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  1. :shock: You win the award for officially giving me terrible nightmare's. I thought that was real at the start. [brains] To you
  2. So I was just looking through the program guide for Elite and I was wondering if anyone could clear up how the delivering of physical prizes would go about. I am mainly just saying that as we all know you have to technically be 18 to sign up for Elite. But like thats ever going to happen. What I'm wondering is I'm 14, so would it still be safe to try and win the prizes. Will it just be a "You won and were sending it to you" or a "Were going to check all your credentials and call you five times and ban you if your under 18" before we send it sorta thing. Im obviously not talking about something like a jeep prize, but more like that flash drive they're giving away now. Also what is with the CODZ group on Elite. I only saw one member but it won't let me view it because Elite is messed up at the moment?
  3. Animal cruelty, it kills.
  4. Done Big Bang theory two times now. Maybe we should make a club for people with all easter eggs?
  5. Is it just me or can you guys see a flamethrower being used at in the background at :30. It's not bullets or explosives, but realistically fire doesn't burn in space so it wouldn't make sense.
  6. Whew was worried I was going to have to pay for the original maps again. But I'm shocked that they are giving the whole pack free to hardened and prestige. Hopefully they went all out on the moon map considering the other maps have been done for a long time. Finally THANK YOU TREYARCH.
  7. Thats what I meant the only way a hades round lights on fire is hitting flesh. It wont work on gas. I mean it probably would work in real life, but we are in a zombie infested time traveling temple so things aren't really realistic.
  8. The zombies only catch on fire when they die so the gas would not light.
  9. No the bottles are just for display. You can only get quick revive on solo before power.
  10. There was a radio to the right of the stairs at the starting area for us after we finished the EE. It plays the first tape about Brock finding the temple and being trapped and then we could restart the easter egg.
  11. Sorry no idea how to embed it. I noticed that at :53 in the vid when you see deadshot there is a circular platform in the foor with a metal path down the middle and hazard colors on it. It sort of looks like a railroad redirector. It looks like it could be turned to redirect water or open doors to diffrent parts of the map. There is only one pathway leading into the room that we can see so the path and platform might match up to get better water flow or somthing. Definately looks like it moves in some way, maybe a spinning trap? What do you think it does?
  12. I think that it somehow affects the water in the map, the water seems to be power, and will only turn on when you find the power. The eclipse could stop all water, therefore turning out the power. Just a theory.
  13. Anyone else notice the waterslide seems to come from two ways behind Takeo, it might be a way to the Pack-a-Punch or a useful escape route.
  14. COTD had a big part to the story: the golden rod. It is some important peice to the Richtofen's plan, and something to do with Vril. The rest of that map was basically for fun and not the story, but had little parts and facts. I have a feeling Treyarch was just testing some of their ideas in COTD to see if we liked them. You cant really say the next map is nothing to do with the story because we have only been shown 45 seconds of it, and it might have a lot to do with Vril and Richtofens plan. But yes I do see where you are wondering where the whole Sam/Maxis thing went.
  15. Thanks, I was wondering when the trailer and xbox vid came out. The info sounds partially real but how could the moon relate to flame spewing zombies? If the moon controls type of zombies then when do monkeys come out? The bubble shield idea dosent sound right. And what about not getting weapons till round 20? How would that work?
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