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  1. i know i am in the takeo group but ive been ' PROMOTED! ' link heree thank you CzfPFs3tScE
  2. Well, glad someone else is responsible on this sight :)
  3. kid, who you calling kid? you're the immature one. that is all.
  4. dam it, triix beat me to it! And well done for getting that far :L :lol:
  5. ^ agree now, since i'm on PS3 aswell :L
  6. do u play ps3 or 360? I think PS3 judging by his signiture :lol:
  7. No problem! I will except once me and my mum have stopped arguing (: And have fun on the site (:
  8. Wow! what agreat start, 30 brains and 53 posts. I like... Oh, and i will tell you a bit more about the site? Add me PS3 : OWEN_DYKES32 and 1+ for you! I do it to most newbies And peace out!
  9. yeah, i sure can accept me, and i'll do it for you (:
  10. oh, no i aint wasting my money on that, it's just a few more tips and tricks :L
  11. Is it me , but i chuckled! IT'S YOU'RE BIRTHDAY TODAY! happy birthday! And Happy Birthday Dimitri!
  12. Oh wow. But you have to pay for elite? I'm confused :L
  13. it's taking too long! Plus the person i had done it with doesn't like me :L and he's switched to xbox :L So i need a decent players that can get to high rounds. And someone please essage me, or post on here my round (: ( or i can find it on all players :L )
  14. ive been waiting for four days. Oh ad someone, had me on my other account that got hacked, take a picture, and PM it or soething, because i really deserve Nickolai
  15. ^ that can be anyones. You need you're name show :/
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