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  1. I don't have a map, but I know where they all are if someone wants to map it out. 1. Bus Depot 2. Diner 3. Between diner and farm; near the shortcut to town and right after the lava 4. Between farm and power; corn fields 5. After power 6. Before town 7. Right outside town; right next to lava 8. Next to the bridge That is all 8 of them.
  2. I haven't found an effective way to use to trap yet. I've tried, but it just seems useless as of right now. Your best bet though is to try putting it in a doorway because that is where the regular traps usually are.
  3. They will only actually be "killed" if you damage them. If you only teleport and don't dame them, then the round will never stop as they don't count as being killed and will just respawn. I will be livestreaming me testing it in 2 hours on my Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/jbird_justin
  4. I wouldn't consider this "cheating" since you still have to have a strategy and be a decent zombie player to be able to do this. Also, any of the zombies killed doing thsi don't actually count towards kills on your stats or leaderboards. It's only useful for progressing through rounds.
  5. They only exit through the roof if you're outside bus depot and you go inside. If you are already inside and you go out then they just die out as soon as the door closes.
  6. I was testing running at every area where a teleporter was and I was able to do it quite easily.
  7. Hello everyone, today I am going to be explaining to you guys a new mechanic I found in Black Ops 2 zombies that once again makes this game way easier than it should be. So, in the original Black Ops zombies, if you were to damage a zombie, that means it will not respawn if you go too far way from it. But, in Black Ops 2 it does quite the opposite. If you go too far away from a damaged zombie, not only will it respawn a new zombie, but that damaged zombie actually counts as a kill. So I have been testing new strategies with this... One that I have found was in the starting room of TranZit, the Bus Depot. If you leave the open-able door closed and only go through the turbine door, as long as the zombies are damaged and you go through the turbine doors in bus depot they will respawn on the other side and count as kills. Another recent strategy I have found is to train up a horde of zombies, damage them (preferably with an explosive), then use the teleporter. It will then respawn all the zombies and they will all be counted as kills. If you have any questions or ideas, please post below. I will try to post a video on my YouTube channel soon to explain all of this, so stay tuned :D
  8. One of the reasons I do it is because I am really horrible at zombies when I do not have jug, lol. I try to get it as soon as possible. And since I am already taking time out of the game to get jug, you might as well get everything else you need for high rounds so you dont have to go take a break to knucles or ray gun or something at the end of a round. You have EVERYTHING you need by round 1. I think it's great doing it this way.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOtQkx-pzwQ Basically, all you need to for the low rounds, and I am talking really low rounds before round 10, is just set up for the high rounds. Try to get all your perks, equipment(claymores, semtex, and galvaknuckles), guns from the box such as ray gun and monkeys, and the jet gun all before round 10. I usually will get all of this in round 1. To do this effectively, all you need to do is go to the bank and cash out about 30k points(or more if you want) Then, you should have enough money to buy anything that you want In my next video, I will show you where I like to circle at. On a side note, first time posting on CoDz for a while! I have been hiding out over at the Media section.
  10. Wow, I had never even thought of doing this. I think this would be useful in the lower rounds before you get your wonder weapon you could get basically unlimited points. Wouldnt do this until 20+ though so you could shoot a few clips into them zombies without them dieing.
  11. I want the storyline to be through the zombies campaign! If they try to only make the storyline through the zombies campaign, I think they can make the easter eggs alot better. Don't have any rules to follow if they dont have to go by the storyline and they could be more map specific and I could just see them being alot better this way.
  12. Your personal favorite map? I would say Ascension. Even though it is really easy and there is barely any teamwork and I abosultely hate those midget monkeys, it's my favorite because you can train almost anywhere on the map and its one of the easiest maps for a high round. Least favorite map? Shi No Numa. I have never liked this map, I don't really know why. Maybe because half of the map is swampy water which slows you down and there isn't really a good spot to train at. Best part of Black Ops? Wonder weapons. I think that is what makes zombies what it is today. If we didn't have wonder weapons and traps, I don't think none of us would know what a 'rape train' is or fast high round strategies. We would just be shooting and trying to survive, which I like aswell but I think hoarding killing and repeating is better usually in my opinion. Best designed? Shangri-la. Very tight places and nowhere to train. I love it! It shows whos really good at zombies. Not a single random can make it to round 10 without dieing on this map i bet you. Most fun with drunk friends? None; never been drunk ;D Favorite challenge? I can't think of a specific favorite challenge. If it's a really unique challenge then that is what makes it good Funniest moment? When I used to only play with randoms.. Those were the days. Those kids just crack me up at how bad they are! Most annoying boss preventing success? Cosmonaut on Moon. Makes training in anywhere besides biodome pretty difficult. Creepiest place? Shi No Numa when the easter egg song is playing.. :O
  13. 1. Round 89 Co-op Ascension 2. Reaching round 100 for the first time ever ( just go it last night ) 3. When I first Started playing zombies 4. Fun times with randoms 5. Finding the easter egg songs the first time I played each map :)
  14. Yes, I have seen that strategy. I want to try it on solo this weekend I am going to try to test EXACTLY how many seconds it takes for a full hoard to spawn. I know how to test it.
  15. I have made this strategy work, you can trap the astro it tunnal 6 with it aswell. For lower rounds stay in tunnel 6 with door from mpl to m16 closed then you trap the astronaut in there when the excavator breaches. Then in tunnel 11 ( with all doors open ) start in mini room, stay there for about 5 seconds then go out to the right and then up to the stairs do 2 cutbacks up there, kill them, and run back to mini room.
  16. Yeah i just want the spawn time on actual location. The way I was gonna test it is start in one room, move into the room adjacent to it x seconds and see if they are spawning at all in the room in front of the one i just walked into.
  17. So, I had an interesting question: How long does it take for zombies to spawn in high rounds? I am talking about the actually time it take for them to spawn, not get through windows and hoard them up. And by high round I mean around 40+ because that is around the max spawn rate. I want to know if anyone knows exactly how many seconds. If no one knows, I will do testing tomorrow and make a video of the results.
  18. Not a bad idea. I think it should be that any weapon that can be dual wielded, can be shot while dolphin diving but only when you are single wielding it.
  19. Okay, links to everyone's channels who I was using other people's strategies are in the desription of my videos now. The thing was at first I was putting the creator of the strategy I used name on the title of the video, but I wanted to put it in the description instead so I could put the link to their channel. I deleted it off my title but forgot to add the link in the description. Sorry about that.
  20. That sounds too much like survival. I don't like the idea of that. I do like the idea of levels though. Maybe once your at a certain level you could unlock something that gives you a better chance of getting wonder weapons out of the box.
  21. I went them to change how to zombies are a bit. I don't want it to be like survival mode where the zombies would be "smart" and take different routes. Maybe just make so that all the zombies can't cluster together into a small pile. Make it so they have to have more space from eachother. That would make it a bit more difficult and better IMO
  22. I thought I had at least a link to their channel or their name on the video. I guess I didn't, and yeah I didn't know there was a media section this is the only section I ever look at.
  23. Everytime I post a new topic about one of my new videos it keeps getting deleted. Help?
  24. http://youtu.be/k2P21bhaoEY I didn't make it too far this game.. And I thought I was gonna beat the world record pfft. Whatever might try again some other time. It was hard also because my run button on my controller is dying so I need to get a new controller before I try to do any high rounds of zombies again. Thanks for watching and hopefully new videos soon :)
  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83WtUzSDHbs My Shangri-La low round strategy that I use until about round 40.
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