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  1. I'm pretty sure maxis didn't shoot HIMSELF he was brought to convince samantha to come out of the pyramid but when he said "kill them all" richtofen shot him. Hope this helped.
  2. You'd think that richtofens voice wouldn't change when they swith bodies because even though they switch souls the vocal cords wouldn't change so the voice would be they same
  3. Oh sorry it was midnight and I didn't read the whole topic so I just wrote an answer to the topic title "Wave Gun & Zap Gun Are they Different Guns?" it was an honest mistake the title was a bit misleading to me :|
  4. Well it has been speculated that they might be slow moving enemies that steal perks and if u kill them they might give u a free perk ? Idk :)
  5. Cheesy. I don't believe u lose the gun ur holding I believe u lose the gun u got via power up as in got spas power up lose spas until u buy perk again. :D
  6. That is the new astronaut zombie that steals the name of a Player in order for u to disregard them so they can attack when u kill them they explode and send u flying which at times can be helpful. Hope this was helpful! :D
  7. Ur right I won't ask anymore oh when I said I was new I meant that I did make an account long ago but I haven't been active on the site recently I believe I've posted 3 times just yesterday I'm glad to get tips from the veterans of this site thanks
  8. I'm sorry but the wave gun and zap gun is technectly one gun the wave gun is the single powerful gun an the zap gun is when u press left on th d-pad to split it and duel wield it making it zap and (cook, electrocute, and/or burn the zombies) u get the Wave gun from the box and that's it u can later split it to the zap gun
  9. When u buy the perk a random weapon such as the spas-12 will drop as a power up and u must pick it up to gain the third gun so I'm hypothesizing that if u go down u must buy the perk again and u will get the same weapon u had back as a power up. [brains] please?!?!
  10. Compare Scavenger to hk or rpk (the closest normal guns to wonderweapons in my book as the do awesome damage) u can see there is a huge difference as the scavenger VAPORIZES zombies So yeah Scavenger=wonder weapon
  11. I remember once I was playing on kino on ps3 and each player used the box once and everyone got ray gun. It's all a matter of chance
  12. How come zombies just slap u down then go away and not eat u?
  13. If u r playing on solo and watch the opening cutscene u can clearly see SMG knock out the door to the lighthouse but when u begin and go to that door it is sealed as if nothing happened! I don't want to be knitpicky about it but if they put something like thisin ur face it should be talked about. What do u think happened?
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