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  1. a very interesting theory and this also raises another more intriguing question, the rocket that you launch in ascension to get to the pack-a-punch what happens to it?
  2. i am a ps3 gamer who loves the moon map (low grav FTW) but however i cannot help but feel screwed by treyarch by only putting Big Bang Thoery on the Xbox! why did they do this?
  3. true that but it was just something that caught my eye. and who knows mabye they're something that has to do with the storyline
  4. i was reading over the lyrics for pareidolia and i saw two line that stood out to me. one line which was being shouted read BURNED IN MY MIND which i thought was a reference to the Napalm Zombie. another line read which was not shouted read: ride white knight unite my plight tonight, well white knight is what i think a reference to the Screamer Zombie because the Screamer has a white character model. now i am not 100% sure about this so give me your thoughts on this.
  5. um not to be a buzzkill here but why is this being posted in the SHANGRI-LA ZOMBIE FORUM??!!
  6. i'm very sorry if this offends ANYONE. ok ive seen posts like this over and over again on multiple different websites there where even posts like this the day black ops came out, so its time to face the hard truth. if you didn't get the hardened or prestige edition of black ops YOU WILL NEVER GET THE MAPS WITHOUT SOMEONE GAMESHARING. i was smart because i PREORDERED THE HARDENED EDITION. so if you didn't get the hardened edition or prestige it's time to stop whining and suck it up.
  7. i mean seriously der riese was the map were everything was starting to make sense and now its basically (sorry about this part) getting screwed by Treyarch i mean there is litarally NO story behind the last and the next map from what i can see (besides the radios in COTD) and what significance of George A. Romero? i mean when i played Der reise i was actually fairly excited about how the story would progress i: A: expected to kicked the snot out of Sam B: would finally completly annihilate the zombies once and for all. anyway this has been my little rant give me your thought when or if the story will progress -Knuckles
  8. same here i would gladly go for some COTD right now.
  9. the golden rod looks like the Vril Generator or mabye a key component to it and Richtofen wants it. mabye Richtofen is planning to go to the past and stop the zombies from EVER coming to be. give me your thoughts on this.
  10. This is interesting but i have NOT checked if anyone has posted another post like this but i was playing Shi No Numa with my friend and on the loading screen there was the fern JUST like in Call Of The Dead give me your thoughts on this. sorry almost the same but the fern in Call of The Dead is turned in the wrong direction.
  11. this is an interesting theory but the only non-canon part is if you listen to the extra radio message in Shi-No-Numa (black ops) it says that the DG-2 overloaded the teleporter thus destroying the DG-2 and if what im saying is true then how did the original cast have a DG-2 to spare? and mabye there is one more thing to the ascension easter egg that mabye when the Space Program Announcer says something along the lines of "Kassimer Mechanism safety protocal activated power levels dropping" mabye the 115 from the Kassimer Mechanism vents and from the massive levels of Radiation (X2 Uprgraded Ray Gun, ThunderGun, Matroshka doll and upgraded crossbow) sends our heros to the future (again). give me your thoughts on this. (sorry for the massive post).
  12. my theory is that if you shoot George Romero with the V-R11 he reverts back to human form and will reward you like Gersch did with the Death Machines.
  13. SIGH.......*facepalm* not AGAIN!
  14. i would like to see............(pause for effect) a controller. ya a controller that turns the zombies against each other but the catch is if you hit yourself your controls get inverted :mrgreen:
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