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  1. No, which proves my point. I'd rather go with the evidence we have then make up new stuff to fit your theory. The machine doesn't even have a jingle when i spectated it. The others all did even when no-one was around = leads me to think it's an inactive prop.
  2. Can you find any other usable doorways in any other map which are completely open, with no debris that blocks the theatre mode camera? The rule of thumb is, if it blocks the TM camera, it'll block the player.
  3. Trollarch at it's finest.
  4. Yup! It's in the store, but it wasn't on the dashboard or the games section. Downloading now 20% already. oh boy
  5. The question is, do any other power ups have hidden upgrades? hmm
  6. Is it me, or did it last a lot longer while it was blinking that time? Is it possible that killing or knifing zombies with the red icon up extends the power up time? Edit: Derp, maybe not. seems to last the same amount of time on a double check
  7. Can you confirm if any of the living players saw this?
  8. So this is real? I'm so skeptical these days with all the faked footage. Anyone on a lead on how to get this? Maybe the red icon signifies how long the power up is effective for YOU while you're down? Maybe you don't get to use it as long as the living players
  9. I'd be willing to help you if you need a spare player. On my account I have neither EE side done, nor the navcard table. I don't even believe i have a navcard saved to my profile but it's too flaky to tell
  10. Richtfens quotes confuse me. Maxis has a few unheard quotes but theres literally 5 minutes of speech on rich's side i've never even heard, even as Samuel. ""Blah Blah- Now if only the other-Blah Blah-begun so long ago. Fairwell."" Nope, never. Thats the quote that makes me believe theres more. As the quotes seem to outline a difference between completing the tricotomous system (Which nets you the achievement) and bringing the spire online causing him to give the farewell speech
  11. Why don't we actually lay out the steps as we understand them now, then see where the missing part would fit in. So, this is exactly how i've finished the egg for the cheeve, in the exact order my team did it. 1. Build the Turbine. 2. We built the Navcard table. Obviously this can fit elsewhere for others. 3. Turn the power on/off. 4. Have 2 turbines under the pylon while EMP'ing the avagadro. 5. Turbine 2 randomly picked lamposts. 6. Achievement got. So, judging my the sound files, it sounds out of order even though it worked. Going by the files I'd have placed it in this order. 1. Build turbine. 2. Power on.off 3. Teamate places turbine at lampost - Maxis tells you "this is but one the tip of what needs 3 sides". 4. 2nd teamate places 2nd turbine at 2nd lampost - Maxis tells you that this is the 2nd obtuse angle, now create the tricotomous system 5. Turbines are placed at the spire - Maxis informs you of lack of power. 6. Emp the avagadro while there are 2 turbines down and 2 at the lamposts 7. "excellent, tricotomous system is complete" I still don't know where the navtable would fit in, but going by the quotes it makes the most sense to me that way. Room for error though.
  12. Now. This makes sense, It would explain why JZ asked us to repeat the steps we took. I think they fucked up and allowed us to skip a lot of the EE.
  13. Welp, you let me know how this idea goes. At least Bullshit dan has finally got lost.
  14. He's said that to me every time I've done the maxis side. It's just what he says everytime you activate the 2 lamps after the avagadro step as far as i know. Whats the news here?
  15. Guys He's totally right. Are telling me no-ones figured out how to time travel to moon, ride the rockets to earth and ride the resulting shockwave out of nuketown to the secret trainstation? Once you're there, there's a deceased horse you need to beat for a few hours with a buildable wonderstick until the working navcard falls out of it's ass which you can use under the tower and unlock the secret B bus route to bullshit town.

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