would like Zombies to end.
  7. So am I! I bought the Hardened Edition because I wanted all of the maps to be available for me. Awesome that Treyarch has done that for the people who gave more for their game, right?
  8. I think it's an ending that fits, but to be honest, I would not like the Zombies mode to end. Hopefully Treyarch can create a Zombies-only game that could be bought on Xbox Live and the Playstation Network in the summer of 2012.
  9. That would be awesome!!! However... I doubt MW3 would ever want to try out anything new. Seeing that they haven't even changed what the game itself looks like compared to MW2... and the most they'll do aside from campaign and multiplayer is Spec Ops which is now a copy of Zombies, except without the zombies, story and bonus weapons. I would like to hear of an announcement in the fall of a continuation on Zombies or even something new like Aliens, but I really doubt it. Good thought though! I'm glad that people are still hanging onto Area 51, it needs to be created by Treyarch, and they need to create it for Zombies or a new game mode. If Moon is the last for the Zombies saga, then I'm just going to be upset . . . :cry:
  10. They started a console war the day they signed the contract with Microsoft to give them the map packs a month earlier than PS3 and PC. Unfortunately, I'll have to wait until September for the map. By that time I'll have Resistance 3 to keep me busy in gaming and a beta for Battlefield 3. I'll be getting Moon for free because I bought the Hardened Edition as well.
  11. Aha!!! Take that speculators saying "Oh the next map is gonna be called Quarantine... blah, blah *fart*" Lol I'm so sorry but I had a real need to do that because there were a lot of people saying Quarantine would be the next map simply because of a sign in Firing Range... So I would like to know what do you guys think about this new map? Will Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo and Richtofen return, or not? Also, who is getting the map for free? :D
  12. Map Pack 4 may not release because of this contract Activision has with Microsoft. It delays the time a map pack can become available because Treyarch does not release an MP immmediately after the PS3 gets it. i already played MP3 on an xbox at my brothers because I hate having to wait a month for it to get onto my PS3. If Activision were not so greedy, then we could have seen an MP4 for August. I don't believe there will be another map pack because the dates of release are oddly familiar to World at War's... and Activision is using all they have for Modern Warfare 3, which should have been an add-on to Modern Warfare 2, because of how it looks no different. But knowing them, of course they'll put it as a separate game on a separate disc so that they can sell more than a million copies that cost $60 and above. I'm going to enjoy MP3 though, Hazard is a pretty good map and so is Drive-In. Shangri-La is more dangerous than Call of the Dead by the way... at least that's how I feel after yesterday's game.
  13. NO!!! Don't kill George Romero!!! More will come!!! ... Actually, kill him, he's annoying as fu**! :evil: And it's funny how these people make up stories and believe 'em. Dude! That's so awesome!!!! :D
  14. There was actually a documentary called "Ancient Aliens" or something similar. It gives a lot of information on how there could have been aliens in the past, and an explanation to religion and many artifacts that point towards aliens having been here before. Supposedly, the human race encountered aliens and thought of them as Gods, like Alpha mentioned. They worshipped them because of their abilities, to fly, and etc. When people saw these aliens they were either transformed into a human-form or the people interpreted them as angels, or super-beings with a human form. That could explain why you see depictions of angels and etc. There are supposedly also some ancient places with depictions of aliens... I forgot where though. Then they talk about hybrids, transportation, stories, etc. It's a really interesting documentary! I believe I saw it on the History channel before... I hope I helped with this a bit! (Sorry for the long paragraph)
  15. Or Richtofen killed Edward . . . :twisted: lol
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