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  1. What is going on with tank dempsey? He used to look like duke nukems long lost brother now he looks like mason with a pencil stache. I understand he is younger but unless he got some plastic surgery...
  2. I see a problem here. You say Moon took place in 1967-68, yet the rockets MUST have hit after 1996, unless shopping malls were still operating up to that point despite the apocolypse.
  3. Theres a much better one than this that doesn't require the escalator being unopened. The place where you buy galvaknuckles, if you sit on the broke platform where you land going down the shaft, the zombies will ONLY spawn from the hole in the roof infront if you, just liquify the slope they land on to get you and you have a constant stream of self exploding zombies. It really does make this map far too easy.
  4. To the point where it was annoying playing as him with the gun. Key quote is "With further modifications, maybe this gun can be used to induce further physical states... gas zombies anyone?" That might not be exactly what he says, but it's very intriguing. At first i though he was saying that the gas zombies (crawler/jumpers) could somehow do it, but really i think he just means using it to turn zombies into gas when they die. whats the opinion here?
  5. Are you sure it isn't the EMP. If you look at Peter Livingstones twitter, someone asks him if he can make it possible to pause an online zombie games and he replies "@Donsarasa maybe a grenade device?". Positive he means the EMP, and that was main intention for it
  6. How disappointing. No speech at the end, the source of the moaning sam can hear constantly isn't revealed and theres nothing to clue us in about the gate noises at game over. Hopefully maxis has more for us.
  7. The massive open area in the resturuant is a great place, big enough to easily run a whole round of zombies, and they only come from one side
  8. http://imgur.com/xewLFXc :'( Edit: Img markup didn't work x2
  9. So, is anyone going to mention how the Budai in that first image isn't even in that place in the room? There are a few flat ones on the side you enter, but none near the jump to the sweatshop tower
  10. Can another teammate get the weapon from the Box when another has it?
  11. Has anyone even found the first step to the easter egg? This is the longest i've seen a map go out with no progress. Might be mentioned, but when you use the elevator that falls, you can use a key in the wall near the jump and it takes you back up. Btw, the login system on this website is borked up. had to relog 6 times to send this.
  12. No, which proves my point. I'd rather go with the evidence we have then make up new stuff to fit your theory. The machine doesn't even have a jingle when i spectated it. The others all did even when no-one was around = leads me to think it's an inactive prop.
  13. Can you find any other usable doorways in any other map which are completely open, with no debris that blocks the theatre mode camera? The rule of thumb is, if it blocks the TM camera, it'll block the player.
  14. I'm not a Roman but I do think that MDCLXV is 1665 not 1666
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