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  1. i love that one two! one of my favs but they pic the wrong song, welcome to the jungle would have been kick azz! when carbon was here he made a video with that song instead, it was great!
  2. Dam i miss the browning, lol when we played we use to call it the hammer, the mg42 was the lawn mower, dam good times! lol
  3. I could not agree more, my personal fav is shi no incase you forgot how good it was i will post link, it has the best song, intro to the wounder waff, the first trap, intro to dogs and the map at that time was huge, and the intro of all four characters. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I29Typueb88
  4. I thought about that and went and checked it earlier, but they are just too dissimilar. Also, why does everyone think there will be a zombie campaign? I'm not saying there won't be, but I have yet to see anything that comes out and says there will be a zombies campaign. Only fake menus and such. I agree with you I have yet to see anything to prove there will be a zombie campaign other than wishfull thinkers
  5. that was the first thing i noticed so can we assume the first map is in Cuba? maybe!
  6. Very well said and I agree to bad it took you so long to join in on the fun, you missed all the fun with the [email protected] map packs now thoes were the days!
  7. Based on the past I would say some time in Aug we will see a trailer and I hope its like the ones from [email protected], just my thoughts!
  8. That would be great! but never going to happen, lol
  9. I seriously doubt they will have Black Ops 1 weapons, Black Ops 1 didn't have WaW weapons except for on the walls in the classic maps. Give me the MG42 or the Browning, thats all i want!
  10. I have just spent the last two hours listening to audio tape and unless someone proves me wrong I most defenitly think that Oliver North!
  11. I recognized the voice when I first heard it but could not pinpoint it but, the minute you posted Oliver North it clicked with me. I think you got it [brains] yea same here and thanks!
  12. It really does...i listened to him...then the recording. That is really close yea I thought it was close very close!
  13. just a thought when I heard that voice on the video, it sounds exactly like Oliver North, remember him? Iran Contra during the 80s and the great president ronnie ray gun lol the time period fits just a thought.
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