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  1. You are correct. The Nuke was green, then turned to a red carpenter. But also not that in the background, there is a dead monkey with a red carpenter above it as well. Someone mentioned that whenever a zombie drops a power up, a monkey will grab it. Dear god I hope not, as that would be a pain in the ass!!
  2. 1) agree kind of, but that gun even pap'd with double tap would go through its ammo in mere seconds lol. only gun i really found dt useful with was ray gun in waw anyway. 2) we already have m16, fal, aug, famas, commando, galil, g11, we really dont need another assault rifle. what real benefit would it give that the others dont already. barring a flamethrower attached when pap'd which would likely end up like the flamethrower in waw aka completely useless 3) no downside to new attachments. would be completely awesome 4) 100% agree as well! 8-) my votes are for Wunderwaffe as a box weapon so its pap eligible. scavenger would be cool but i dont see it being as feasable in this map. new wonder gun would be cool perhaps something along the lines of a grenade launcher wondergun something like with the effect of matryoshka dolls or something idk 1) While it does burn through ammo, taking out an entire zombie train can be done quickly with this gun. I don't think it really matter what gun you use (short of the Ray Gun), or how you ration ammo, once you get up there in the rounds, ammo isn't going to last for most guns. Just a personal preference I guess, I love the gun! 2) Agreed...mostly lol The AK47 may have a bit more punch than the rest of the assault rifles. The Famas, FN FAL, and sort of the G11 didn't really translate well into Zombies. The AUG pretty much does, as does the Commando and def the Galil. Point is, it doesn't matter that much how we think a gun will do in Zombies, it matter how the developers implement it. And again, personal preference...I'd love to use the AK47 :P
  3. No offense taken, whatever anybody says is still speculation at this point lol 1) I don't think I suggested that monkeys will be the same as Ascension. The monkeys in this new map may be implemented the same as they were in Ascension, sort of. Monkeys in Ascension don't appear until you get a perk (Jugg I believe), so in this one, maybe the monkeys don't start taking power up drops until you turn on the power or release them...something along those lines. Some event that you the player set in motion. 2) The more I think about it, the more I don't think there will be a boss round like a lot of people may be thinking. Having an entire round dedicated to killing one "super zombie" is counter-intuitive to how zombies has been so far. Not sure how or what they are going to do, but dedicating a single round to a single zombie most likely won't be it. Edit: Don't forget, we haven't had a water wonder weapon yet, although just the sound of it doesn't sound very...intimidating lol 3) More or less agree. Maybe turning on power or accessing the PaP initiates this event, but who knows. I just can't wait to see gameplay, and then playgame :P
  4. At this point it's all speculation. When I first saw it, I believed there was no way in hell that could be Jugg. But the more I look at it, with the angle we are seeing it, etc I could see how it could possibly be Jugg. The plain and simple truth is...we just don't know. And we won't know until, at the very least, actual game play or something is released.
  5. Not a bad idea, but I don't think it's between SNN and Der Riese because of a one reason. We are going to get Vietnam war era weapons (Gallil, M14 etc.) Which means they are in the future. Kino Der Toten was the first time the crew was ever in the future because Richtofen even says in the loading screen that he never knew the MDT was capable of time travel so it wouldn't make sense if Shangri-La took place between SNN and Der Riese. My guess is this takes place just before Ascension since Richtofen is in his old Nazi uniform (Yay!) and the crew look cleaner... Well... Unless they had a change in clothes or something... Lol. You bring up a good point; what's stopping 3arc from putting us back in time before Der Riese with guns from WaW? Nobody said the guns we get to use HAVE to be the Galil, M14, M16, etc. Granted, I don't think this is the case here as that would seem like a step backwards, just throwing it out there.
