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    yeah i think its a typo, but its a typo that can go either way
  2. xUdachii

    Secret Achievement

    4uXZ5M9bFTA I think they would say there's a secret achievement, but you never know 3arc ;)
  3. xUdachii

    Moon Confirmed Info

    comon man, search button! not to mention its fake. and its not confirmed its leaked!!! comon.
  4. xUdachii

    NEW Wonder wepon

    your a little late bro... but whatever [brains]
  5. Next time you post a "this guy said this" or anything thats supposedly factually based, could you please post a link to the proof? I'm only asking because it's easier to believe it if theirs proof, instead of taking someones word off of a thread. Thanks. That may have sounded rude, but I ensure I'm not trying to be...I just hate it when people do that. ah now i see it... heres his twitter http://twitter.com/#!/TreitandTrue Guess we have to wait for Saturday :(
  6. It wasn't based off that, every zombie map has had a trailer the Tuesday before :(
  7. Who the hell gave you brains for such an ignorant comment? Its a public forum jackass we can think what we want. And there's reasoning behind why he said that, but you seem too oblivious to realize that. i accidentally did... can i get rid of?
  8. You are right! it is probably processing! :D
  9. yeah cotd trailer was out at 3pm the tuesday before, and this still isn't out... CAN'T WAIT!

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