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  1. On black ops 1 I finished the Shangri La easter egg with randoms
  2. I want to see which one of the musical easter eggs is your favorite? Personally mine is Mob of the Dead, the Johnny Cash one.
  3. And it comes with this text Do you think we might end up creating the story?
  4. It is true I saw it on the Treyarch facebook page.
  5. The knights that they unearth are the Templars. They have the red cross on the front of their armor.
  6. Maybe Richtofen knew about what was happening at Alcatraz and wanted to see how it happened?
  7. Maybe Richtofen knew about what was happening at Alcatraz and wanted to see how it happened?
  8. Maybe, it's going to be like Mob of the Dead. We won't know who controls them. Also, maybe like MOTD, we have a choice EE..... What would the choice consist of because if this is in face a prequel than whatever choice we make would essentially change all of the maps that would come after it(Natch,Verruckt,Shi No Numa, Der Riese, Kino, Ascension, Shangri La, Moon) and maybe our choice would effect how those maps are played if they are all re released.
  9. I really hope this isn't the end of the story but rather the start. Because how would the O4 look younger and it also be the end and will Samantha be in charge or Richtofen?
  10. I did not realize that I Am Wildcat was on this site. But that is pretty cool so you can never let that dubstep machine run out of wub wubs.
  11. Technicly, the map does take place on/after January 19th 1934, unless Billy, Sal and Finn were also "hell's recreations." But also remember, they are/were constantly reliving the day. Regardless of what is occuring in the real world. So the map could be occuring on November 7th 2010, September 25th 2087 or 22nd July 2013. Sadly it's more than likely one of those mysteries that we'll never get told about. Off topic: Is my sig a little too big? Just a little
  12. Where did the denizens come from? What happened to the New 4 when walking from Die Rise to Tranzit?
  13. Not really from BO2, but there are tons of questions from BO that were unanswered. 1.Who was the blacked out figure in Kino? 2.Why was Richtofen wearing a spacesuit in Ascension while the others weren't? 3.How did players get from Shangri La to Area 51 with no teleporters? 4.What is the significance of the rocket in Ascension? 5.Why are the O4 landing in on a lander at the start of Ascension?
  14. Veruckt has been scary ever since the first trailer was put out. Just the thought of an abandoned asylum that is also filled with zombies makes it the scariest.
  15. Good idea I might have to try this.
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