  6. 1) PPSh - Let's face it: IMHO no gun has even come close to the awesome this gun can bring in the right hands PaPed with Double Tap. 2) AK47 - The gun has great potential, but probably won't be in yet another map. 3) New Attachments - Drum mags, different scopes, dual clips; these and more would add a new dimension to Zomba's. 4) Thundergun - I haven't found a gun yet (short of upgraded starting pistol with PHD Flopper) that can get you out of a jam like this gun.
  7. My thoughts for what could happen during the eclipse: 1) Some kind of boss round, mayhaps the fire zombie. 2) Cosmic Silverback after you complete some steps of a possible Easter Egg. Maybe he's even caged up. Once released and killed, he drops the same perk bottle that George did which is what will allow you to have more than 4 perks (assuming there are more than 4 perks) 3) Somehow related to getting to the PaP. Maybe you have to link some stones together or something, or the PaP is only available during an eclipse. 4) Opening cut scene or done for some irrelevant visual effect.
  8. Fixed Take Deadshot out and Stamin-Up And they have to at least add one so that the Map has some new Element like how Deadshot was used for Call of the Dead because that map emphasized Sniping... And how Stamin-Up was used for Ascension because it was a Much bigger map. Stamin-up is a great perk, I hope they don't take it out. And just b/c they introduced it in Ascension doesn't mean it was created specifically for Ascension. I think it's just as useful in CoTD. I'm willing to bet that CoTD at LEAST as big as Ascension, if not bigger. But agreed, take out Deadshot. While a great perk to have beyond the 4 you can buy, it's pretty useless. No stray using a sniper is nice, though.
  9. So we've learned something from past games; you can only get 4 perks by buying them, the rest must come from the perk bottle drop. We have all but confirmed that, in one way or another, monkeys are going to have something to do with getting double points, max ammo, bombs, etc. Is it possible that, if they somehow implement a cosmic silver back or something similar, defeating him (possibly a timed thing) could get you a perk drop similar to what George does, but maybe a bit easier and without the Wonderwaffe? Just a thought.
  10. Nice video, albeit a disappointing result I had always thought that you could get quick revive from George, but I guess not. So it seems as though you can max out at 4 lives at 500 a pop in solo zombies, so not too bad.
  11. Maybe I'm optimistic, but I'm putting my money on a new perk I also think, since they said this is a smaller map, that we are going to lose some perks, as well. Most likely Deadshot b/c it doesn't seem like it would be very useful in such a small location. I have no idea, even speculation (aside from an ammo machine ), as to what it could be. But it doesn't look like Jugg to me. Just my 2 cents. Edit: The actual machine looks too wide to be Jugg, and the top looks to be too oval to be Jugg as well.
  12. I'm praying it's nothing like Five, which was a royal pain in the ass. With any luck, it's just up some stairs and around a corner or something like that. did you really think it was harder in five than it was in kino? i thought they were pretty similar difficulty wise Kino was easy, as I ran my circle around the map I just hit the two teleporters. In Five, you have to hit all the Def Cons. Not difficult, just annoying b/c it took me a while to figure out b/c I don't like Five anyway :lol:
  13. I'm praying it's nothing like Five, which was a royal pain in the ass. With any luck, it's just up some stairs and around a corner or something like that.
  14. Also if you look in the pic with the single monkey I posted, you can see the Mystery Box light. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
  15. They're different monkeys. These ones only steal power ups, which it seems we can get back. Technically we don't know what the hell they do. They could be the same monkeys, only with power ups on there backs. Probably not, but I'm seeing a lot of people making assumptions about the new map without even seeing any actual gameplay :)
  16. I'm kind of wondering if the intro video to this map (assuming they made one) will start off with our hero's being transported into this map while making references to Call of the Dead. Maybe even giving our CoTD hero's a little shit in the process, maybe Dempsy saying something like "I'll show them how it's done!". He's my zombie hero, Chuck Norris doesn't have shit on Dempsy :lol:
  17. Thanks for the credit BTW, I've added a few more pics including the monkeys with the changing perks. Can't wait for this map to launch!! I can feel me pulling another all nighter to get this, then playing for an hour before I go to bed If anyone wants to get in on the map when it launches, send me a message. I've got a fast connection so I will be on as soon as I can. During the last map pack, I got tired of waiting for it to launch so I started playing another map to pass the time. Match went better than I thought so when the new maps were released, I didn't quit. By the time I started downloading the maps, everyone was at 50%+. I beat everyone on my friends list in downloading it and pissed a lot of people off :P
  18. I saw that as well. Not sure what it is. Doesn't look uniform enough to be a perk but it could a node of some sort, maybe something you have to link up. Perhaps you have to link several stones or nodes to get access to the Pack-a-Punch, kind of like in Five. I hope not, though. That was a pain in the ass.
