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  1. Hello all of you zombie fanatics I just have one (or maybe more because I'm dumb) question(s) for you. How will the Easter egg for Mob of the Dead link to everything that's happened so far? Will it be a continuation or possibly the beginning of the zombies story line? will it link to the O4 or the N4 (new four)? please discuss i'll talk to you in about 4 hours
  2. I truly believe also that the zombies of MotD are either being controlled by someone (or something) else and will have probably both create and answer questions. Also it seems as a simple fact that samantha isn't in control of these zombies for some obvious reasons. 1.the eyes are red not yellow/orange 2.she's probably not even born yet
  3. I liked DOA and i hope that they bring it back in BO2. but if they dont then "oh well"
  4. I think it could be a zombie that probably got hit with whatever the hell that thing is at the end of the vid that the girl is holding (probably new wonder weapon???) I mostly am wrong but hey who knows?
  5. the people that was shown was probably like the soldiers on NDU and verrukt. most likely just some survivers
  6. correct me if im wrong but I think every location that you go to on the bus seems to get harder and harder. Look at the little map thing that is shown time to time showing their route and a picture of a skull. Everytime there is something added on to the picture with the skull which could indicate difficulty and the last place they shown was probably the big daddy of them all. -Cajun
  7. I just watched the trailer on my xbox and now i need to change my undergarments OINK OINK OINKITTY OINK -BACON
  8. Hey guys CajunBacon, here and I have a new challenge (hopefully new) to do with a buddy!!! It is called the "No-Mans-Land Co-op Jugg challenge! here's how it goes: 1. You have to be playing co-op (obvious enough) 2. You have to have MOON (Very obvious) 3. You and your buddy must get jugg in no-mans-land at the beginning of the game and go in the teleporter without anyone going down. 4 Post a video of you doing and completing the challenge. 5. No glitches or hacks, be legit heres a vid of me and my friend already completed the challenge. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8sMTAvb ... re=g-all-u if this has already been thought of then please mods do your godly work and take this thread away immediately. note:I have no idea where to post this so i did it in the zombies forum anyways guys enjoy -Cajun
  9. I remember the zombie pig back in five. If you kill it you get points!!!! But yeah hoping for a campaign zombies and alittle ee for solo. i now feel scared :shock:
  10. i know i'm late for this but the waltz sounds like the beginning of earth angel. like i said im super late
  11. how does this pig feel about a zombie campaign?? OINK OINK OINKITTY OINK (It would be fun to have a campaign for it as long as it does not take away the surprises and epicness that come with finding things out from the classical easter egg way.)
  12. so true they could make the rewards well less rewarding, but still great for solo. I think they could have it to where easter eggs with infinite perks can still be a rewards but instead of quick revive
  13. That would be awesome to have CotD in this formula zombies-george+awesome competetive game modes=I'm not leaving the house! :D
  14. I agree with you 510% of the way. I've always wnted to do the shangril-la and moon easter eggs solo but couldn't. I know some people would say but i think they could make it to where it would be evenly fair and what not.
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