  19. Is it possible that this takes place before Ascension? I say this b/c it's obvious monkeys are coming back, but the question is; are they more or less evolved than they were in Ascension? In Ascension, they stole perks from you. In this one, they either steal power ups when dropped or b/c they were such a pain in the ass before, they now drop power ups when you kill them to make them more worth while. Either way, I hope they are better done than they were in Ascension. Defending all those perks was a pain haha On a side note, I can't wait to see actual game play released. I wonder if there's going to be any new perks in this? I hope so :P
  20. A thread I made showing tons of new info on the new zombie map, hope y'all enjoy! http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=69&t=12395
  21. I dunno about anybody else, but I'm excited traps are making a comeback. Not only the new ones, but old electric ones possibly? A screenshot with what looks like a power box circled. BTW, Bamboo trap looks to be a possible new favorite The only thing I hope they change (but am sure they won't) is getting at the very least the kill count for zombies killed with traps. That's the main reason I don't usually use them when I play. No points, no kill credit. Next, could we see our first female Zombies in this map? New evil looking monkey as well as the Eclipse that could be like the new dogs, every 5 rounds or so? PAP in the background Also, the new monkey which grab? your Zombie drops such as Max Ammo, Bombs, etc and they change on the backs of the monkeys until you kill the monkey Then the bomb changes to a hammer Alright, that's all I've got for now. I didn't see any wall guns, any new guns the Characters were holding, or anything else. Hope you all enjoy! Edit: A couple more, for instance; what is up with this guy?! And finally, I want this shirt!!! Edit again: Full video for those who haven't seen
  22. Wow. Just...wow. This looks to be an epic map. Love the new traps, and they said something about new guns...could we FINALLY see the AK47? And what about new wonder weapons? This is unusually quick, but looks to be a damn good map. Less than two weeks and counting!!!!!
  23. Although you are technically correct, remember we also see dual wield shotguns that shoot 5 times as well as SMG kicking ass. All very inconsistent with actual game play Also, what people fail to mention in posts like this, is that most of the intro to the game is a shoot for a movie scene until George is abducted. And when you start the game, you start at the base of the boat as opposed to the front of the light house. Let's face it; it's a game! They don't always follow laws of physics or reality, compounded in this case by the fact that this map is more geared towards zombie movie fans, so it's not following as closely as other zombie maps to the laws of our beloved zombie universe.
  24. Just like the X-Files, I want to believe!!
  25. That is just the ambience music, it is on kino as well and just as lightly played. Anyway, I think there might be a connection to those dials and these weird things near the light house that play notes. If you look by the water closest to the light house base you should see a strange thing that almost looks like a light fixture, but if you try the use button on it the thing plays a long deep note. There is another by the corner of the building in the same area and another by the rock in the area with speed cola. Maybe that has something to do with it. Those "light fixtures" are part of the multiplayer Easter Egg, they are actually fog horns. If you look around the map, there are many more, not sure how many off the top of my head. If you haven't seen it before, here's a link to the full Easter Egg, including what the dials in the light house are and how to set them, fog horn order, etc: viewtopic.php?f=62&t=12163 Hope this helps!
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